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Nothing is...

Worse then waking up with a 30 pound dog on your chest trying to lick your nose off.

Better then freshly baked apples.

Yummier then cheese cake with a grahmam cracker crust.

Softer then an old friend, other wise known as Teddy.

Lamer then trying to get the dogs to follow a flashlight beam.

Funnier then tricking your sister into eating dog food.

More Enjoyable then spending the day with your best friend-even if they whine.

More Fun then telling your friends what you got 12 hours before they can even start to see.

Sadder than looking in the corner and realizing that, once again, idiot-boy (Brother) wont be home for Christmas.

Worth Gloating over like beating your sister's score on the PSATs.

Better then sending your brother a birthday card that calls him ugly, right before a nice hand written message.

Cheaper then shelling out boo-ko-bucks for mom's present before going to the dollar store for everyone else's.

More Hilarious then listening to a LOTR fanatic try and reduce 6 hours of movie into a 2 minute summary. 2 words people: Walking Trees.

Worth More Whinning then getting a paper cut on your tounge (stupid cards...).

More Aggravating then waking up warm and toasty under the blankets, and realizing that you actually have to get up.

Nicer then spending the day with family and friends.

Happy Hollidays.
Eat, drink, and be merry.


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I habe ib wheb I geb a baber cub ob by toube.


Merry Christmas, Mookie!!! (Your dad owes you a hug from me...)


Susie, I grounded her instead. Old family tradition...


hmmm... Haven't been through the 30# dog deal... my version was a 23# cat licking my eyelids open so I'd feed him... Nothing worse than fangs that close to your eye...