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3 Goals in life.

So I was sitting backstage on Thursday, Clearly breaking numerous rules about talking when who should walk up to me and as me a question? The really, really hot guy who plays David Larabee. I mean this guy is Hott with Two T's. *Laughs* So He asks me to help him fix his shoes. The sole is coming off. So I sprint to the Tool Cabinet and grab Gluey (the favorite glue gun) and some Glue Sticks. And we go out in the hall and I fix his shoe while he changes and gets his makeup done-in the hallway. *Sighs* that guy, has a nice body.

That little story leads us into The First Goal that I have made.

To Go to China and Become a Shoemaker.
The second goal I created mainly because Ms. Surrena would love me forever, that and I have fallen deeply in love with theater.
I'm going to get a degree in Technical Theater, and Iím going to become a techi on Broadway.
And the last Goal is very simple. If I fail to become a shoemaker, and fail to be a Broadway techi:
I'll come back to Virginia and teach at my high school.
So anytime I get mad, or I start getting obsessive about something stupid *coughcoughguyscoughcough* I will remember my goals and shut up. *Grins* Today is a good day. For I have goals, and I hate to say it, but the asshats in Guidance were right. Goals are important.


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Well if you make it to broadway as a tech, you'll be doing ok... They've got to be about the higest paid stagehand in the industry...
Now if your parents weird out on you going into the arts, assure them that stagehands are rarely unemployed... We don't make a fortune, but most people can at least scrape by untill you get more established in the industry... (haveing jumpped from a science major to theatre, I had to have this lovely conversation with my folks...)