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So you might ask me if I am a moron. And my answer is... Yes. But I am a moron with a dream! And that my friend is the most dangerous Moron there is.
Brought to you by the Gar-field Drama Program's one act show, origionaly produced and preformed by the Reduced Shakespear Company.

If you are in the Metro are, you have to come. For several reasons. First of all, I will be there *grins*, and everyone loves me! Second-It is Hilarious. Third-Me. Forth-It doesn't cost an money to get in the door. And you see not one, but 8 high schools preform. (The other highschools will Obviously suck in comparison to Gar-field, but hey, what can I say.)

So if your in the Metro are, even if you arn't. Come see the show! Granted any one over sea's is escused... Maybe.


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Do I count as overseas? I'm international, anyway. Plus I'm now officially a Poor College Student (you'd be surprised how fast your disposable income goes down after you leave high school and go to university, Mookie. Start saving now.)


Wait 'till you hit the cold cruel world after school... lol... I wish I had the level of disposable income I had in college...


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