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November 30, 2003

Dead guy of the day... Costs.

Beyond the basic cost of life, to excecute someone it costs:

31c of electricity to use the Electric Chair.
$600-$700 for Lethal Injection.
$250 for the cyanide used in the Gas Chamber.

November 29, 2003

Dead guy of the day.. and the ways to die (part 5)

Lethal injection, the most popular form of excecution.

36 out of 38 states offer lethal injection. The first state to offer it being Oklahoma in 1977. On December 2, 1982 Charles Brooks was the first peron killed with it.

The inmate is straped into a hospital gurney, with several heartbeat monitors attached. Two tubes are inserted into the arms of the inmate (incase on fails), the tubes lead to the other side of a wall where the technition is.

The execution begins when the first liquid-saline-is released into the tubes. On the Warden's word, the curtains that hide the inmate are opened for the wintnisses. Then a solution of Sodium Thiopental-a quick acting anesthetic- is inserted, causing the inmate to fall asleep. Thirdly, Pavulon or Pancuronimu Bromide is pumped into the inmates arm. This paralyses the entire muscular system causing the inmate to stop breathing. The Last chemical inserted into the inmate is Pottassium Chloride. Pottassium Chloride stops the heart.

A doctor then pronounces the prisoner dead.

November 28, 2003

*Twitch Twitch* must resist!

I So Want This T-shirt.

Best Friend Male Version

As opposed to Best Friend Female Version.

So yeah, I have two best friends, one male, one female. I was going to be kinda rude, and choose my favorite, but I got to thinking (scary thought). I was going to mention that Female Version's social life is a nightmare that I-occasionaly-have to help sort out. But then I realized the entertainment gained from her is priceless (point) and I wouldn't give that up for the world. So I thought about Male Version. His social life is hilarious too, and it requires no work (point) on my part because he's a stubborn ass about accepting an opinion from females. Granted my advice is often based on theory because, lets just say the number of "Relationships" I've been in since... since... *Glowers* forever, would number among the negatives if at all possible. Hehe.

So at this moment they are tied point wise, 1-1.

So lets consider the next area: Statistics and the Hillarity.

Male Version (MV)- No girlfriend but quote-unquote "Pretty much promised to start dating in March." Can I just say Huh? So when asked to explain, he says "I like this girl in Front Royal [not same county as his curent residence] and she can't date until March, which works because thats when I'm supposed to get my License [parents might not let him get his license]." So I have to listen to him whine. -1 Point.

Female Version (FV)- Steady boyfriend. Thank God. Down fall? Before settling with the current guy, she went through, not one, not two, but I think FOUR boyfriends in 10 days. Yikes! And the first guy, she had been dating for 6 months or so, and her current boy toy is was his best friend. Opps. -1 Point for the idiotcy.

MV- Beat me in cards the other morning. -1 point

FV- Always beats me in cards. -1 point

MV- Known for 11 years +1 point
(both get a point for sticking around.)
FV- Known for 10 +1 point

MV- Lives in same county. +1

FV- Lives an hour away! -1

MV- Not female, sorry but theres just some things I'm not going to talk to him about. -1

FV- Female. Thank god. +1

MV- Not typical male. Darn it! Can't give me any good advice. -1 (I swear he does it on purpose.. Just so he can laugh)

FV- Her advice is often to Castrate someone. Good advice, but impractical. -1

So in conclusion. Both my friends Male and Female Versions- Suck. The final score for those of you keeping track was Negative One to Negative One. And I'd be lost with out them- Perhaps saner- but lost none the less.

Oh one more thing. Never give MV peanut butter. The resulting farts will kill you.


Is anyone going to mention the new colors? Is it good? Bad? Horrible? Or as Best-friend Male Version 1.0 said "Its like a Pop Star trying to sing Heavy Metal"?

Tell me! Because I know at least 3 people have seen this. hehe. I'm done imitating the King Of Suck now.

And I'm going to start refering to that guy as "Best Friend Male Version 1.0" (I'd say BF-MV for short except people would think I date him, and no. That would be like kissing my brother *shudders*, so for short I'll go with MV-male version)

Dead guy of the day.. and the ways to die (part 4)

Today's is on Hanging.

Often used by lynch mobs as a way to execute someone, Hanging is a classic. Two states, Delaware and Washington, still offer this method of execution.

Because if a man is hanged (yes its Hanged, not hung. Its only hung for an inatament object-I checked with my English Teacher) and its not done properly, the convict can spend up to 45 minutes alive, strangling slowly to death. Therefore they rehearse. A sandbag, the exact weight of the convict is used to ensure a correct "Drop". If the drop is too long, the convict can be decapitated, if it is too short, then the prisoner dies of strangulation.

The rope used in official hangings is between 3/4 and 1 1/4 inch in diameter and it is boiled and stretched to eliminate its spring. The noose is tied and lubricated to ensure a smooth flowing slip.

The prisoner is then has his/her hands and feet tied and he is blindfolded. The knot of the noose is placed just behind the convicts left ear.

If the neck of the prisoner doesn't fracture when the trap door is released, the prisoner strangles to death, with the eyes popping, the face engorging with blood, and the prisoner often expels their bladder and bowls. The body also twitches and the tongue protrudes.

Fun With Google

Now as everyone knows, I'm a bit slow on the uptake, so if you've already seen or heard of these neat things I've uncovered, too bad. *Grins*

Now I was watching this really stupid show the other day, waiting for a show to come on about corpses. The show was called Screen Savers on DiscoveryTech, and this lady mentioned a place called G o o g l e Labs. I went and checked it out. Let me tell you, its a good place. Yes it is. So let me give you a run down of the features, the ones I've tried, and the ones I would like to try.

Google Deskbar.

I have this now, it sits right on your startbar, by your date, and it is awesome! You see, it doesn't open a new browser automatically, just a little popup thingie directly from the startbar. And then you can open a browser from there. The fact is, for an avid googler, this is goodness because it makes life mucho easier.

Keyboard Shortcuts

With a tap of the letter K you need not use your mouse again while googleing. Its great, honest, I've tried it, and anyone with a wireless keyboard and mouse will agree, its best when you don't have to use your mouse. (especially when the batteries in the mouse suck, so its all jumpy and wont go where you want). Try it.

Google Viewer

Seems to me they just wanted to animate your search, its okay, but I personaly don't like it. But you might.

Google Voice Search

I have not tried this, and probably wont. I don't really see the point to it, but thats okay. The concept is simple, you call a number say what you want to search, and then it send you a link on your computer. *shrugs* Who knows.

If you want more of these little neat things, go to Labs.Google.Com.

What is a mookie?

Straight to you from a really lame, boring, and stupidly pointless webpage (no offense) I bring you what a mookie is:

A Light-brown Moo monkey with large, crystal blue eyes, generally friendly and playful, but will bite if provoked.

What is a mookie?

Well, as this site states:

What is a Mookie? Good question and we are glad you asked! Mookies have been called the "new food group"" because they don't look or taste like a cookie or a muffin, but they have qualities of both: Hence the name Mookie- a cross between a cookie and a muffin! Say Mookie fast three times and you won't be able to stop smiling. Mookies are unique and Mookies are fun! Mookies are made with unprocessed flour and sugar, honey, oats, and other "good -for -you" ingredients.
Low in cholesterol, Mookies are uniquely shaped to please the eyes and the palate. A Mookie can be considered a breakfast food, a snack, or a dessert. Anyway you eat it, a Mookie will fill you up and give you more than enough energy to ride a bike, run a race, do your homework, or do just about anything "extreme".
In creating the Mookie we were thinking of health, flavour, and fun! Designed to please palates of all ages, Mookies are a little exotic and are especially appealing because they have the best qualities of a cookie and a muffin. The best thing about Mookies is that they are craved by people of all ages. That's because they come in so many delicious flavours- peanut butter chocolate chip, cinnamon oatmeal banana nut, cranberry apple walnut, coconut chocolate date, and raspberry honey chocolate to name a few. New to the market in 2001, Mookies have gained a following in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Self-identified as "Mookie addicts" and "extreme team" Mookie enthusiasts we thank our loyal patrons for consuming many Mookies and spreading the word of Mookie this past year. Here, at Llama Bean Ranch Mookie Company, our mission is to provide you with a fresh, healthy, food group that looks pleasing, smells delicious, and helps your body work for you, because you know that "It's not just another cookie... It's a Mookie!"
So all those that wondered, "Whats A Mookie?" That is not the answer. Hehe.

So yeah, I was scrolling through the types of Mookies avaliable, and I realized, they were yummy sounding. I also realized if I ever mention these things at school, the dirty jokes will fly. I can't wait for monday *evil grin*.

And one more thing. Dad we need to go to Bristol. They sell Mookies there. Don't complain, its better then Tennesse.

November 27, 2003

Dead guy of the day... Special.

I've already posted one article today, but this is about a man, who was executed 7 days ago, on November 20, 2003.

Most of this will be coppied from one of my sources.

Robert Lloyd Henry was excecuted for the murders of Carol Lea Arnold and her mother, Hazel Rumohr. He was excecuted by Lethal injection. Born on September 26, 1962 he was 41 years old when he was killed. He commited his crime on September 5, 1993 and was convicted and sentenced on November 14, 1994.

Summary of Crime and Events:
During the 1993 Labor Day weekend, Robert Lloyd Henry murdered 83-year-old Hazel Rumohr and her daughter, 57-year-old Carol Arnold, in their home at 1820 Portland Drive in Portland. Henry and Arnold's son had been good friends during their teenage years and Henry had regularly visited Arnold's home. Henry maintained contact with the victims through Christmas cards.

Between midnight and 9:00 a.m. on September 5, 1993, Henry entered the victims' home leaving no signs of forced entry. While there, he viciously beat and stabbed both Rumohr and Arnold to death. Rumohr, 83-years-old and physically frail due to age and health problems, suffered multiple stab wounds. In addition to the defense wounds on her hands and arms, Rumohr suffered stab wounds in the neck, back, and chest. The cause of her death was a slashing stab wound to the chest which began near her shoulder, continued through her chest cavity, and punctured her heart.

Henry stabbed and beat Arnold severely about the head and neck. The medical examiner described her face as "entirely bruised" and it was unrecognizable to her neighbor of two and one-half years who identified Arnold by her jewelry and clothing. A rope or cord was attached to Arnold's leg, indicating that Henry intended some sort of bondage. Arnold's cause of death was blunt trauma to the head and brain.

Two months after the murders, Henry walked into the Corpus Christi Police Department to turn himself in to an officer he knew and trusted, E.R. Frobish. Henry told Frobish, "I killed two people in Portland, and I want to turn myself in to you." Henry went on to make other confessions to the double murder, admitting he used a knife and had worn work boots with knobby soles. The soles of Henry's work boots matched bloody foot prints at the crime scene. Henry's oral confessions were substantiated by DNA evidence: Rumohr's blood was found in Henry's car, and Henry's blood was found on the victims' washing machine. The chances of the latter match were 1 in 10,000.

He was the: 62nd murderer executed in U.S. in 2003;
882nd murderer executed in U.S. since 1976;
22nd murderer executed in Texas in 2003; and the 311th murderer executed in Texas since 1976.

He did not request a final meal.

His final words were directed towards his family and friends. He mouthed the words "Bye-Bye. I Love You. Here I go."

He did a horrible thing, and got what he deserved. But I think he deserves a few brownie points for turning himself in.

Dressing In Character

Notes from Theater Class on Costuming.

v Dressing in character is important
ō Costumes differ from everyday clothes
ō Even for modern day settings
ō Fabrics and styles that are attractive in life may be unsuitable for theater
v All costumes must meet certain requirements
d Reveal to audience he characters:
x Personality
x Taste
x Age
x Wealth
x Social position
ō Enable audience to differentiate between characters
ō Be appropriate to physical theater
d If small theater-more attention to detail needed
d If large theater- less detail necessary, more exaggerated, simplified
ō Reflect the mood and style of production
d Comedies=bright colors and light weight fabric
d Tragedies=subdued colors and heavy fabrics
d Period plays must conform to: fashion, line, and material.
ō Unified with the whole production
ō Acceptable to the actor
d Not an excuse for actor to be finicky and demanding
d Should fit correctly
ō Should be designed for any quick costume changes.
v In designing the costumes, consider:
ō Line -silhouette (projects period)
d 3 types of lines
x Draped line- rectangular material that falls in folds and is pinned or gathered at shoulders or waist.
ř I.e. Togas (Rome), Chiton (Greece), & Sari (India)
x Fitted- cut and sewn to emphasize the body
ř I.e. Menís tights, matador costumes, sheath dresses (50ís & 60ís)
x Combination- mixes of fitted and draped
ō Line of costume and trim can produce a psychological effect
d Vertical lines:
x Give height
x Imply stateliness
x Dignity
x Strength
d Horizontal lines:
x Add width
x Suggest calmness
d Diagonal lines
x Convey action
x Excitement
ō Fabric-
d Consider price- usually get away with substitutes
x Examples:
ř Muslim stenciled with a design instead of Brocade
ř Wool can be Burlap, monks cloth, terry cloth
ř Cotton, flannel, or corduroy for velvet
ř Unbleached Muslim looks like linen at distance
ř Paper or plastic doilies for lace
d Weight- texture, determines how costume will hang and move
d Color-
x Must either harmonize or contrast with:
ř Others
ř Set
ř Furniture
ř Props
x If same as background, the audience Ďloosesí the actors
x Solid colors are generally used. Prints donít carry far
x Principal characters should wear bolder colors
ř I.e. Red, black, white
x Groups can wear same colors or hues
x Proper choice in color will convey mood
ř Black denotes tragedy
ř Red conveys danger or anger
ř Blues and greens are restful
ř Purple suggests royalty
ř White is innocence and purity
x If proper color is not available- Dye it.
ō Decoration
d All decoration must be used sparingly and be slightly exaggerated.
x Trim- buttons and lace
x Accessories- shoes, hats, etc.
x Jewelry- watches, bracelets
d Avoid white footwear
d Avoid glitter
d Use Ďdimeí stores and thrift shops for accessories
d Make sure there are no anachronism
v Modified Authenticity is simplified costumes for the stage.
ō I.e. Hats and other accessories redesigned to show face
v Special undergarments are needed for ďPeriod CostumesĒ if authentic is to be acquired
v Do your research for the costumes.
ō Understand why, how, and when
v Accessories should be used sparingly
ō For uncommon accessories or costumes, use Practice Costumes for rehearsals
v 3 ways to obtain costumes
ō Borrow
ō Rent
d Can be pricey
d Send exact measurements and colors to Rental Place
d Obtain rentals at least one week before performance
ō Making costumes
d Create a sewing committee
x They will make, design, and create patterns for costumes
d Costumes should be durable with wide seams for alterations
d Make skirts about 2 inches longer
d Skirts and sleeves should cover nearest joint if they are to be attractive
d Should be completed one week before performance
v Costume Crew
ō Assists director with costume design
ō Makes costume-change charts
ō Cleans dressing rooms
ō Helps actors
ō Presses costumes
ō Keeps them in good repair

coppied directly from Microsoft Word where I origionaly typed my notes. Also it was organized, with intentions and bullets and all. But MT wont recognize them.

Dead guy of the day.. and the ways to die (part 3)

This one was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I forgot, so you get it today, and todays post is going to be used tomorow. =P

The Electric chair:

First invented to replace Hanging, the electric chair was invented in the late 1800s. New York State was the first state to legalize death by Electrocution, starting on January 1, 1889. Both Thomas Edison and his rival, George Westinghouse argued about how to electrocute a man, Edison was for direct current, while Westinghouse wanted an Alternating Current. Westinghouse got the contract because Edison hoped that his method would fail-he wanted to abolish the death penalty.

On August 6, 1890 George Kremmler walked into the death chamber, with 25 witnesses wearing his Sunday best. He sat in a normal chair, while the Warden made a small speech about the act about to take place. Kremmler's clothes were split in the back to allow access to the spine, so that the electrodes could be placed.

Kremmler then said to a deputy sheriff whom he had made friends with and said "Joe... don't let them experiment on me more then they ought to."

An electrode was then placed on Kremmler's head, and a mask was placed over his face. The Warden knocked on the wall where the executioner, Edwin Davis was. Davis pushed the button.

Kremmlers body lunged forward and his chest heaved as the electricity entered his body. The electricity was applied again because Kremmler still lived. The witnesses cried out in fear and horror. Electricity went through Kremmler again.

The Witnesses were horrified at the spectacle and demanded that the law allowing the executions by electricity be revoked. It didn't happen.

Later on, a protocol was created. And the prisoner was strapped into the chair. Then when time to kill him; a first jolt between 500 and 2000 volts is applied for 30 seconds. The body is allowed to relax. And if the victim is still alive, a second, and sometimes third current is applied.

Often during execution, the prisoner expels his bowels and the body swells. Steam or smoke can be seen rising from the body and one can smell the burning flesh. Eyeballs can pop and sizzle, this was often the case in a Chair in Florida that often messed up. The defective chair was nicknamed "Old Sparky".

Also the inmate can vomit, and urinate, and the skin can swell and split (like a sausage). The body, if touched by bare hands, can blister someone.

November 25, 2003

Dead guy of the day.. and the ways to die (part 2)

And now Part two. The Firing Squad. An age old tradition and way to die. Its still offered in two states-Utah and Idaho. More in the extended entry.

George Kendall was one of the first people in the United States (back when we were just collonies) killed by a firing squad. The year was 1608 and Kendall was one of the original councilors for the new colony. The colony was my own, beloved, Virginia (gag me with a spoon).

When facing a firing squad, the victim has two forms of death. Either instant. Or slow. The way it works is simple. The victim sits in a chair-why do they always die sitting?-and is straped down. The gun men are asked to aim for the heart (clearly depicted by a piece of white fabric on the victims shirt). If all the shots hit the heart then it is a short death. If all the shots miss, the victim can die slowly of blood loss.

There is a myth that all but one man has a blank bullet. This is false because an experienced gunman knows he is shooting a blank by the recoil.

The first man condemed to die by firing squad, after the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, was Gary Gilmore. He took over two minutes to die, even though all four bullets pieced his heart.

And as one final oddball fact. The inmate is surounded by Sandbags. So as to absorb the blood.


So remember that Government project I hadn't recieved yet? Well I have it now.

The assignment is simple, me and my two group members need to make a brocher. The topic? "U.S. Versus France: 20th century realtions-LoveHate"

Oh joy. The only reason we picked this topic is so that we could make fun of the France and show a segment of Monty Python. Hehehe. But yeah, as is the norm. If you have any links to help me-wether they be other blogs or not-leave in the comments or email them too me at mookie_riffic -at- yahoo.com.

Also for that math project I mentioned, I did do it the summer before 8th grade year. Joy.

November 24, 2003

Dead guy of the day.. and the ways to die (part 1)

Today in history, no man in Texas was legally executed. So to make up for that fact, I will do a story on the how of things. The different methods, the costs, a few famous last words, basic morbid stuff. This segment is on the Gas Chamber.

Speaking of morbid, Mom thinks the Dead Guy of the Day is too creepy. I almost agree, but then I don't. For a bit of background info about me, I am not religious. Not at all. I'm not Anti Religious, just anti-Rachael and Religion.
Heres Religion------------------------------------------------------------------------Heres me. Big gap.

But I do have a set of beliefs that I hold firm. I have to have them, other wise there is no point in living. Among my beliefs is the belief that all Dead should be remembered. Maybe not with a kind heart, but remembered all the same. You see if there is such a thing as a Soul, as I believe, I don't think it can stay intact with out someone remembering them. For example, lets take one of my convicts. Saturdays will be a good one, Bridge. Bridge may very well be in hell, good. But he will only remain in hell for as long as someone remembers him, and his deeds. Once he is forgotten, his soul will dissipate, and the 'Particles' (lack of a good word) will be used, with other particles, to form a new soul. Therefore whatever divine being creates souls will never run out and no one will have to go through what Rosemary did.

That is one thing that I believe. Call it odd. Call it crazy. Call it whatever you like. But its me. Its my Riffic. My thoughts. With out my own thoughts I wouldn't deserve the title Mookie Riffic. Because remember, a Riffic is a person with unique thoughts and philosophies, who could, if they put forth the effort, form a coherent organization-such as a religion. I don't have the desire or energy to create an organization, but I am a Riffic. I am Mookie Riffic. And nothing will change that.

Now onward my friends! In the extended entry you will find information about the various forms of Executions. Have fun.

The gas chamber was originally designed and thought of by D.A. Tuner as a more "Humane" way to kill some one.

Ironic? No?

Most gas chambers are Octagonal, and were made by the Eaton Metal Products-Based in Salt Lake City. Except Missouri. Theirs was made by someone else.

The way a gas chamber works is simple. The Inmate is strapped to a chair. Under the chair is a bowl of Sulfuric Acid and above the bowl is a bag-on a hook controlled by a lever outside the room-of cyanide powder or tablets. When the lever is pulled, the hook drops the bag into the acid and Cyanide Gas is created.

Once the prisoner starts breathing the gas-it takes a few seconds to take affect- the heart and lungs paralyze. The victim soon starts to become giddy and panicky as the body fights for air. A sever headache forms, followed by chest pains because breathing becomes impossible. The eyes then proceed to pop, the tongue swells, and the mouth produces thick saliva. The face becomes purple, and the victim dies. Humane? No.

After the convict is dead, a fan expels all poison from the chamber, and the corpse is sprayed with ammonia. After the detoxitaion process (wont go into details) the body is removed.

Gee Jon was the first condemned man killed by gas. It was 1924 in Nevada and the gas was poured into Jon's cell while he slept. The chamber was created after they realized the gas could leak out.

Thanksgiving break.

So tell me, why is it that when a holiday BREAK comes up, all the teachers decide to give us homework and projects?? Let me detail all the projects I have.

Math: (haven't gotten details yet) A science experiment on how much mass a rubber band can hold. Barf. I did this lab the summer before 8th grade. I hope I still have it in my files.

History: No details-get it tomorow.

Speech and Drama: Work on a Dramatic Inturpretation of a poem (20 lines)

Chem: None-thank goodness

English: Essay comparing the novels Night and All Quite on the Western Front. (And I can't find the second book-bah!). My thesis statement: "Both Wiesel and Remarque use words that portray animal behaviour and instincs during emotional points of the novel."

Technical Theater: Design Costumes. More on that in a latter post.

Gym/Health: None. No one would actually do it, so they don't bother assigning any projects.

So thats how many? 5 out of 7. GAH!!! Too Much!

Massive Waste Of Time.

Today at school, was none other then one massive waste of time. Seriously, It was. In math, the teacher stood in the front of the class room, talking to a kid in the back of the class room for most of the class. And they wern't talking about math- that would be too much to expect. They were discussing FOOTBALL!! I mean come on people. Some sense!

Then it was time for Speech and Drama. Now bear in mind, I actually like this course. But today I could have cried I was so bored. Why? Because we honestly didn't do ANYTHING.

Chem was the normal walk in->sit down->do a worksheet-> talk and remaing non-productive->get up->walk out.

And Health was typical health class. A waste on Intelect.

school sucks

November 22, 2003

Warren Eugene Bridge

Well todayís convict is Warren Bridge. What was his crime you ask? I'll say in just a moment. But for a bit of background info on Bridge, lets start at his place of Origin. He was born in 1960, on July 3rd in Fauquier County, VA. Now those of you that know me know that I live in VA, and ta-da, know exactly where Fauquier County is. Creepyness. By the way, all these creepy facts that I add in for these guys, arenít done on purpose. Honest. It just happens that way.

Anyway. Bridge committed his main, and final (or not so final as he proves) offense on February 10, 1980. Where he, and an accomplice, shot a 62-year old convience store clerk. The man, Walter Rose, was shot four times while Bridge and his friend robbed the store. Rose died on February 24th, four days before Bridge and his friend were caught. The doctors say that Rose died of his wounds.

Bridge was sent to death row, while his accomplice, Robert Joseph Costa received 13 years in prison, but was released in '86 on parole.

After entering death row Bridge was accused of bombing another inmate's cell-September 1984, and of stabbing yet another inmate in March of '85. This guy was one tough cookie.

Speaking of Cookie, for his last meal he had a Double Meat Cheeseburger. He died on November 22, 1994.

RIP you sick S.O.B.

November 21, 2003

Charlie Livingston

Born on Febuary 14, 1962 (how sweet.. Valentines day. Hehe. It gets better), Charlie Livingston was a 5 foot 8 inch black man. He worked in a wear house and he only had 10 years of education. On August 8th 1983 he waited outside a Grocery Store until a lone woman drove up. While inside he hid, and ambushed her as she was getting to her car. He attempted to steal her purse, and during the strugle, shot her twice in the the throat. He had been put on 10 years probation in 1979 after attempting to murder his former girl friend and new birthday, he stabbed them.

He killed the lady for her purse.

For his final meal, before dying on this day in '97, he had Ribs smothered in onions and gravy, rice with butter, ice water and Dr. Pepper.

And not to be creepy, but I have a friend named Livingston. Hehe. And if you notice the catagorie is now "Dead Guy Of The Day".

Heres the link I get this stuff from.

November 20, 2003

A state of mind...

Ever been really content, for all of 10 minutes before you come crashing down the cliff of emotions to land and impale your self on jagged rocks? Thats how I feel at this moment emotionaly. I don't know why. I really don't care. I just am sick of it. Blah.


In theater production we started a unit on costuming. Lets just say that we haven't gotten very far because we were laughing too much when learning how to take someones measurements. It was especially funny with the Inseam. Heres a bit of the scene:

Ms S.: Okay you take the tape measure and.........(awkward silence)......... The Inseam is the from the Inner Seam of your pants to either the Floor or your ankle-depending on what your measuring.

Shawn: You mean... Its starts "There"??

Ms. S.: Umm. Explain the vauge concept of "There"

Shawn: Hey Blue, Need a partner? (the look on his face is classic.)

Ms. S.: Whoa! Lets keep this partner thing to guys with guys and girls with girls. The last thing I need is Security or the Principal walking while a guy is measuring a girls inseam.

Shawn: (striken look on his face, as if all his dreams were squashed)

I can't wait for the next class.

Truly insperational.

A wise man once told me and a friend: "No matter how much you scrub your ass, you will always have butt pimples."

I think he was drunk.

November 19, 2003

James Wilkins

This info was found here. Via Dad.

Was born on July 29, 1961 and committed a crime serious enough to get put on death row on the day of December 27, 1986. He had a GED and was a cook. He had previously been in jail for robbery, but got out on parole. He was put on death row for the shooting of 28-year-old Richard Wood and 4-year-old Larry McMillian, Jr. The two victims were killed when they returned to their residence to find Wilkens inside. Wilkins was Sandra William's former boyfriend. Sandra was Larry's mother. Wilkins shot the little boy and Wood. When Sandra ran for help he shot her in her hip. She was 2 months pregnant at the time. She survived and identified Wilkins.

For Wilkinsís last meal he had: Six scrambled eggs, hash browns with onions, two sausage patties, biscuits with butter, two pints of strawberry cheesecake yogurt, two pitchers of sweet milk, and a pint of strawberry ice cream. He died on July 11, 2001.

Incedently enough thatís mom and Dad's anniversary.

As my friend said ďGet some TherapyĒ

The 5th...

Dad mentioned this at one point, and I figured Iíd mention it too. My mom is going into the hospital on the 5th for an operation. Iíll skip the details on the operation-because they arenít necessary. And my sister comes home the 6th from Michigan. So Iíve been trying to figure out something to do with my time on the 5th and the following days while mom recovers and Iím tiptoeing around the house and trying to stay around the house. My friends gave me a solution. My friend is going to host a party on the 5th, mainly for Drama kids (evil laugh) and everyone is just going to chill, hang out, have fun, and maybe duct tape some one to a tree again (thatís another story though). Here my question: Should I go? I asked mom about it, she says ask Dad. I will, but it kind of bugs my conscious. I mean sheís going in for surgery, and I want to go to a party. Doesnít seem that great an idea. But on the other hand, I donít like hospitals, sheís going to be drugged the whole time, and if its like last time dadís going to be walking around with a scowl on his face making soup.

Yeah, dad makes soup when heís worried. That would be a good thing except I donít much care for a lot of soupsÖ Iím a picky eater. Heh. I mean I donít think the transportation issue will come up, I can get a ride from my friend after school, help her set up for the party, and then Iím invited to spend the night, so there wont be any Late-Night-Trips-Across Town to come get me. I might even manage a ride home.

Well Iíll talk to dad. Heíll probably read this though. Heh. Oh well.

Oh one more thing. On dads post many people wished him/us well. Thanks. Just one favor? Never bring a casserole. Casseroles always make me think of dead people.

November 18, 2003

My Wall.

I really like to make Colages. I don't do it often, because itís a pain, but I really like them. About 6 months ago, I made one and hung it on my door. Soon I added another. And then some little pictures that I printed from Despair Inc. After a while I started putting up important stuff- my SOL (Standards of Learning other wise known as the Shit Out of Lick test) scores. My report cards. A post card from a friend. Various things.

It started growing.

For a bit of back round info. If you close all the doors in the upstairs hallway-where my room is-you will feel like your in an Asylum. I swear this to you. Its that WHITE. Kinda creepy now that I associate white with death. Hehe. But the stuff on my door interfered with he Whiteness. Bad times there, bad times. Mom started complaining. So I went ahead and started disassembling it. But me being thrifty and now wanting to waste the tape, or the papers (which I considered important) I didn't know what to do. Finally I stuck them all on a portion of my wall that I thought was Blank. It wasn't really blank (Dad one year painted hills, and clouds, and flowers-whole nine yards on the walls) but I reached the point where I was like "Hey! I'm not a kid, lets change this" (still not painted-blah. currently in a color war/debate Mom said no color, so Iím pushed for Grey, now we're debating the shade). So all the stuff on my door got slapped up on my wall. And I went ahead and started adding to it again. Its now about 8 feet wide and 5 feet tall (3 foot "Pee Buffer" for the dogs). With posters from all 3 plays I have worked on, numerous report cards. A few song lyrics that struck a personal note in me. My "crown" I got for drama. Phone Numbers, Addresses, a few posters, a couple stickers. Birthday cards, Wrapping paper I liked, a political cartoon about the Sniper Incident (by the way the first guy was found guilty- I say let him rot in the deepest of the 9 hells), and various other things. Theres even a Comfort Inn Room Card-lol- I forgot to turn it in when me and mom went to Canada.

The newest additions to My Wall were 2 programs from Sabrina (so that all the pages are visible) and some other Sabrina Memorabilia. I'm planning on hanging a T-shirt up there soon that says "Stage CrewĒ But before I can do that I have to move a set of shelves. I also recently added a segment of the Set to the wall. Its styrophome, and since I painted it, I took it. I think its rather cool looking. As with everything else, its held up with Packing Tape. lol.

But thats My Wall. I'm proud of it. In a way, the wall is in fact me, the best physical interpretation of my inner self there is. I hope to make it extend across my entire room (not until after it gets painted though!).

Okay, Iím done.

November 17, 2003


I found out what our winter, One Act Play for the Virginina High School League, is going to be....

The Complete History Of America-Abridged-Part One

I am so happy. Down side? We might not have a Set or Stage Crew for it. Boo. Oh well.

November 15, 2003


I'm definatly leaning towards shoe maker at this point....

*** *hums "Hi-ho, hi-ho its off to china I go, to work in a sweat shop, and make plenty of shoes. To paste on Nike simbols, and to get the crap beat out of me. Hi-ho, hi-ho its off to china I go." Stops humming*

***No offense ment to anyone who works in a shoe factory or lives in China.

Pixy sticks.....

Pixy sticks are a gate way drug. Yes they are a drug when snorted. The side affects of using pixy sticks is multicolored snot, and if you cry- colored tears. Very entertaining. (No dad, I have never snorted pixy sticks. It looks too painful.)

But back to the origional topic. Pixy Sticks have led the wonderful Lighting Crew (minus me) to Pop Rocks. So now, a nice informational post on Pop Rocks and Pixy sticks. I'm leaving because googles not telling me anything interesting on PopRocks and Pixy Sticks.

3 Goals in life.

So I was sitting backstage on Thursday, Clearly breaking numerous rules about talking when who should walk up to me and as me a question? The really, really hot guy who plays David Larabee. I mean this guy is Hott with Two T's. *Laughs* So He asks me to help him fix his shoes. The sole is coming off. So I sprint to the Tool Cabinet and grab Gluey (the favorite glue gun) and some Glue Sticks. And we go out in the hall and I fix his shoe while he changes and gets his makeup done-in the hallway. *Sighs* that guy, has a nice body.

That little story leads us into The First Goal that I have made.

To Go to China and Become a Shoemaker.
The second goal I created mainly because Ms. Surrena would love me forever, that and I have fallen deeply in love with theater.
I'm going to get a degree in Technical Theater, and Iím going to become a techi on Broadway.
And the last Goal is very simple. If I fail to become a shoemaker, and fail to be a Broadway techi:
I'll come back to Virginia and teach at my high school.
So anytime I get mad, or I start getting obsessive about something stupid *coughcoughguyscoughcough* I will remember my goals and shut up. *Grins* Today is a good day. For I have goals, and I hate to say it, but the asshats in Guidance were right. Goals are important.

November 06, 2003

Lets just say if you get another post out of me before the 15th it will be miraculous. *Yawn* Its tech week! Which means hell week. Which also translaates to be No-Sleep-Week!

I'll try to post, but don't count on it.

November 02, 2003

200 comments! Yeah Baby Yeah!

And the 200th comment goes to none other than.... Daniel! In fact, he commplimented me (I think) in that comment.

And because he was number 200, he gets a lot of links.

School stuff.

So its the end of the first quarter. And I'm doing pretty good in school. Hence the following grades:

Pre-IB Alg II- 90= B+
PIB AP Government- 86= B
Speach and Drama- 94= A
PIB English 10- 93= A
Pre-IB Chem I- 91= B+
Theatre Production- 90= B+
Gym- 97= A

I'm really happy with those grades. But yeah, they could still use some work. Therefore I have created a list of goals.

1) I'll actually do my Math homework.
2) I'll pay attention in Government class and I wont forget my worksheets.
3) I'll stop pissing off the preps in English class.
5) I'll ask Bonnie to help me with my chemistry homework, even if that means a couple more scars.
6) I'll smack Ryan and tell him not to tease me because I actually notes in theater production.
7) I'll actually try and run a whole mile, this quarter, for Gym class (like that will actually happen)
8) I'll stop doing my homework in bright pink pen.
9) I'll learn how to count.

Now if I'll go through with any of that has yet to be seen.

November 01, 2003

ICE PICK TO THE BRAIN *stab stab twist*

Thats what happens when someone says I'm turnning into a Mini-Ms. S. But I can't be a mini Ms. S. She's already super short, and I'm taller then her. *evil grin* in fact the only person I know of thats shorter then her is her mother.

Hehe. But Ms. S is so awesome.

A rant. Otherwise known as Me Being Stupid. And its best if you don't read it.

ďNow its your turn to speak. Tell us what your thinking.Ē

I hate any form of that phrase. I truly do. It has always seemed to be the biggest, stupidest, lie ever spoken. It is always said in such a way that is supposed to be comforting. What a joke! What a joke. Iím sorry but if anyone knows anything about me, when Iím upset, I donít like to talk about it. When Iím really, really upset, I refuse to talk about it, because I know if I do, nothing but bad things are going to happen. Yeah, yeah I know ďIím being over dramatic.Ē Bah! I donít care. When Iím mad or upset you donít ask me to talk! I would rather bite my lip until it bled then talk. Because half the time when someone uses that all-so-wonderful (gag me with a spoon) phrase I have nothing going on in my head. Or at least nothing beyond trying not to barf and run off. So when Iím upset DONíT ASK ME TO TALK.

Dad got mad at me today. Really mad. And afterward he asked me what my side of the story was. I wasnít about to tell it. You want to know why? Because in my little messed up mind I believe that all my words will get twisted. And most of the time nothing can make me think other wise. But Iím going to tell my side of it. Right now. And Iíll probably get Ďtalked toí about this post. Dad will want to know why I didnít say it before, why I stayed silent, why I didnít mention it, etc. etc. You know why? Because I was too upset. And I didnít feel like cleaning up vomit. But Iíll say my side of things now, and Iíll try to relay what I think he thinks was the problem too.

I had an awesome weekend planned. It had been planned for about 2 weeks or so, and about last Friday-ish (as in the 24th) final details had been solidified. Yes, you heard right, I actually planned something ahead of time. Between the 24th and Wednesday, things went to hell. My weekend plans were as follows: Stay at home Friday night, do homework and catch up on sleep-after all, I had a big weekend. Saterday morning, go with dad to the big rocket launch, and after the launch, around 5 or 6-ish he would drop me off at my friends house (about 10 minutes from the field). I would shower, and change into my holloween costume (that I never bothered to buy), and at 7 hang out (aka. Party) with a bunch of friends I donít see often, due to different counties, until Midnight. Dad would then have picked me and Paul up on Sunday morning, we would have gone to day two of the Launch, and then have headed back up to Dale City. It would have been a good weekend. Needless to say, its 7:50, and Iím sitting at home typing this, and not at the party. Instead, I got stuck working today, the rocket launch was flat out cancelled because the farmer didnít harvest (I can sympathize with that), and I have a huge headache and my lip is bleeding where I bit it.

Now I, like any other typical teenager, got pissy about it. I didnít get pissy at work, gotta give me credit there, but starting at about 5:30 on the drive home from work, I started sinking into pissy-ness. After all, I wasnít going to get to see my friends this weekend. So me and mom got home, and ate dinner, which dad had already finished making, I changed into Ďhuman clothesí (aka. Jeans) and ate dinner. We watched a episode of West Wing and I had some apple/cheese cake-thing-ie. Which by the way was excellent. But I was still pissy. Mom and dad said to go feed the dogs. So I did. But it was that really nasty stuff that looks like corn beef hash. And as I stood there waiting for it to slide out of the can (as I held it upside down) dad said the first thing that pissed me off. I wasnít going fast enough. (Hereís my cue to get super snarky, I said not to read this.) I was waiting for it to slide out so that I could chop the Ďlogí in half and make sure the two dogs got equal amounts. Apparently thatís not how its supposed to be done. I shrugged it off (apparently with a lot of attitude) and did it dadís way. I then proceeded to feed the dogs. Afterwards I was cleaning their water dish. Dad asked for the rag. I balanced the dish-which was full of water-on the divider between the two sinks. And handed him the rag with one hand. Big mistake. The rag was wet, I didnít wring it out, and I didnít rinse it for him. I got an attitude. Me being the idiot that I am, didnít realize what I had done. Dad blew up, and told me to go upstairs. So a bewildered me did. A few seconds after I get into my room, still not comprehending what I did wrong, dad starts talking to me from the bottom of the steps. I lean on the railing and listen, I donít remember any of the exact conversations after this point. I got the gist of it though. Basically I was grounded from Stage Crew for the week, including Tuesday (a teacher work day). A few minutes later mom comes to the bottom of the steps (dad had left) and asks if I understood. I said no, and she said I needed to talk to him. I said okay, give me a minute (I needed to calm down, rinse my face with water, get a drink, etc.). I go down, theyíre talking, I get sent to the kitchen for a moment while they finish. I come back in, and it turns out Iím not grounded from Drama. Yea! But we hence have a conversation- aka. they talk, and Iím silent trying not to get in more trouble. By the end of it, I have no phone privileges, I can go to Drama, but I might not do the winter and spring shows. There was more that was said, but I donít feel like typing it. Because as I said, I still have a huge headache.

Dad just asked me if I was okay. My response: ďYeah, just a headacheĒ. He offered me aspirin, I said ďno thanks, I donít like aspirin.Ē Thatís all for now. But basically this whole thing happened because my weekend got ruined, and I didnít wring out a rag. And if youíve bothered to read all this, your freakish. And you don't know how to follow directions (or you just didn't want to). Lol. But bear in mind that that was a very, very simplified version of things, Dad could probably retell the whole thing from another angle and be just as correct. But to me, thatís what I believe happened.

God I need therapy.