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So I asked MV to help me with a problem. The problem is simple. I need transportation that I can operate myself. I'm too poor/young to drive a car, so I thought bike. I have a bike too. Problem is I can't ride the bike. Or at least not out of my street. Doesn't do me much good at the moment. So here I am talking to MV and I'm contemplating transportation in the back of my mind. And I've been playing with the idea of a Moped. Not a regular dork moped, but one that looks kind motorcycle-ish while on the road. Got apperances to think of here. Heh. And in my mind, I don't want to get on a Moped until I can sufficiently ride my bike. No small thing here. Remember I'm 15.

So there I was talking with MV practicaly offering my dignity on the sacraficial offer. I asked "Can you teach me to ride a bike?" You know what his response was? "You were joking. Right?" Said in a semi-panicy voice. I regreted my question. Only a few people know that I can't ride a bike. Generaly the responses are like that one, or "You poor, POOR, deprived child."

He said no.

So I asked my friend, SMV (Second Male Version) his response? "YOU DON'T KOW HOW TO RIDE A BIKE? MY GOD! YOUR A FREAK!" Thanks guy, thanks a lot.

Males suck. I still need/want a moped. I hate bikes.


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