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December 30, 2003

By Golly!

I'm alive, I'm alive!

And still haven't found anything to say.

Boy. So here are a few musings and oddments that I've picked up"

¤ It takes 21 days to form a new habit.

¤ A state motto proposed for Minnesota, but shot down in legislation: Where the men are lonely and the sheep are scared.

¤ If a person holds their arm out loosely, and you gently press the tendons, or the ridge in the middle of their writs, the fingers will curl and the hand will jump.

¤ Write the letters LAO on top of each other and look at it upside down. You will be very disturbed.

¤ The above was a product of teenage boredom.

¤ I like Matchbox 20, except for the song Bent. Bent makes them sound cocky.

¤ By pressing Alt 00A4 you too can create the neat little thing-a-bob I'm using for bullets.

¤ Never argue with a fool. They could be doing the same.

¤ I want a Gecko. But I can't have one. I don't like worms

¤ I'm terrified by worms.

¤ Dad you can shut up now about me being an actual girl.

¤ 10 bucks says that at one point or another a Cross-dresser or a Transvestite must have sung the song Natural Woman in a bar.

¤ I get my permit on the 15th of January.

¤ I get my license, if all goes well, on October 15th.

¤ MV sucks. He already has his license.

¤ I'm still mad at MV. He's still in Texas. With my Nuts.

¤ I'm going to a New Years Eve party. There wont be any drugs or alcohol. Drama kids don't need that. We just need fruit loops and a lack of sleep to have fun.

¤ There wont be any males at the aforementioned party. Boo-hoo.

¤ Actually the above statement was false. There will be 2 males. Ages 3 and 5.

¤ I expect to wake up on the first by being smacked with a stuffed Big Bird.

¤ The following statement is true.

¤ The above statement is false.

¤ What runs with no legs and carries its house?

¤ I love Riddles.

¤ A snail.

¤ I'm done now.

¤ Toot-a-loo.

¤ I'll post when I have something to say.

¤ I like this new spell checker I have.

¤ It really works.

¤ Bet Dad's happy.

¤ I should stop now.

¤ George Carlin is hilarious.

¤ Honest.

¤ "A cat will blink when hit with a hammer."

¤ Classic.

¤ So Classic.

¤ Seriously. I'm done now.

¤ My English teacher has horrible spelling.

¤ She has to spell Separate by mumbling "Theres A Rat in Separate"

¤ Its kind of funny.

¤ I have to say it too.

¤ He he.

¤ Okay Honest, I'm done!

¤ Bye!

¤ TTFN: Ta Ta For Now.

December 24, 2003

Nothing is...

Worse then waking up with a 30 pound dog on your chest trying to lick your nose off.

Better then freshly baked apples.

Yummier then cheese cake with a grahmam cracker crust.

Softer then an old friend, other wise known as Teddy.

Lamer then trying to get the dogs to follow a flashlight beam.

Funnier then tricking your sister into eating dog food.

More Enjoyable then spending the day with your best friend-even if they whine.

More Fun then telling your friends what you got 12 hours before they can even start to see.

Sadder than looking in the corner and realizing that, once again, idiot-boy (Brother) wont be home for Christmas.

Worth Gloating over like beating your sister's score on the PSATs.

Better then sending your brother a birthday card that calls him ugly, right before a nice hand written message.

Cheaper then shelling out boo-ko-bucks for mom's present before going to the dollar store for everyone else's.

More Hilarious then listening to a LOTR fanatic try and reduce 6 hours of movie into a 2 minute summary. 2 words people: Walking Trees.

Worth More Whinning then getting a paper cut on your tounge (stupid cards...).

More Aggravating then waking up warm and toasty under the blankets, and realizing that you actually have to get up.

Nicer then spending the day with family and friends.

Happy Hollidays.
Eat, drink, and be merry.

December 22, 2003


Go check out Google

December 21, 2003


Everyone has a wish list. Everyone has a goal. Everyone has that one thing they want that will make the holiday perfect.

I know Dad’s (Rocket Jones’s). Or at least something. One of Dad’s goal when it comes to blogging, has (or so he told me) to get twice as many comments as posts. I don’t know how close he is (Pixy? Can you reveal that info?) but I know it hasn’t happened. So, I want all you blogggers out there to go comment on Dad’s Blog.

That means you: Spacecraft, Rocket Man, Rocket Forge,Transterrestrial Musings, a small victory, Across the Atlantic, Alphecca, annika's journal and poetry, Average White Guy, Bad Money, Bad State of Gruntledness, Blackfive – Paratrooper of Love, Bloviating Inanities, Backstage, Candy Universe, Carol's Chaotic Collection, Caterwauling, Classical Values, Coyote's Bark, Curmudgeonly & Skeptical, DeMythology
Deus Ex Culina, DynamoBuzz, Electric Venom, Freedom Lives, Gee, ya THINK!?, Ghost of a flea, Gweilo Diaries, Happy Furry... Norbizness, Hi. I'm Black!, Hold the Mayo, Idiot Villager , JimiLove, Inc., Jockularocracy, Kin's Kouch, Laughing Wolf, Left & Right, Live from the Sandbox, Margi Lowry , The Meatriarchy, The Ministry of Minor Perfidy, Mr. Helpful, Not Quite Tea and Crumpets , Note-It Posts, Pensieri, Phillip Coons , Primal Purge, Q and O, Quiet Here, Quibbles 'n Bits, Rachel Lucas, Random Nuclear Strikes , Red Ted Keeps a Diary, Reflections in d minor, Sanity's Edge, Say Uncle, Serenity's Journal, Shoes, Ships and Sealing Wax , Silent Running, Silflay Hraka, SilverBlue, Sophont, Suburban Blight, Tasberry Diary , Tiger Rant, Tink,
Travelling Shoes , Up Yours ...and other helpful tips, Velociworld , Wince and Nod , Who Tends the Fires, Wizbang! , You Can Call Me Al , fark, The Lemon , The Onion, Scrappleface, Tard Blog, Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler , Bsurot Tovot, Dean Esmay, Eject!Eject!Eject!, Kim du Toit, James Lileks, Publicola, Right Wing News, The Spoons Experience, USS Clueless, Winds of Change, Terra Taco, Technorati, The Truth Laid Bear , WizBang Tech , Popdex, Blogdex, Mandarin DesignShooter's Carnival, Sports Blog. The Southpaw, Waiting for Boof,Elephants in Oakland, The New Giant Thrill, Only Baseball Matters, Westwood Blues, Hockey Pundits,

And all the MuNuvians:

I even used my toes!

So yesterday after work, I dragged myself (and sister) into Sears, IN A FORMAL DRESS, and got pictures done for my mothers X-mas present.

The night before, we were figuring out how many of what and what size. And we came out with the “Should Be” Price, and the “Worst Case Scenario” Price. The Should Be price was $41 (we had a coupon and an employee discount card. The Worst Case Scenario? $54. Add 15 for the sitting fee. When we got there, Robyn decided she wanted 2 sheets of wallets in one. Okay, that’s fine. Another 5 bucks. No Big Deal.

How wrong I was. On all counts.

Now for informational purposes, my sister is poor. She’s in college and she’s poor. So I already knew I was footing the bill. And at the bank I withdrew $80, add that to what I already possessed, I had over $100 (well over if I might add). You can see why I was confidant about being able to handle the Pictures and Dad’s x-mas gift. Mom-she knew about her gift because we used her discount card-gave us me a gift card… to put towards the pictures because some of them are getting mailed off. Woot. An extra thirty.

So you would think I would be fine on cash.


We got the pictures done. Thoroughly aggravated the lady, picked out our poses. Argued about what looked better. Played with different props. Basically we were pains.

We went to pay, I got my wallet out, pulled out 41 dollars, the gift card, the coupon, and the employee discount card. She rang us up. Now was the moment. The moment I had been waiting for. I waited patiently, recalculating the cost in my mind. Even looking at my toes (didn’t have shoes on) and counted. Used my fingers.

And the grand total for 13 sheets of pictures was… 168 JOHNK DOLLARS!

Worst Case Scenario my ass.

We talked to the lady, broke it down-ish. She even took off the sitting free. It was still over 90 bucks out of my pocket-After the Gift Card. I was devastated. I pooled my cash. And had enough. With about thirty dollars left.

We went X-mas shopping for dad.

By the time we were done buying dad’s gift, and another something for mom, I had $8 left in my pocket.

I so wanted to cry, oh wait… I did.

And mom doesn’t understand why I hate pictures.

December 18, 2003

Lost a soul mate

You know that feeling? I sure don't. The point is I'm going insane. I can't find anything to replace my Nuts. I feel naked, exposed. I've had the Chain since 6th grade! The nuts since 8th! My neck feels wierd. No other chain is the right wieght or has the right feeling. I'm lost. Helpless.


*sighs* MV, I hope you rot in the deepest of the nine hells. After all, I'll need someone to keep me company.

Rejoice! Rejoice!

Because never, ever, ever, again will I threaten castration on a male.

As I think some of you know, around my neck I have a chain of balls, on which too nuts hang. Aka Bolts. It’s quite funny at times. And I’ve had the chain for 5 years (I replaced it only once-with an identical chain), and the nuts for 2 ½. Now I don’t have them, and I’m going insane. During the course of the day, I can be seen to hold onto the chain, usually with out my conscious mind realizing it, until today. If I’m mad, I grab and twist the chain. If I’m sad, I grab and hold on to the bolts as my comfort object (I know, weird). If I’m agitated, I grab the chain. If unsure. If scared. If worried. If tired. If excited. If Anything. Most of the time I’ll grab the chain. Now it’s gone. And here’s why.

Last Thursday at lunch, I was eating lunch with MV and I grabbed his hacky sack. Pocketed it. And hence forgot it while I talked. With out realizing it, I had it during gym class, and he didn’t have it.
Friday I forgot it on my desk in the morning, and hence could not return it.
Saturday I practiced playing hacky sack, determined that I suck, and pocketed it because I was going to Orange. I wanted to play down there and try my luck.
Sunday I cooked, played hacky sack, and had fun with my friends.
Monday Morning before school I got a ride back up to Woodbridge. Half way through the hour and a half drive, I thought to make sure I had it. Of course, as luck would have it, I didn’t.
Monday At School I sheepishly told MV my error, and apologized. MV was pissed, rightly so. So were 9 other guys. Let me tell you, it takes talent to piss off 10 guys in one move.
Tuesday MV decided to “Punish” me by refusing to give me hugs. That annoys me but I disregard it. Then in Theater Class I forgot about the “Punishment” and went to give him a hug while he was in his seat. He dodged the hug, while in the process slamming his shoulder into my nose. He didn’t apologize. I then had to work on a project with him *gag* I was not in the mood.
Wednesday I decided to ignore him until he got over it. It worked well because I didn’t see him all day.
Today/Thursday one week since the start, he’s still pissed, I’m insisting on ignoring him, and I cursed wasting money on his X-mass gift. Didn’t see him till Theater class, and he was leaving for a seminar or something, don’t know, don’t care. But before I left, I broke my silence and said “hey, Wait MV!” I caught up to him, said Merry Christmas and gave him the present, then took off my nuts and chain and gave them to him with the snarky comment of “I expect they will be returned when you receive your hacky sack.”

He’s not going to be at school tomorrow. He’s going out of town. I wont get my nuts back until after Jan. 5th. Mucho badness.

*sighs* I guess this is my just deserts.

December 16, 2003


So. Here I was, bored, looking for some inspiration for something to blog about. I didn’t find anything. But then again maybe I did. I must have found something because I’m sitting here typing. Right? Right. So now let me tell you about something. Wait. Let me think of it. Just had it. Just had it! Going… Going… Gone. Dagnabbit. I read a book where one of the characters was a dwarf named Dagnabit. Quiet entertaining. Anyway. Bah. I was going to post my essay. I think I’ve said this before. I can’t post my essay. Or at least not till after I get my disk back. There is a crap program that the school uses that searches the internet for copies of the essay. So since I don’t want to get slapped with “Plagiarism” (even if it is my own site!) I can’t post it yet. Bah.

I read part of the new Mu.Nu Blog. Consent of the Governed. Reminds me of Government class. Kind of creepish. Oh well, its cool though. I like it.

Oh that reminds me! I got my Government Project back, you know the one I sneaked into Ask Jen. Yeah. I got a hundred. WOot! So yeah. Interims come out tomorrow. I’ll do my normal post of grades. Could do it now, just got to log onto the server, check it out, but I’m not willing to exert that much effort.

I was thinking about adding an author to Mookie Riffic. Maybe make a new Riffic. Shape them in my image. Start my own religion with them. But that once again takes effort. And my friends suck. Remember back when I was on Blog*Spot how I had a couple guest bloggers, for when I went to Tim’s current home? Canada. Yeah. They sucked. One of them (George) is way to whinny. And the other one, MV, he’s just pissing me off. And then there was Bonnie. Remember her? Yeah. Lets just say, no way in bloody hell. Hehe.

I was thinking of drawing more visitors to my blog. Takes too much effort. And besides, I’m slowly moving up the ranks. My average is now 31, went up a person from 30. Heh. I thought of all the schemes I could try. And all those I did try. There’s the classic “Ask and I Shall Answer”, Interviews, Polling, Threatening to Quit, and various others. But I didn’t want to become the Princess of Suck. Granted I already have that title when it comes to Hacky-Sack. They were calling me Queen of Suck, but that’s Jen. No offense. Well I should really wrap up my babble and go write something decent. Hum…

December 15, 2003


What in the world is a Crap-Wiesel? Dad just suddenly started saying it every five mintues, I don't know what it is.

December 13, 2003

You go girl!

Tell that male whose boss

Pranks on the Radio

Go here, and listen to this hilarious audio clip. Make sure you read the passage first.

Perfect man

Is it actually possible I have found the perfect man? I don't know, what do you think. A picture of him is in the extended entry.



Nothings cooler then a pet Blob.... Except maybe Two! And when One's Pink! and Two's Mulit. Yeah that's what they're called. One and Two. Woot. You can get a blob here.

pinkblob.gif spiralblob.gif

Boredom is a very powerful thing..

December 12, 2003

He's mad...

Just because I stole his sack. I mean, its not like I tore it open and emptied it! I did nothing of the sort, in fact I'm looking at it right now. I even sprayed it with some Fabreez to make it smell better. So now it wont smell like guy sweat and yucky stuff. I mean just think of where its been! Its a horid thought. So MV is mad, and wont give me a hug until I return his sack. Can't say I blame him though. I'd be mad if someone stole my nuts or balls (as in chains/necklaces). Oh well.

And for all of you that have very dirty minds, I was discussing MV's Hacky Sack. Hehe.

Religion and school


No not really. I was in Government class today, bored out of my skull, talking with a couple friends, Thom, Jane, Bobby, and Wally (all names changed), working on my worksheet. Well some how the guys and Jane started discussing religion. Thats when I zoned out for a good long time, and just worked on my worksheet for a good 15 minutes. Until suddenly the phrase "Jesus was a bastard" sunk through my fog. Needless to say my head snapped up and I was like "What in the world are you talking about?!?!" Meanwhile, no one listened to me. Thom was getting very agitated, because they we're pretty much attacking his beliefs. I think it started friendly, but don't quote me on that. So Thom was trying to get his voice hear, and it wasn't working. I was just in a group of my own trying to shut them up. I failed. Finialy, after 15 more minutes Thom had enough. He got up and talked to the teacher, and went into the hall till the end of class. I was ready to go join him when the bell rang.

I'm sure you know that I'm not religious, but I do know that you don't go blantly insulting a religions holy figure. No matter what religion. Wether your insulting Budda, Mohamad, Jesus, or any other such guy, You Just Don't Do It. Period.

As for religion in school, no way, no way at all should they mix. Unless your learning how they started, and how they affected the world, it should not come up. Catch me any time out of school, and I'll gladly sit and discuss religion with you, but bring it up in school, and you will have a VERY irate Mookie.

You would think...

I had asked her (my sister) to give up her first born to the Baby-Eating-Spider-Worshippers. All I did ask was for her help to clean my room, after her movie. And she's the one LIVING in my room for a month. Notice I'm letting her finish the movie? I could be a royal B****, but I'm not. Gr. Oh well.

December 10, 2003

Quick and dirty method...

Okay theres a lot of dead guys to catch up on, so I'm just going to give you the links.

Sahib Lateef Al-Mosawi Died 12-06-00

Christopher Cornelius Goins Died 12-06-00

Daniel Joe Hittle died 12-06-00

Claude Howard Jones Died 12-07-00

Desmond Keith Carter 12-10-02

Ernest West Basden

Executed December 6, 2002 by Lethal Injection in North Carolina

63rd murderer executed in U.S. in 2002
812th murderer executed in U.S. since 1976
1st murderer executed in North Carolina in 2002
22nd murderer executed in North Carolina since 1976

The victim was killed on January 20th 1992

Basden shot Billy White twice in a murder-for-hire scheme devised by co-conspirators James Lynwood Taylor, his nephew, and Sylvia Ipock White, the victim's wife. Taylor pretended to be a wealthy businessman wanting to buy insurance and lured White to a wooded rural area. Taylor and Basden drove to the designated spot and waited. When White arrived, Taylor got out of his car and introduced himself, then Basden got out of the car and picked up a twelve-gauge shotgun he had placed on the ground. Basden pointed the gun at Billy and pulled the trigger. The shotgun did not fire because Basden had not cocked the hammer back. Basden then cocked the hammer and fired. Billy was knocked to the ground. Basden removed the spent shell casing and loaded another shell into the shotgun. Basden then approached Billy, who was lying face up on the ground, and while standing over him, shot him again. As agreed, Taylor gave his cash-strapped uncle $300 for the killing. Both Taylor and Basden later confessed to their roles in the killing. Mrs. White is currently serving two consecutive life sentences. Taylor is serving a life sentence.


Final Meal:
Basden did not request anything special for his last meal Thursday night, choosing instead to eat what all others at Central Prison ate. The menu included breaded veal, brown gravy, mashed potatoes, three-bean salad, mixed vegetables, slices of loaf bread, an orange and fruit punch.

Final Words:
"I killed Billy White. I'm sorry for it. And I pray that his family will come to forgive me and let time heal their wounds. And that's all we can do."

Robbie James Lyons

This is the end of this Years for now, there maybe more, I'm gonna look them up. I've been just copying the last two, mostly because I'm lazy, you'll get my normal wit back on the next one. Honest.

December 5. 2003

Last Meal: pizza and lasagna, both made to follow Muslim dietary rules, and a Pepsi.

The skinny: Lyons, 31, was executed for a 1993 shooting murder during an attempted robbery at a grocery store.

Legal Machinations: Defense lawyers had said Lyons shouldn't be executed because he had a personality disorder and poor legal representation during his case.

Governor choses "cowardice" and "brutality": The Rev. Jesse Jackson sent Easley a letter urging clemency for Lyons.

"I have the deepest sympathy for the victims of violent crime and their families and loved ones left behind - but the death penalty is not the best way to acknowledge their grief," the letter said.

"By granting clemency in this case you would be setting an example of courage over cowardice, of humanity over brutality."

Easley said Thursday night he found no reason to reduce the sentence of Robbie James Lyons to life in prison, eliminating the prisoner's final chance to avoid the death penalty.

Last words and such: "If my death brings another person happiness, then I'm happy for them."

Factoids: The execution was the seventh by the state this year, the most since 1949.

Lyons was the...

65th murderer executed in U.S. in 2003
885th murderer executed in U.S. since 1976
7th murderer executed in North Carolina in 2003
30th murderer executed in North Carolina since 1976

Ivan Murphy

Another case of my neglect. Sorry. Oh and dad, I'm not giving up on the dead guy.

December 4, 2003

...Cool Whip, delicious dessert topping or a criminal's worst enemy...or both?

Last Meal: Four pieces of fried chicken (white meat), five pieces of deep fried fish, four deep fried breaded pork chops, extra-large order of french fries, large order of onion rings, ketchup, tarter sauce, one pint Blue Bell Moollennium Crunch ice cream, two quarts of chocolate milk. He probably got vanilla ice cream, a prison spokeswoman said.

The skinny: Murphy, 38, a former mechanic with an extensive criminal record in Oklahoma was executed for fatally beating an 80-year-old woman he'd known since childhood.

The crime: Murphy and an accomplice went to Murphy's old neighborhood where he was known as "Pee Wee," to rob the woman. She invited them in and offered him ice cream because she knew him.

``She died in her own chair in her own living room. It was horrible,'' said former Grayson County District Attorney Robert Jarvis. ``They took either her cane and or a sawed-off shotgun they brought with them and just beat her as she sat in her chair.''

The accomplice was sentenced to life in prison.

Cool Whip, Crime fighter: Strawberry ice cream in a plastic bowl helped convict Murphy of the 1989 slaying.

"We dusted the inside of a Cool Whip bowl and found his fingerprint," said former Grayson County District Attorney Robert Jarvis, recalling evidence in Murphy's capital murder trial.

Besides the fingerprint, jewelry taken from the victim was linked to Murphy, and traces of the woman's blood were found on his clothes.

Last words and such: "This is a celebration of life, not death," Murphy said in a brief final statement while strapped to the death chamber gurney. "Through Jesus Christ we have victory over death." He thanked Pope John Paul II and others for prayers, love and support. ``I want to thank everybody around the world and Father, let your will be done.''

Maybe Not: The victim's son said Murphy's comments were nothing but ``religious babble'' because he never admitted he was guilty. ``Just howling in the trees, just wind in the trees. Without true remorse, it means nothing.''

Factoids: Murphy is the second of five scheduled to die in Texas over the next eight days.

Murphy was the....

64th murderer executed in U.S. in 2003
884th murderer executed in U.S. since 1976
24th murderer executed in Texas in 2003
313th murderer executed in Texas since 1976

This summary was compiled from various news accounts.

Richard Charles Ducan

I actually had this one typed up, but I never remembered to post it. Heh.

December 3, 2003

..."it was all about money"...

Last Meals: fried chicken (three chicken breasts--well done), french fries, lettuce, tomato, berry cobbler and a coke.

The skinny: Duncan, 61, was executed for the slayings of his boyfriend's parents at their Houston home more than 16 years ago. Duncan hoped to share the $500,000 life insurance of the couple to save the failing computer business he ran with the couple's son and another man.

"It was all about money," prosecutor Kelly Siegler said.

Unsolved: The brutal murders had gone unsolved for six years when Houston police got a break.

Solved: Robert John Alexander knew who did it, and he could no longer live with his troubled conscience. Alexander gave police the evidence they needed to convict Duncan, his former roommate and lover who also had a relationship with the victim's son, Gary High.

The crime: The trial portrayed Duncan as the manipulative, dictatorial leader of "a family" made up of himself, Alexander and Gary High.

The three had developed a thriving computer business that was doing well until 1987, when the oil business went bust.

Alexander testified that Duncan had talked of killing the Highs so that Gary High would benefit financially.

Police at first thought the couple died accidentally of asphyxiation because they smelled gas and found a gas grill connected to an open jet behind the washing machine.

They found the wife, on her bed and the husband, 72, lying in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor, where police initially thought he had died from gas fumes after falling and striking his head.

But investigators soon found evidence of something more sinister. the wife had been smothered to death and placed on the bed with a book beside her as if she had fallen asleep reading. Her reading glasses, however, were across the room.

Although Duncan was a prime suspect at the time, police did not have enough evidence to convict him until Alexander contacted them in 1993, saying he wanted to clear his conscience. Alexander, who had become involved with another man, was no longer living with Duncan.

Alexander was granted immunity for his testimony. He agreed to call Duncan at his home in Seattle and record the phone conversations.

Duncan implicated himself in the phone conversations and was arrested Feb. 3, 1994, in Seattle.

Last words and such: Asked if he had a final statement, Duncan said he did not but replied: "Now that I see my family here and everything, all I want to say is I love you all so much. I'm innocent and you know that." As the lethal injection started, Duncan continued to look toward the five friends her referred to as family, saying, "They're so beautiful. Aren't they?"

Factoids: Duncan is the first of five scheduled to die in Texas over the next eight days.

Duncan was the....

63nd murderer executed in U.S. in 2003
883nd murderer executed in U.S. since 1976
23nd murderer executed in Texas in 2003
312th murderer executed in Texas since 1976


So I asked MV to help me with a problem. The problem is simple. I need transportation that I can operate myself. I'm too poor/young to drive a car, so I thought bike. I have a bike too. Problem is I can't ride the bike. Or at least not out of my street. Doesn't do me much good at the moment. So here I am talking to MV and I'm contemplating transportation in the back of my mind. And I've been playing with the idea of a Moped. Not a regular dork moped, but one that looks kind motorcycle-ish while on the road. Got apperances to think of here. Heh. And in my mind, I don't want to get on a Moped until I can sufficiently ride my bike. No small thing here. Remember I'm 15.

So there I was talking with MV practicaly offering my dignity on the sacraficial offer. I asked "Can you teach me to ride a bike?" You know what his response was? "You were joking. Right?" Said in a semi-panicy voice. I regreted my question. Only a few people know that I can't ride a bike. Generaly the responses are like that one, or "You poor, POOR, deprived child."

He said no.

So I asked my friend, SMV (Second Male Version) his response? "YOU DON'T KOW HOW TO RIDE A BIKE? MY GOD! YOUR A FREAK!" Thanks guy, thanks a lot.

Males suck. I still need/want a moped. I hate bikes.

December 09, 2003


So you might ask me if I am a moron. And my answer is... Yes. But I am a moron with a dream! And that my friend is the most dangerous Moron there is.
Brought to you by the Gar-field Drama Program's one act show, origionaly produced and preformed by the Reduced Shakespear Company.

If you are in the Metro are, you have to come. For several reasons. First of all, I will be there *grins*, and everyone loves me! Second-It is Hilarious. Third-Me. Forth-It doesn't cost an money to get in the door. And you see not one, but 8 high schools preform. (The other highschools will Obviously suck in comparison to Gar-field, but hey, what can I say.)

So if your in the Metro are, even if you arn't. Come see the show! Granted any one over sea's is escused... Maybe.

I WONT NEED THERAPY! hehe. or at least not yet.

On a brief note, before I start the actuall post. I can't get therapy until I can spell it. Oh boy.

H wrote an interesting post. It was about a confused little girl. Who grew up into a confused woman. My response: Crap-o-la! I'm doooooomed!!!! *starts humming* doom doom doom, DOOM d00m doom d00m DOOM dOOm... (ect). If you don't understand the Doom reference (Invader Zim) forget it. Anyway. What H wrote made a lot of sense to me. At one point she mentioned that the confused little girl talked about everything under the sun-but none of it actually mattered.

Can I say, once again, THANK GOD/GODDESS (gotta be politically correct and represent both genders equally) ! I THOUGHT I NEEDED THERAPY! I'M NOT ALONE!

Yes dad, you heard me right, the crap-o-la that I tell you, is just that. Hehe. Sorry. Yeah. So anyway. Calming down. I just wanted to say, that if you haven't read H, or that post, go do it now or I will Remove Your Reason For Wearing Pants. Or Shirt if your female. (Got that little line from George Of The Jungle.)

Can you tell I'm just a tiny bit hyper? Maybe its the concept that I'm not a complete tard. Just a semi one.

Oh and H, Thanks.

Randomness and Tidbits

I'm still alive. Just wanted to make that clear. And I still want to do the Dead Guy Of The Day, I just have't had the proper... whats a good word? Will? Motivation? Eh. Lets face it, I'm lazy. Anyway..

I was going to post my essay comparing Night by Elie Wiesel, and All Quiet on the Western Front, but I'm faced by a couple problems. First and foremost, the teacher has a program called "Turn It In-dot-com". Where it checks all papers for how close they match the internet. Can you say "crappers"? Cause I sure can- not because I was going to cheat- but because I can't post it. *sighs* The second issue is that I haven't writen it yet. Hehe. Actuall I have some of it done, 2 and a half paragraphs out of 5. And the rough draft isn't due till friday. I'm pacing my self (as the little voice in my mind goes "Yeah Right"

Speaking of Yeah Right I once read an article where a college profesor was talking to his students about language. And the professor says "In most languages a double negative is still a negative. Except for English in which a double negative is a positive. But in NO language does a double positive equate to a negaitve." At this point all the student consider this amazing fact for a few seconds as the professor feels superior. A few seconds pass before a student in the back of the room pipes up and says "Yeah, right"

Hehe. That tickles my thoughts. hehe

So I've been going through old CDs I've managed to scrounge up (aka. out of Robyn's case) and I found the old Matchbox20 CD. Can you say YIPPEEE!! I didn't even realize I missed it. Hehe. I've been listening to it going, "damn-why did I ever give her that..."

December 05, 2003

Now I'm Mad!

I just checked my email, and guess what I found. An email, big suprise, but an email of the worst sort. An asswipe (lets refer to him as Asswipe) decided that I needed a lecture on Family Values and carring. Asswipe didn't think I cared that my mom is in the hospital have surgery, he lectured me because Im going to a party. Well woopie-****ing-doo. Let me put it this way Asswipe, EVERYONE DEALS WITH EVERYTHING DIFFERENT. Dad's is to cook, and mine is to be with friends. I would be with a friend no matter what today, It just so happens that theres a party so that I can be with numerous friends. So to spite Asswipe, I'm going to go to the party, and have fun.

And anyone who thinks I don't care about my mom, can just go to hell.

Update Mom's out of surgery and in recovery. Dad will have more details. And one more thing, Victor and Nic, and anyone else, mucho thanks.

I lothe the snow.

I truely do, why? because now I might not be able to go to a party. I know that sounds shallow, but give me a break, I need some fun and I need to relieve stress.

Gone to curse the snow. Blog maybe on Saturday, Sunday if the snow isn't gone on Saturday. I'm going to the party. Regardless (unless the roads are really that horrible.)

And by the way, Mad props to Tom for his perfect take on Nor-east-ers. As for his List for the end of the world, mine is a bit different:

A) Steak and Ice Cream
B) Dime-Store Romance Novels
C) A cute guy (just kidding)
Yeah that list right there looks good. Oh yeah, and I would get all My CDs and a CDplayer and blast the music till I blow the speakers and/or my ear drums.

December 02, 2003

Dead guy of the day... States

38 states have the death penalty. They are (and what they use):

Lethal Injection
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota
Federal Government

South Carolina

Lethal Gas

Firing Squad

New Hampshire

(these may have changed, I don't know)

December 01, 2003

Dead guy of the day.. and fast facts.

Since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, 878 convicted murderers have been executed in the United States. Of those executed: 10 were female; 22 were under the age of 18 at the time of the murder; 501 (57%) were white and 299 (34%) were black; 711 (81%) were executed by lethal injection, including 225 of the last 227 executions; 151 were executed by electric chair, 11 by gas chamber, 3 by hanging and 2 by firing squad; Executions were held in 32 different states; 310 (35%) were in Texas; 11 were in Indiana; 66 were executed in 2001, and 71 were executed in 2002. (As of November 1, 2003)
(statistics from: The Death Pentaly)