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I'm definatly leaning towards shoe maker at this point....

*** *hums "Hi-ho, hi-ho its off to china I go, to work in a sweat shop, and make plenty of shoes. To paste on Nike simbols, and to get the crap beat out of me. Hi-ho, hi-ho its off to china I go." Stops humming*

***No offense ment to anyone who works in a shoe factory or lives in China.


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Hey MOOKIERIFFIC, I live in China and work in a shoe factory and I am very offended by this post!!!! Actually no, I live in Jersey and I work in a smelly casino, and I thought the post was funny as Sh&*!


Uh, think I could bribe you into pastin' some tigers on my sneakers instead of that stoopid swoosh?


THis is a fucked up thing you wrote