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I lothe the snow.

I truely do, why? because now I might not be able to go to a party. I know that sounds shallow, but give me a break, I need some fun and I need to relieve stress.

Gone to curse the snow. Blog maybe on Saturday, Sunday if the snow isn't gone on Saturday. I'm going to the party. Regardless (unless the roads are really that horrible.)

And by the way, Mad props to Tom for his perfect take on Nor-east-ers. As for his List for the end of the world, mine is a bit different:

A) Steak and Ice Cream
B) Dime-Store Romance Novels
C) A cute guy (just kidding)
Yeah that list right there looks good. Oh yeah, and I would get all My CDs and a CDplayer and blast the music till I blow the speakers and/or my ear drums.


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