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I even used my toes!

So yesterday after work, I dragged myself (and sister) into Sears, IN A FORMAL DRESS, and got pictures done for my mothers X-mas present.

The night before, we were figuring out how many of what and what size. And we came out with the “Should Be” Price, and the “Worst Case Scenario” Price. The Should Be price was $41 (we had a coupon and an employee discount card. The Worst Case Scenario? $54. Add 15 for the sitting fee. When we got there, Robyn decided she wanted 2 sheets of wallets in one. Okay, that’s fine. Another 5 bucks. No Big Deal.

How wrong I was. On all counts.

Now for informational purposes, my sister is poor. She’s in college and she’s poor. So I already knew I was footing the bill. And at the bank I withdrew $80, add that to what I already possessed, I had over $100 (well over if I might add). You can see why I was confidant about being able to handle the Pictures and Dad’s x-mas gift. Mom-she knew about her gift because we used her discount card-gave us me a gift card… to put towards the pictures because some of them are getting mailed off. Woot. An extra thirty.

So you would think I would be fine on cash.


We got the pictures done. Thoroughly aggravated the lady, picked out our poses. Argued about what looked better. Played with different props. Basically we were pains.

We went to pay, I got my wallet out, pulled out 41 dollars, the gift card, the coupon, and the employee discount card. She rang us up. Now was the moment. The moment I had been waiting for. I waited patiently, recalculating the cost in my mind. Even looking at my toes (didn’t have shoes on) and counted. Used my fingers.

And the grand total for 13 sheets of pictures was… 168 JOHNK DOLLARS!

Worst Case Scenario my ass.

We talked to the lady, broke it down-ish. She even took off the sitting free. It was still over 90 bucks out of my pocket-After the Gift Card. I was devastated. I pooled my cash. And had enough. With about thirty dollars left.

We went X-mas shopping for dad.

By the time we were done buying dad’s gift, and another something for mom, I had $8 left in my pocket.

I so wanted to cry, oh wait… I did.

And mom doesn’t understand why I hate pictures.


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It's highway robbery what they charge for photos. Sometimes, the only memory that lasts a lifetime is how painful the process was. :) My friend just took her infant daughter, her husband and her in-laws to pose with Santa. The mother-in-law hates her and scowled through all the pictures. My friend flipped, destroyed the photos, and went back with just the baby and her husband and paid out the wazoo AGAIN so that she could have photos she wanted to remember. And of course, the kid was awake in the first set that is long gone and zonked out asleep in the new set.

What I want to know is will you be posting any of your photos? ;)