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Dead guy of the day.. and the ways to die (part 1)

Today in history, no man in Texas was legally executed. So to make up for that fact, I will do a story on the how of things. The different methods, the costs, a few famous last words, basic morbid stuff. This segment is on the Gas Chamber.

Speaking of morbid, Mom thinks the Dead Guy of the Day is too creepy. I almost agree, but then I don't. For a bit of background info about me, I am not religious. Not at all. I'm not Anti Religious, just anti-Rachael and Religion.
Heres Religion------------------------------------------------------------------------Heres me. Big gap.

But I do have a set of beliefs that I hold firm. I have to have them, other wise there is no point in living. Among my beliefs is the belief that all Dead should be remembered. Maybe not with a kind heart, but remembered all the same. You see if there is such a thing as a Soul, as I believe, I don't think it can stay intact with out someone remembering them. For example, lets take one of my convicts. Saturdays will be a good one, Bridge. Bridge may very well be in hell, good. But he will only remain in hell for as long as someone remembers him, and his deeds. Once he is forgotten, his soul will dissipate, and the 'Particles' (lack of a good word) will be used, with other particles, to form a new soul. Therefore whatever divine being creates souls will never run out and no one will have to go through what Rosemary did.

That is one thing that I believe. Call it odd. Call it crazy. Call it whatever you like. But its me. Its my Riffic. My thoughts. With out my own thoughts I wouldn't deserve the title Mookie Riffic. Because remember, a Riffic is a person with unique thoughts and philosophies, who could, if they put forth the effort, form a coherent organization-such as a religion. I don't have the desire or energy to create an organization, but I am a Riffic. I am Mookie Riffic. And nothing will change that.

Now onward my friends! In the extended entry you will find information about the various forms of Executions. Have fun.

The gas chamber was originally designed and thought of by D.A. Tuner as a more "Humane" way to kill some one.

Ironic? No?

Most gas chambers are Octagonal, and were made by the Eaton Metal Products-Based in Salt Lake City. Except Missouri. Theirs was made by someone else.

The way a gas chamber works is simple. The Inmate is strapped to a chair. Under the chair is a bowl of Sulfuric Acid and above the bowl is a bag-on a hook controlled by a lever outside the room-of cyanide powder or tablets. When the lever is pulled, the hook drops the bag into the acid and Cyanide Gas is created.

Once the prisoner starts breathing the gas-it takes a few seconds to take affect- the heart and lungs paralyze. The victim soon starts to become giddy and panicky as the body fights for air. A sever headache forms, followed by chest pains because breathing becomes impossible. The eyes then proceed to pop, the tongue swells, and the mouth produces thick saliva. The face becomes purple, and the victim dies. Humane? No.

After the convict is dead, a fan expels all poison from the chamber, and the corpse is sprayed with ammonia. After the detoxitaion process (wont go into details) the body is removed.

Gee Jon was the first condemned man killed by gas. It was 1924 in Nevada and the gas was poured into Jon's cell while he slept. The chamber was created after they realized the gas could leak out.


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