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Charlie Livingston

Born on Febuary 14, 1962 (how sweet.. Valentines day. Hehe. It gets better), Charlie Livingston was a 5 foot 8 inch black man. He worked in a wear house and he only had 10 years of education. On August 8th 1983 he waited outside a Grocery Store until a lone woman drove up. While inside he hid, and ambushed her as she was getting to her car. He attempted to steal her purse, and during the strugle, shot her twice in the the throat. He had been put on 10 years probation in 1979 after attempting to murder his former girl friend and new birthday, he stabbed them.

He killed the lady for her purse.

For his final meal, before dying on this day in '97, he had Ribs smothered in onions and gravy, rice with butter, ice water and Dr. Pepper.

And not to be creepy, but I have a friend named Livingston. Hehe. And if you notice the catagorie is now "Dead Guy Of The Day".

Heres the link I get this stuff from.


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WTF? very creepy.


Mook...you're wacked.