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So. Here I was, bored, looking for some inspiration for something to blog about. I didnít find anything. But then again maybe I did. I must have found something because Iím sitting here typing. Right? Right. So now let me tell you about something. Wait. Let me think of it. Just had it. Just had it! GoingÖ GoingÖ Gone. Dagnabbit. I read a book where one of the characters was a dwarf named Dagnabit. Quiet entertaining. Anyway. Bah. I was going to post my essay. I think Iíve said this before. I canít post my essay. Or at least not till after I get my disk back. There is a crap program that the school uses that searches the internet for copies of the essay. So since I donít want to get slapped with ďPlagiarismĒ (even if it is my own site!) I canít post it yet. Bah.

I read part of the new Mu.Nu Blog. Consent of the Governed. Reminds me of Government class. Kind of creepish. Oh well, its cool though. I like it.

Oh that reminds me! I got my Government Project back, you know the one I sneaked into Ask Jen. Yeah. I got a hundred. WOot! So yeah. Interims come out tomorrow. Iíll do my normal post of grades. Could do it now, just got to log onto the server, check it out, but Iím not willing to exert that much effort.

I was thinking about adding an author to Mookie Riffic. Maybe make a new Riffic. Shape them in my image. Start my own religion with them. But that once again takes effort. And my friends suck. Remember back when I was on Blog*Spot how I had a couple guest bloggers, for when I went to Timís current home? Canada. Yeah. They sucked. One of them (George) is way to whinny. And the other one, MV, heís just pissing me off. And then there was Bonnie. Remember her? Yeah. Lets just say, no way in bloody hell. Hehe.

I was thinking of drawing more visitors to my blog. Takes too much effort. And besides, Iím slowly moving up the ranks. My average is now 31, went up a person from 30. Heh. I thought of all the schemes I could try. And all those I did try. Thereís the classic ďAsk and I Shall AnswerĒ, Interviews, Polling, Threatening to Quit, and various others. But I didnít want to become the Princess of Suck. Granted I already have that title when it comes to Hacky-Sack. They were calling me Queen of Suck, but thatís Jen. No offense. Well I should really wrap up my babble and go write something decent. HumÖ


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Hey 31 is not as bad as you think. Do you know who the referrers are?
Of course you do you have site meter.
A good part of most blog traffic are google and other search engines. If you are getting 31 from other blogs you are do a lot better than some other blogs whose traffic is somewhat higher on paper.