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Now I'm Mad!

I just checked my email, and guess what I found. An email, big suprise, but an email of the worst sort. An asswipe (lets refer to him as Asswipe) decided that I needed a lecture on Family Values and carring. Asswipe didn't think I cared that my mom is in the hospital have surgery, he lectured me because Im going to a party. Well woopie-****ing-doo. Let me put it this way Asswipe, EVERYONE DEALS WITH EVERYTHING DIFFERENT. Dad's is to cook, and mine is to be with friends. I would be with a friend no matter what today, It just so happens that theres a party so that I can be with numerous friends. So to spite Asswipe, I'm going to go to the party, and have fun.

And anyone who thinks I don't care about my mom, can just go to hell.

Update Mom's out of surgery and in recovery. Dad will have more details. And one more thing, Victor and Nic, and anyone else, mucho thanks.


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You are right everyone deals with things differently. Don't worry about what other people think. Hope you have fun.


Those of us who aren't asswipes understand what you're feeling. Best wishes to your mum, and hoping for a speedy recovery.


Hey Mookie: Glad your mom is doing well and don't let that fool who wrote you get you down. Just as you stated, people deal with stress in their own way and no one has the right to tell you it's wrong. At least you're dealing with it.

By the way, I looked for an email address for you on this site but was unable to find one. I wanted to send you a news article. You did a post some time ago about ADD and thought you might be interested in it.

So, I'll cut and paste it here for ya:



hey thanks guys, as for not finding my email addy, i took it down after that email, i'll put it backup adventually, but i don't think for a while yet. Thanks again



It's a shame you had to take your e-mail address down because of that person. I've done that before. Luckily I haven't been e-harassed lately, but I know just how you feel.


I left a comment on your Dad's blog. This nobody's business except your family's.
This person was way out of line.