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My Wall.

I really like to make Colages. I don't do it often, because its a pain, but I really like them. About 6 months ago, I made one and hung it on my door. Soon I added another. And then some little pictures that I printed from Despair Inc. After a while I started putting up important stuff- my SOL (Standards of Learning other wise known as the Shit Out of Lick test) scores. My report cards. A post card from a friend. Various things.

It started growing.

For a bit of back round info. If you close all the doors in the upstairs hallway-where my room is-you will feel like your in an Asylum. I swear this to you. Its that WHITE. Kinda creepy now that I associate white with death. Hehe. But the stuff on my door interfered with he Whiteness. Bad times there, bad times. Mom started complaining. So I went ahead and started disassembling it. But me being thrifty and now wanting to waste the tape, or the papers (which I considered important) I didn't know what to do. Finally I stuck them all on a portion of my wall that I thought was Blank. It wasn't really blank (Dad one year painted hills, and clouds, and flowers-whole nine yards on the walls) but I reached the point where I was like "Hey! I'm not a kid, lets change this" (still not painted-blah. currently in a color war/debate Mom said no color, so Im pushed for Grey, now we're debating the shade). So all the stuff on my door got slapped up on my wall. And I went ahead and started adding to it again. Its now about 8 feet wide and 5 feet tall (3 foot "Pee Buffer" for the dogs). With posters from all 3 plays I have worked on, numerous report cards. A few song lyrics that struck a personal note in me. My "crown" I got for drama. Phone Numbers, Addresses, a few posters, a couple stickers. Birthday cards, Wrapping paper I liked, a political cartoon about the Sniper Incident (by the way the first guy was found guilty- I say let him rot in the deepest of the 9 hells), and various other things. Theres even a Comfort Inn Room Card-lol- I forgot to turn it in when me and mom went to Canada.

The newest additions to My Wall were 2 programs from Sabrina (so that all the pages are visible) and some other Sabrina Memorabilia. I'm planning on hanging a T-shirt up there soon that says "Stage Crew But before I can do that I have to move a set of shelves. I also recently added a segment of the Set to the wall. Its styrophome, and since I painted it, I took it. I think its rather cool looking. As with everything else, its held up with Packing Tape. lol.

But thats My Wall. I'm proud of it. In a way, the wall is in fact me, the best physical interpretation of my inner self there is. I hope to make it extend across my entire room (not until after it gets painted though!).

Okay, Im done.


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I like the natural way you let the story flow without regard to spelling or grammar. >;)


I have a collage of the Despair, Inc. stuff also.
It once earned me a lecture on "the evils of being cynical" from a visitor. *snort*


I know right. Its my personal way of "Keeping It Real."


I tried to do that but it doesn't work so well for me, it more or less looks like i taped things together and threw them on the wall. Which is what i did, but still.

I've noticed since coming to university that girls are able to decorate their rooms tastefully and that we boys are sadly not. i know that my room looks like crap but i have no clue how to fix it.

i think i need a girlfriend...


*thinks* you need a girlfriend... Robyn needs a boyfriend... Conincedence? I think not. But you have to be able to tolerate lots of tinkerbelle. lol.

Hey Robyn. Just remember, I decide where you sleep when u come home. *evil laugh*


Next you'll be useing gaff tape... Once you reach that point, there's no turning back from the life of a technician... lol...
(used to have an entire wall in my room as a kid that was corkboard... all my stuff was pinned rather than taped)


I Love Gaffers. If i had a roll of gaffers, you can bet i'd be using it. Lol.