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The 5th...

Dad mentioned this at one point, and I figured Iíd mention it too. My mom is going into the hospital on the 5th for an operation. Iíll skip the details on the operation-because they arenít necessary. And my sister comes home the 6th from Michigan. So Iíve been trying to figure out something to do with my time on the 5th and the following days while mom recovers and Iím tiptoeing around the house and trying to stay around the house. My friends gave me a solution. My friend is going to host a party on the 5th, mainly for Drama kids (evil laugh) and everyone is just going to chill, hang out, have fun, and maybe duct tape some one to a tree again (thatís another story though). Here my question: Should I go? I asked mom about it, she says ask Dad. I will, but it kind of bugs my conscious. I mean sheís going in for surgery, and I want to go to a party. Doesnít seem that great an idea. But on the other hand, I donít like hospitals, sheís going to be drugged the whole time, and if its like last time dadís going to be walking around with a scowl on his face making soup.

Yeah, dad makes soup when heís worried. That would be a good thing except I donít much care for a lot of soupsÖ Iím a picky eater. Heh. I mean I donít think the transportation issue will come up, I can get a ride from my friend after school, help her set up for the party, and then Iím invited to spend the night, so there wont be any Late-Night-Trips-Across Town to come get me. I might even manage a ride home.

Well Iíll talk to dad. Heíll probably read this though. Heh. Oh well.

Oh one more thing. On dads post many people wished him/us well. Thanks. Just one favor? Never bring a casserole. Casseroles always make me think of dead people.


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When I was 14 my mom had a radical hysterectomy because she had cancer. It was without a doubt the scariest time of my life...but everything turned out okay.

It'll turn out okay for you, too. :-)


I suppose it depends on the severity of the surgery. Is this life threatening? Then stay there. If it's a simple, same day out operation, then go for it and when you come back, be a good kid and wait on her hand and foot.