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Is anyone going to mention the new colors? Is it good? Bad? Horrible? Or as Best-friend Male Version 1.0 said "Its like a Pop Star trying to sing Heavy Metal"?

Tell me! Because I know at least 3 people have seen this. hehe. I'm done imitating the King Of Suck now.

And I'm going to start refering to that guy as "Best Friend Male Version 1.0" (I'd say BF-MV for short except people would think I date him, and no. That would be like kissing my brother *shudders*, so for short I'll go with MV-male version)


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It looks good, very sharp. :-)

(P.S. there are some comments for you at my place)


You do not want me to comment on colors.
Trust me on this, I am the worst.
There used to be a progam called Sidekick that popped up and let you use several little utility programs. You had full control of colors and I used it to the fullest. My boss when seeing it remarked that it was one of the most awful things he had ever seen. I liked it.


Colors good.... lol...
Now... What was your theory behind them?


I like it, however, you do need to do a change in the comment box, because the link color is hard to see on the black background. I think the title graphic is fantastic!!!!! I finally found a gal with nuts, so now I have somethin' to tell everyone!