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Dead guy of the day.. and the ways to die (part 5)

Lethal injection, the most popular form of excecution.

36 out of 38 states offer lethal injection. The first state to offer it being Oklahoma in 1977. On December 2, 1982 Charles Brooks was the first peron killed with it.

The inmate is straped into a hospital gurney, with several heartbeat monitors attached. Two tubes are inserted into the arms of the inmate (incase on fails), the tubes lead to the other side of a wall where the technition is.

The execution begins when the first liquid-saline-is released into the tubes. On the Warden's word, the curtains that hide the inmate are opened for the wintnisses. Then a solution of Sodium Thiopental-a quick acting anesthetic- is inserted, causing the inmate to fall asleep. Thirdly, Pavulon or Pancuronimu Bromide is pumped into the inmates arm. This paralyses the entire muscular system causing the inmate to stop breathing. The Last chemical inserted into the inmate is Pottassium Chloride. Pottassium Chloride stops the heart.

A doctor then pronounces the prisoner dead.


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