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Dead guy of the day.. and the ways to die (part 4)

Today's is on Hanging.

Often used by lynch mobs as a way to execute someone, Hanging is a classic. Two states, Delaware and Washington, still offer this method of execution.

Because if a man is hanged (yes its Hanged, not hung. Its only hung for an inatament object-I checked with my English Teacher) and its not done properly, the convict can spend up to 45 minutes alive, strangling slowly to death. Therefore they rehearse. A sandbag, the exact weight of the convict is used to ensure a correct "Drop". If the drop is too long, the convict can be decapitated, if it is too short, then the prisoner dies of strangulation.

The rope used in official hangings is between 3/4 and 1 1/4 inch in diameter and it is boiled and stretched to eliminate its spring. The noose is tied and lubricated to ensure a smooth flowing slip.

The prisoner is then has his/her hands and feet tied and he is blindfolded. The knot of the noose is placed just behind the convicts left ear.

If the neck of the prisoner doesn't fracture when the trap door is released, the prisoner strangles to death, with the eyes popping, the face engorging with blood, and the prisoner often expels their bladder and bowls. The body also twitches and the tongue protrudes.


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