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Randomness and Tidbits

I'm still alive. Just wanted to make that clear. And I still want to do the Dead Guy Of The Day, I just have't had the proper... whats a good word? Will? Motivation? Eh. Lets face it, I'm lazy. Anyway..

I was going to post my essay comparing Night by Elie Wiesel, and All Quiet on the Western Front, but I'm faced by a couple problems. First and foremost, the teacher has a program called "Turn It In-dot-com". Where it checks all papers for how close they match the internet. Can you say "crappers"? Cause I sure can- not because I was going to cheat- but because I can't post it. *sighs* The second issue is that I haven't writen it yet. Hehe. Actuall I have some of it done, 2 and a half paragraphs out of 5. And the rough draft isn't due till friday. I'm pacing my self (as the little voice in my mind goes "Yeah Right"

Speaking of Yeah Right I once read an article where a college profesor was talking to his students about language. And the professor says "In most languages a double negative is still a negative. Except for English in which a double negative is a positive. But in NO language does a double positive equate to a negaitve." At this point all the student consider this amazing fact for a few seconds as the professor feels superior. A few seconds pass before a student in the back of the room pipes up and says "Yeah, right"

Hehe. That tickles my thoughts. hehe

So I've been going through old CDs I've managed to scrounge up (aka. out of Robyn's case) and I found the old Matchbox20 CD. Can you say YIPPEEE!! I didn't even realize I missed it. Hehe. I've been listening to it going, "damn-why did I ever give her that..."


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Hey Mookie, you just wrote about as much in this post as you have to do for your paper. Just letting you know...


But its not a thousand words long..