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Warren Eugene Bridge

Well todayís convict is Warren Bridge. What was his crime you ask? I'll say in just a moment. But for a bit of background info on Bridge, lets start at his place of Origin. He was born in 1960, on July 3rd in Fauquier County, VA. Now those of you that know me know that I live in VA, and ta-da, know exactly where Fauquier County is. Creepyness. By the way, all these creepy facts that I add in for these guys, arenít done on purpose. Honest. It just happens that way.

Anyway. Bridge committed his main, and final (or not so final as he proves) offense on February 10, 1980. Where he, and an accomplice, shot a 62-year old convience store clerk. The man, Walter Rose, was shot four times while Bridge and his friend robbed the store. Rose died on February 24th, four days before Bridge and his friend were caught. The doctors say that Rose died of his wounds.

Bridge was sent to death row, while his accomplice, Robert Joseph Costa received 13 years in prison, but was released in '86 on parole.

After entering death row Bridge was accused of bombing another inmate's cell-September 1984, and of stabbing yet another inmate in March of '85. This guy was one tough cookie.

Speaking of Cookie, for his last meal he had a Double Meat Cheeseburger. He died on November 22, 1994.

RIP you sick S.O.B.


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