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Fun With Google

Now as everyone knows, I'm a bit slow on the uptake, so if you've already seen or heard of these neat things I've uncovered, too bad. *Grins*

Now I was watching this really stupid show the other day, waiting for a show to come on about corpses. The show was called Screen Savers on DiscoveryTech, and this lady mentioned a place called G o o g l e Labs. I went and checked it out. Let me tell you, its a good place. Yes it is. So let me give you a run down of the features, the ones I've tried, and the ones I would like to try.

Google Deskbar.

I have this now, it sits right on your startbar, by your date, and it is awesome! You see, it doesn't open a new browser automatically, just a little popup thingie directly from the startbar. And then you can open a browser from there. The fact is, for an avid googler, this is goodness because it makes life mucho easier.

Keyboard Shortcuts

With a tap of the letter K you need not use your mouse again while googleing. Its great, honest, I've tried it, and anyone with a wireless keyboard and mouse will agree, its best when you don't have to use your mouse. (especially when the batteries in the mouse suck, so its all jumpy and wont go where you want). Try it.

Google Viewer

Seems to me they just wanted to animate your search, its okay, but I personaly don't like it. But you might.

Google Voice Search

I have not tried this, and probably wont. I don't really see the point to it, but thats okay. The concept is simple, you call a number say what you want to search, and then it send you a link on your computer. *shrugs* Who knows.

If you want more of these little neat things, go to Labs.Google.Com.


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