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Religion and school


No not really. I was in Government class today, bored out of my skull, talking with a couple friends, Thom, Jane, Bobby, and Wally (all names changed), working on my worksheet. Well some how the guys and Jane started discussing religion. Thats when I zoned out for a good long time, and just worked on my worksheet for a good 15 minutes. Until suddenly the phrase "Jesus was a bastard" sunk through my fog. Needless to say my head snapped up and I was like "What in the world are you talking about?!?!" Meanwhile, no one listened to me. Thom was getting very agitated, because they we're pretty much attacking his beliefs. I think it started friendly, but don't quote me on that. So Thom was trying to get his voice hear, and it wasn't working. I was just in a group of my own trying to shut them up. I failed. Finialy, after 15 more minutes Thom had enough. He got up and talked to the teacher, and went into the hall till the end of class. I was ready to go join him when the bell rang.

I'm sure you know that I'm not religious, but I do know that you don't go blantly insulting a religions holy figure. No matter what religion. Wether your insulting Budda, Mohamad, Jesus, or any other such guy, You Just Don't Do It. Period.

As for religion in school, no way, no way at all should they mix. Unless your learning how they started, and how they affected the world, it should not come up. Catch me any time out of school, and I'll gladly sit and discuss religion with you, but bring it up in school, and you will have a VERY irate Mookie.


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I think that religion and school should be mixed. It upsets me how much people complain that because they are athiest, they shouldnt have to see all of religious signs in the streets, yet people like me (Chirstain) have to walk down the street and see signs for titty bars and crap. Now that is hypocritical.



I agree with you, it shouldn't be mixed into school. My friends, a lot of them say stuff like what your friends said. It's really disturbing how they find it amusing. I'm not that religious either but something like that catches your attention right away when someone says something horrid about something many believe in.