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Best Friend Male Version

As opposed to Best Friend Female Version.

So yeah, I have two best friends, one male, one female. I was going to be kinda rude, and choose my favorite, but I got to thinking (scary thought). I was going to mention that Female Version's social life is a nightmare that I-occasionaly-have to help sort out. But then I realized the entertainment gained from her is priceless (point) and I wouldn't give that up for the world. So I thought about Male Version. His social life is hilarious too, and it requires no work (point) on my part because he's a stubborn ass about accepting an opinion from females. Granted my advice is often based on theory because, lets just say the number of "Relationships" I've been in since... since... *Glowers* forever, would number among the negatives if at all possible. Hehe.

So at this moment they are tied point wise, 1-1.

So lets consider the next area: Statistics and the Hillarity.

Male Version (MV)- No girlfriend but quote-unquote "Pretty much promised to start dating in March." Can I just say Huh? So when asked to explain, he says "I like this girl in Front Royal [not same county as his curent residence] and she can't date until March, which works because thats when I'm supposed to get my License [parents might not let him get his license]." So I have to listen to him whine. -1 Point.

Female Version (FV)- Steady boyfriend. Thank God. Down fall? Before settling with the current guy, she went through, not one, not two, but I think FOUR boyfriends in 10 days. Yikes! And the first guy, she had been dating for 6 months or so, and her current boy toy is was his best friend. Opps. -1 Point for the idiotcy.

MV- Beat me in cards the other morning. -1 point

FV- Always beats me in cards. -1 point

MV- Known for 11 years +1 point
(both get a point for sticking around.)
FV- Known for 10 +1 point

MV- Lives in same county. +1

FV- Lives an hour away! -1

MV- Not female, sorry but theres just some things I'm not going to talk to him about. -1

FV- Female. Thank god. +1

MV- Not typical male. Darn it! Can't give me any good advice. -1 (I swear he does it on purpose.. Just so he can laugh)

FV- Her advice is often to Castrate someone. Good advice, but impractical. -1

So in conclusion. Both my friends Male and Female Versions- Suck. The final score for those of you keeping track was Negative One to Negative One. And I'd be lost with out them- Perhaps saner- but lost none the less.

Oh one more thing. Never give MV peanut butter. The resulting farts will kill you.


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i guess you're kind of right....girls and boy versions on life suck and sometimes they dont...but sometimes it is nice to have both to understand the true meaning of why you are living...but then again I think it is best to be alone then you wont ever have to worry about what else will be going on in their lives but you can sit and worry about your own...

have a nice day...