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Dead guy of the day.. and the ways to die (part 3)

This one was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I forgot, so you get it today, and todays post is going to be used tomorow. =P

The Electric chair:

First invented to replace Hanging, the electric chair was invented in the late 1800s. New York State was the first state to legalize death by Electrocution, starting on January 1, 1889. Both Thomas Edison and his rival, George Westinghouse argued about how to electrocute a man, Edison was for direct current, while Westinghouse wanted an Alternating Current. Westinghouse got the contract because Edison hoped that his method would fail-he wanted to abolish the death penalty.

On August 6, 1890 George Kremmler walked into the death chamber, with 25 witnesses wearing his Sunday best. He sat in a normal chair, while the Warden made a small speech about the act about to take place. Kremmler's clothes were split in the back to allow access to the spine, so that the electrodes could be placed.

Kremmler then said to a deputy sheriff whom he had made friends with and said "Joe... don't let them experiment on me more then they ought to."

An electrode was then placed on Kremmler's head, and a mask was placed over his face. The Warden knocked on the wall where the executioner, Edwin Davis was. Davis pushed the button.

Kremmlers body lunged forward and his chest heaved as the electricity entered his body. The electricity was applied again because Kremmler still lived. The witnesses cried out in fear and horror. Electricity went through Kremmler again.

The Witnesses were horrified at the spectacle and demanded that the law allowing the executions by electricity be revoked. It didn't happen.

Later on, a protocol was created. And the prisoner was strapped into the chair. Then when time to kill him; a first jolt between 500 and 2000 volts is applied for 30 seconds. The body is allowed to relax. And if the victim is still alive, a second, and sometimes third current is applied.

Often during execution, the prisoner expels his bowels and the body swells. Steam or smoke can be seen rising from the body and one can smell the burning flesh. Eyeballs can pop and sizzle, this was often the case in a Chair in Florida that often messed up. The defective chair was nicknamed "Old Sparky".

Also the inmate can vomit, and urinate, and the skin can swell and split (like a sausage). The body, if touched by bare hands, can blister someone.


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