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What is a mookie?

Well, as this site states:

What is a Mookie? Good question and we are glad you asked! Mookies have been called the "new food group"" because they don't look or taste like a cookie or a muffin, but they have qualities of both: Hence the name Mookie- a cross between a cookie and a muffin! Say Mookie fast three times and you won't be able to stop smiling. Mookies are unique and Mookies are fun! Mookies are made with unprocessed flour and sugar, honey, oats, and other "good -for -you" ingredients.
Low in cholesterol, Mookies are uniquely shaped to please the eyes and the palate. A Mookie can be considered a breakfast food, a snack, or a dessert. Anyway you eat it, a Mookie will fill you up and give you more than enough energy to ride a bike, run a race, do your homework, or do just about anything "extreme".
In creating the Mookie we were thinking of health, flavour, and fun! Designed to please palates of all ages, Mookies are a little exotic and are especially appealing because they have the best qualities of a cookie and a muffin. The best thing about Mookies is that they are craved by people of all ages. That's because they come in so many delicious flavours- peanut butter chocolate chip, cinnamon oatmeal banana nut, cranberry apple walnut, coconut chocolate date, and raspberry honey chocolate to name a few. New to the market in 2001, Mookies have gained a following in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Self-identified as "Mookie addicts" and "extreme team" Mookie enthusiasts we thank our loyal patrons for consuming many Mookies and spreading the word of Mookie this past year. Here, at Llama Bean Ranch Mookie Company, our mission is to provide you with a fresh, healthy, food group that looks pleasing, smells delicious, and helps your body work for you, because you know that "It's not just another cookie... It's a Mookie!"
So all those that wondered, "Whats A Mookie?" That is not the answer. Hehe.

So yeah, I was scrolling through the types of Mookies avaliable, and I realized, they were yummy sounding. I also realized if I ever mention these things at school, the dirty jokes will fly. I can't wait for monday *evil grin*.

And one more thing. Dad we need to go to Bristol. They sell Mookies there. Don't complain, its better then Tennesse.


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