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By Golly!

I'm alive, I'm alive!

And still haven't found anything to say.

Boy. So here are a few musings and oddments that I've picked up"

It takes 21 days to form a new habit.

A state motto proposed for Minnesota, but shot down in legislation: Where the men are lonely and the sheep are scared.

If a person holds their arm out loosely, and you gently press the tendons, or the ridge in the middle of their writs, the fingers will curl and the hand will jump.

Write the letters LAO on top of each other and look at it upside down. You will be very disturbed.

The above was a product of teenage boredom.

I like Matchbox 20, except for the song Bent. Bent makes them sound cocky.

By pressing Alt 00A4 you too can create the neat little thing-a-bob I'm using for bullets.

Never argue with a fool. They could be doing the same.

I want a Gecko. But I can't have one. I don't like worms

I'm terrified by worms.

Dad you can shut up now about me being an actual girl.

10 bucks says that at one point or another a Cross-dresser or a Transvestite must have sung the song Natural Woman in a bar.

I get my permit on the 15th of January.

I get my license, if all goes well, on October 15th.

MV sucks. He already has his license.

I'm still mad at MV. He's still in Texas. With my Nuts.

I'm going to a New Years Eve party. There wont be any drugs or alcohol. Drama kids don't need that. We just need fruit loops and a lack of sleep to have fun.

There wont be any males at the aforementioned party. Boo-hoo.

Actually the above statement was false. There will be 2 males. Ages 3 and 5.

I expect to wake up on the first by being smacked with a stuffed Big Bird.

The following statement is true.

The above statement is false.

What runs with no legs and carries its house?

I love Riddles.

A snail.

I'm done now.


I'll post when I have something to say.

I like this new spell checker I have.

It really works.

Bet Dad's happy.

I should stop now.

George Carlin is hilarious.


"A cat will blink when hit with a hammer."


So Classic.

Seriously. I'm done now.

My English teacher has horrible spelling.

She has to spell Separate by mumbling "Theres A Rat in Separate"

Its kind of funny.

I have to say it too.

He he.

Okay Honest, I'm done!


TTFN: Ta Ta For Now.


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