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Pixy sticks.....

Pixy sticks are a gate way drug. Yes they are a drug when snorted. The side affects of using pixy sticks is multicolored snot, and if you cry- colored tears. Very entertaining. (No dad, I have never snorted pixy sticks. It looks too painful.)

But back to the origional topic. Pixy Sticks have led the wonderful Lighting Crew (minus me) to Pop Rocks. So now, a nice informational post on Pop Rocks and Pixy sticks. I'm leaving because googles not telling me anything interesting on PopRocks and Pixy Sticks.


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I thoght that this was a halarius article!!!!!!!!!The thought of snorting pixy sticks does sound painfull, but I can see poeple at my middle school doing it.(I never actulally have, but I can imagine it.) I can just see a bunch of kids buying them at consessions then going out into the fields to snort them. I will have to look out for some stange colored snot or tears! Thanks for the laugh!