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In theater production we started a unit on costuming. Lets just say that we haven't gotten very far because we were laughing too much when learning how to take someones measurements. It was especially funny with the Inseam. Heres a bit of the scene:

Ms S.: Okay you take the tape measure and.........(awkward silence)......... The Inseam is the from the Inner Seam of your pants to either the Floor or your ankle-depending on what your measuring.

Shawn: You mean... Its starts "There"??

Ms. S.: Umm. Explain the vauge concept of "There"

Shawn: Hey Blue, Need a partner? (the look on his face is classic.)

Ms. S.: Whoa! Lets keep this partner thing to guys with guys and girls with girls. The last thing I need is Security or the Principal walking while a guy is measuring a girls inseam.

Shawn: (striken look on his face, as if all his dreams were squashed)

I can't wait for the next class.


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It's nice to know some things never change.

(I have a coworker who is fuzzy on the concept of "inseam"; I came this [...] close to offering to measure hers for her. And she's, well, she's old enough to be your mom.)