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Thanksgiving break.

So tell me, why is it that when a holiday BREAK comes up, all the teachers decide to give us homework and projects?? Let me detail all the projects I have.

Math: (haven't gotten details yet) A science experiment on how much mass a rubber band can hold. Barf. I did this lab the summer before 8th grade. I hope I still have it in my files.

History: No details-get it tomorow.

Speech and Drama: Work on a Dramatic Inturpretation of a poem (20 lines)

Chem: None-thank goodness

English: Essay comparing the novels Night and All Quite on the Western Front. (And I can't find the second book-bah!). My thesis statement: "Both Wiesel and Remarque use words that portray animal behaviour and instincs during emotional points of the novel."

Technical Theater: Design Costumes. More on that in a latter post.

Gym/Health: None. No one would actually do it, so they don't bother assigning any projects.

So thats how many? 5 out of 7. GAH!!! Too Much!


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My daughter has projects to do also.
She is not trilled by it either.