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I WONT NEED THERAPY! hehe. or at least not yet.

On a brief note, before I start the actuall post. I can't get therapy until I can spell it. Oh boy.

H wrote an interesting post. It was about a confused little girl. Who grew up into a confused woman. My response: Crap-o-la! I'm doooooomed!!!! *starts humming* doom doom doom, DOOM d00m doom d00m DOOM dOOm... (ect). If you don't understand the Doom reference (Invader Zim) forget it. Anyway. What H wrote made a lot of sense to me. At one point she mentioned that the confused little girl talked about everything under the sun-but none of it actually mattered.

Can I say, once again, THANK GOD/GODDESS (gotta be politically correct and represent both genders equally) ! I THOUGHT I NEEDED THERAPY! I'M NOT ALONE!

Yes dad, you heard me right, the crap-o-la that I tell you, is just that. Hehe. Sorry. Yeah. So anyway. Calming down. I just wanted to say, that if you haven't read H, or that post, go do it now or I will Remove Your Reason For Wearing Pants. Or Shirt if your female. (Got that little line from George Of The Jungle.)

Can you tell I'm just a tiny bit hyper? Maybe its the concept that I'm not a complete tard. Just a semi one.

Oh and H, Thanks.


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