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October 31, 2003

Stupid Crappy Badness, and fun.

Well its time for an actual post. Because I'm lazy, this post will probably suck, and hence submitted to the Bonfire. So onward my friends!


"A Witch! A Witch!"
"She Turned me into a newt!
"A newt?"
"I got better."
"I always wanted to make out with a newt."

Yes you read that right. Someone actually added that last line at the end of that section when I was reciting it. It was rather funny, because he said it with a really messed up English accent thing-e.

Four People. A, B, C, and D. A and D are Females and best friends. B and C are males and best friends. A and C used to date. A now dates B. Pretty screwed up now; it gets better. C and D went to Homecoming together. And C handcuffed himself to D for a portion of the time. Hence many comments, such as "Bondage is fun!". A, B, C, and D were talking in a circle formation. C walked off, dragging D by her poor wrist. A asked C what was wrong as B walked up behind her. C being an idiot kissed A in front of B while handcuffed to D. Hilarity Ensued.

If you understood any of that, you are very smart.


I hit a bulls eye in archery today. There’s a kid named David in my class, he shot 5 arrows one after another. All hit with in 2 inches of the bull’s-eye. All with only 2 seconds between impacts. It was freakish.

Males are very confusing. My solution? I have two.
Solution A) Make them all donate sperm to a sperm bank, and then castrate them.

Solution B) Lock them in cages and only take them out for work and *cough cough*

I think we would get more voluntary participation from the males if we went with Solution B. Of course, some males would be exempt.

My calculator batteries died today in school. I was so mad. It was in the middle of Math class. I guess thats what I get for playing games when I should be paying attention.

My favorite short poem:
We gave you a chance,
To water the plants,
We didn't mean it that way,
Now zip up your pants.

Tell me that is not awesome.

I'm not sure what else to write. But I'll keep going anyway.

I need help in chemistry. Any help is welcome. We're learning about.. um.. something. Hehe. No but really its on Chemical Formulas-naming and writing, and the basics of atoms, ions, and molecuels. And a few other various annoying wierd freakish things. I hate chemistry.

I'm out of ideas. Maybe I'll post more meaningless things later.

Oh by the way, say "stupid crappy badness" out loud. Its super fun.

October 29, 2003


Before I leave for the Hell-Hole, commonly called School, I just wanted to mention that I'm in the Carnival of Vanities.

October 28, 2003


Last two weeks before the show I'm not going to be posting a lot for a while...

BTW the show is November 14-15-16 (thursday through saterday run). $5 per person, its a great show. Its at Gar-Field High School. Come if you want. E-mail me for directions to the school if you want to go.

October 23, 2003

I'm Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant.

If the Great Blog War ever resumes and breaks the unspoken truce, heres who the Axis should start. The insperation was provided by BNL's song Another Postcard (you can listen to the song). But back to the point, heres the lyrics to the song, and if you follow my mind set, you'll know what the next attack by the axis should be...

You can't imagine so many monkeys in the daily mail
All of them coming anonymously so they leave no trail
I never thought I'd have an admirer from overseas
But someone is sending me stationary filled with chimpanzees.

Some chimps in swimsuits, some chimps are swinging from a vine
Some chimps in jackboots, some chimps that wish they could be mine.
Starsky and Hutch chimps, a chimp who's sitting on the can
A pair of Dutch chimps who send their love from Amsterdam.

[CHORUS (x2):]
Another postcard with chimpanzees
And every one is addressed to me.

If I had to guess, I'd say the monkey-sender thinks it's great
He's sending me, maybe she's sending me just to see me get irate
I'm losing sleep - and it's gonna be keeping me up all night
I thought it was funny, but now I've got money on a monkey fight.

Some chimps in hard hats, chimps a-working on a chain gang
Some chimps who love cats, burning rubber in a Mustang
A birthday-wishing chimp, a chimp in black like a goth
A goin' fishin' chimp, a British chimp in the bath.

[CHORUS (x2)]

Somehow they followed me even though I packed and moved my home
No matter what, they come and they come they won't leave me alone
Another monkey in the mail could make me lose my mind
But look at me shuffling through the stack until I finally find

Some chimps in swimsuits
Some chimps in Jackboots
Some chimps in hard hats
Some chimps who love cats
I've got some shaved chimps; that's chimps devoid of any hair
I've got depraved chimps dressed up in women's underwear.

Another postcard with chimpanzees
And every one is addressed to me.
Every one is, every one is, every one is addressed to me.
Every one is, every one is, every one is addressed to me.

[CHORUS (x4)]

Some chimps in swimsuits, Some chimps in Jackboots
Some chimps in hard hats, Some chimps who love cats
I've got some shaved chimps; that's chimps devoid of any hair
I've got depraved chimps dressed up in women's underwear.
Starsky and Hutch chimps, a chimp who's sitting on the can
A pair of Dutch chimps who send their love from Amsterdam.
Some chimps in Mustangs, Some chimps in chain gangs
I got a birthday wishin' chimp and I got the goin' fishin' chimp

October 22, 2003


What ever sexist-chauvanistic male decided that it was a good idea for females to shave should have been shot on the spot. OWW!!


Me and my mom have had weird dreams lately. Scary enough, hers actually preceded and actual event, even though it was a bit off. I'll spare you the details. But I’ll tell you about mine. I think its rather horrendous. I woke up in a 'cold sweat'...

Here’s the short and dirty version. I went to college, and got a double major in Physics and Technical Theater with a minor in Education. I then returned to my childhood home where mom and dad were still living, and bought the house (that alone should have screamed nightmare). I then proceeded to get a job teaching at my high school (The horror! The horror!).

That’s when I woke up. I hope i never have that dream again. *Shudders*

*Happy Squeal* EE!!

I got the brand new special edition BareNaked Ladies CD, Everything to Everyone. *another happy squeal* Bet your jealous.


In English class we are reading the book Night by Elie Wiesel. And we had an assignment where we had to create butterflies that symbolize ourselves. The butterflies were hung on the ceiling around the classroom about 2 weeks ago and pretty much forgotten about for the time being, until today. Ms. Fraze (my teacher) explained the true purpose of the butterflies, there was a death camp called Terezin where a lot of kids were sent, over 15,000 to be precise. Of the 15,000 only 100 survived. And there is a book that has pictures and poems wrote/drawn by some kids there, called I Never Saw Another Butterfly, in the back of the book is info on some of the kids, like their birthday, the day they were deported, their death day, etc. Ms. Fraze photocopied this and cut it up so that the stories were on little slips of paper and put them into an envelope. What would happen was she would pull a Student ID Number out of another envelope, and who ever had that number had to pull a 'fate' out of the envelope and read the poem written by the person, out loud. If the person died, your butterfly was cut down. If your person lived, your butterfly stayed up until the next time your number was drawn. It was a way to symbolize Selection. I found it a bit nerve-wracking.

So when we first started this, and I found out I actually need to know my Student ID number, I mumbled under my breath to try and remember it. I didn't remember it until the teacher drew the first number, and it turned out to be mine. So I drew a slip of paper, and read page 22 to 24 of I Never Saw Another Butterfly. Here’s the persons bio:

Helga Weissova was born in Prague on November 10, 1929. She was deported to Terezin with her parents on December 17, 1941. She was sent to Auschwitz with her mother on October 4, 1944, and, later, to the work camps of Freiberg and Mauthausen. She survived and returned to Praque, where she studied painting with the Czech artist Emil Filla. Helga Weissova-Hoskova lives and is an artist in Praque.

I can't find a copy of the Poem, but I did find some sources on line that had drawings created by Helga Weissova.

My butterfly still hangs above my desk.

Revenge is so sweet...

Remember that tard? You know the freshie?

He called me fat!

Lol. It mostly poor diction (ooo... Big word! Big word!) on his part but I'm not letting it go any time soon. Hehe. Lets just say he's going to be cleaning paint brushes and Gelling the lights for a long time.

October 21, 2003


Look what I found! I got it on the Truthlaidbear.

October 20, 2003


Does anyone ever actually look at the block of links labeled songs? I'm just wondering wether or not to trash it. Tell me in the comments.

October 18, 2003

Another MOOKIE!

Oh My!! Theres another Mookie! Such a scary concept!

School paper...I got a 90

Sabrina is a very funny love story staring Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond. It is the story of the Chauffeur’s daughter that leaves for Paris, and what happens when she gets back. In the movie there are several distinct ways that colors are used, to indicate people, and moods.

There are several groups of people, and individuals, in Sabrina that have distinctive colors assigned to them. One such person is Maude, the matriarch of the Larrabee family. Maude is consistently shown in dark blue and purple clothes during the first portion of the movie. You can also notice a bit of gold worked into her wardrobe. After Maude finds out what Linus decides to do with Sabrina, she wears red. Even though her color changes, it is consistently a bold color. Maude is always wearing something that makes her stand out. Another character where this is evident in is David, David is carefree since he lives off his brother and mother, and so he often has blue on, either because he is wearing Jeans or a t-shirt.

In the very beginning of the movie, there is a scene that shows Sabrina’s bedroom. Her room is very pink, this indicates that she is very childish, and it foreshadows that she is going to grow up a lot later on. In addition, when Sabrina is walking through the Larrabee mansion, all the wood is dark and very classy. As if the owners had no limit to their budget. The dark wood made the viewer feel that they were in a very rich home, and that everything was calm, almost as if nothing bad could happen.

Through out the course of Sabrina, colors influence moods and how the viewer reacts to certain things. The usage of colors is very subtle and wisely used.

School assignment...

The First Modern Chancellor; A Parody

Setting: Elizabeth I court
Elizabeth I
Sir Walter Mildmay

Narrator: Welcome friends to the court of our good queen Elizabeth the First…

(Elizabeth is reading a piece of paper)

Elizabeth: There’s a mistake here.

NR: What kind of mistake your majesty?

EZ: What is the year?

NR: Year of our lord 1566.

EZ: These dates are wrong! It’s been over 500 years since Y1K and you people still have problems getting the date right!

NR: I will have that corrected immediately your majesty.

(SW walks on stage)

Sir Walter: I’ve come as commanded your majesty.

EZ: Who commanded?

NR: You asked for a distinguished gentleman who owes your honorable family greatly due to being knighted during your dynasty.

EZ: Ah, Sir Walter Mildmay! Good to see you, you were always my brothers favorite Snobbish friend. Therefore you will do nicely for this task.


NR: Aloof, Snobby, uppity, snooty, Haughty, arrogant, egotistical, insolent…

(SW looks at Narrator as if she was crazy)

SW: Okay! We get the Idea! And watch what you say Mr. Oh-So-Fancy-Pants-Narrator for I have more power then you ever will!

EZ: Enough! I have a royal edict for you, and you will show me the proper respect!

(Turns toward EZ and kneels with head bowed. NR sticks her tongue out at SW)

EZ: Sir Walter, by my command you shall become Chancellor of the Exchequer--

SW (interrupting): I prefer chess.

EZ: Quiet! (To NR) Explain the Exchequer to him.

NR: Sir Walter you will fill the role of Chancellor of the Exchequer, and your duties will include budgeting the National and Royal Treasuries, and be head of the Bank Of England—


EZ: No you fool! Be in CHARGE of the Bank of England! The Job is yours for life; hope that you have a long employment.

SW: As you command your majesty, though I must admit that I feared my life had come to an end.

EZ: Oh it has, or as you know it. Wally, do you realize just how much red tape there is to go through to appoint a new Chancellor?

SW: Please, your majesty, if you could call me Walter, I would greatly appreciate it.

EZ: Well that’s just too bad. For I am the queen and I can call you anything I please, WAAALLLYY.

SW: My queen? If I could be frank, my knee is killing me, so if I could rise…

EZ: No you cannot! But you can lie down for a few. No, better not, you better just remain how you are, it’s for the best, and after all we don’t want the Media to run us through a meat grinder again… And when did your name become Frank? (Narrator speaks up)

NR: Her Maj.! Can you please hurry this along? These people are getting bored!

EZ: (Dramatic sigh) Fine… Wally, I want you to be the first of the Modern Chancellors—

SW: I’m Hip!

EZ: Not that modern. What I envision is many changes in your office. And you will be the one to set the prime example.

SW: Oh I have big plans your majesty; you wont recognize the bank after I’m done with it.

EZ: Now you behave yourself Wally for you’re not too big to be taken over your mother’s knee!

SW: (obvious fear) No! I’m sorry my queen… Um... My mother isn’t here is she?

EZ: No, but I can get her here!
SW: (hangs head) Yes my queen…

EZ: Now, you will be the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Wally (snickers from NR- stops with a glare from SW). You enter my service as the Chancellor as of now, I expect you to behave in a manner befitting your position.

SW: Can I move into 11 Downing Street? (Hopeful)

NR: Yeah, in about 300 years.

SW: (to himself) many chancellors went on to become Prime Minister…

EZ: Whoa! I’m the boss here, me and only me. What’s this Prime Minister stuff here buck-o?

SW: This is a great honor your majesty.

NR: Got that right.
SW: I hope I will not disappoint you.

EZ: Ditto… Now tell me Wally, how much money do I have at my personal disposal?

SW: I would need some time to count the money your majesty, but rest assured I will tell you as soon as I find out.

EZ: Not good enough, I want to know NOW! Now tell me!

(SW looks like dear in headlights)

SW (stuttering): Ye-yess my queen. (Dramatically pretends to think-obviously making this up) You have approximately 50 Silver pieces in your personal account, and 10 in the National.

EZ: That much huh? Wow, that’s more then I suspected. Well then, lets start a war!! Who should we fight this time? We could fight the French again, that’s always fun. But not necessarily a true challenge, well that’s okay; I can think this over later, Narrator! Make sure you write that down.

NR: Yes’um. (Scribbles on paper)

EZ: Like the old saying goes, a queen and her money are soon parted. (Holler) SHOE SHOPPIN! (Exits)

NR: Sir Walter dutifully carried out the duties of Exchequer until he died in 1589.

(SW gulps upon hearing the year of his death and he can be seen counting on his fingers as he exits.)

NR: The beloved Narrator, who was loved by all, suffered a massive heart— (falls over dead)

October 17, 2003


I've been doing some redecorating. Tell me what you think.

*mumbles* Stupid Freshie...

So I’m at stage crew the other day, and I have this song stuck in my head, I really like this song too. The choruses, which are the only part I know, go something like this:

if you wanna be happy
For the rest of your life,
Never make a pretty woman your wife,
So from my personal point of view,
Get an ugly girl to marry you.
And one of my friends, a freshie at that, responds when I sing it "So I guess I should marry you, huh?" Oh I wanted to smack that little Tard so bad, but I was nice, I didn't smack him, and I didn't even castrate him. But oh how I thought about it.

And if that freshie reads this, I want him to know something. Shane, I will get revenge, just you wait! *Evil Laugh*

He is actually a really good friend. Honest.


Okay, so I'm sure everyone remembers my ADHD post, considering it was just the other day. Hehe. Well I want to thank all the people who left me comments, they include: Hln, Tim-the fellow drama guy, Serenity, Tim again, MJXM, and CGHill.

Thanks guys! I loved the comments!

But in all fairness there was a 7th commenter. To put it bluntly I hate this guy. I have met him in person, and my hate I believe is justified. But to get to the point, he commented, and he doesn't have a website, so I'm going to just post his comment for all to see. Here it goes:

So you're saying these people who have a hard time paying attention DON'T? I mean.. come on now... What the hell do you think Attention DEFICIT means??? You say your little brother is one... does him BEING YOUR little brother qualify him as an exceptoin to being (in your own words) "biggest-pardon my language- bullshit ever?"
Look Mookie... You either accept it or you don't. PAY ATTENTION! I geuss YOU'RE the one who's ADD since you can't seem to focus on a simple logistics crash course like this one.
#1.) BEing ADD means you're GONNA be lazy, but it's not the REASON you're lazy. If you ARE a lazy person, having ADD is just gonna make you lazier.
#2.) YES, people DO take advantage of their disadvantage... AS OFTEN AS a guy with 2 arm-casts asks the nurse to help him in the restroom. (A) takes advantage of the oportunity. (B) BUT, when it's needed... HE HAS NO OTHER CHOICE.
#3.) Ok, you stubern little 16yo bookworm... If YOU have no problem concentrating on things, then stay up for 24 HOURS and then try to study (just to see how hard they have it. They WANT to concentrate... they just can't!!! and alot of them give up. THAT'S why you don't understand. Because YOU don't want to. Because if you DID... you might not feel higher then them. Trying to feel higher then somene and using their dissorder as an excuse makes YOU a descriminating victimizer.

"The truth can hurt, but honesty is ALWAYS on your side." (me)

Do you tell someone without legs that having no legs is no excuse to not run?
Just because it's a handicap you can't SEE, doesn't mean it's not a handicap you can't pay attention. After all... it seems YOU've been busy paying attention to it alot lately.

P.S.: As far as the pharmacudicals ("drugs"), if ANY of you knew ANY thing about biological chemistry, you MIGHT understand HOW these drugs work and that they DO work.

ADD sufferers include...
Harriet Tubman, Roosevelt, Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), Thomas A. Edison, J.F.K., Benjamin Franklin, George Washington Carver, Eddie Van Halen, Albert Einstien (did you know he flunked alot in public-school math as a child??), AND MORE. (these statistics taken through years of research by reputed sphychologists and archiologists combined efforts of obtaining info on various people in history to obtain a better idea of what their personality were like charactoristicly more acurate for historical knowledge. To obtain URLs about this research, feel free to e-mail me).

Posted by yoda at October 17, 2003 06:17 AM

Its Back...

I'm back, and I'm just as moody as ever! So sit right back and be ready to be stormed by posts.

October 12, 2003

And todays rant is on...


I think it is the biggest-pardon my language- bullshit ever. Known officially as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, this 'thing' is technically(straight from ADHD.com- and no these asshats aren’t getting a link, they don’t deserve it) “characterized by the inability to sustain focused attention, impulsivity and hyperactivity”.
Get Real!!

What they are basically saying (in my mind) is this (said with false cheer) "Oh my! Your child actually is active and doesn’t want to watch TV?!?!? Oh my, well lets just dope him up on drugs! And then he’ll calm down and become another bum that will live off of you until your old and then he’ll put you in a Wonderfully Crappy Old-Folks Home! Yes that’s precisely the solution!" I am sure there are some actually ADHD kids, my brother was one of them, but come on!

Lets look at some statistics:

ADHD.com states that "one to three children in any classroom of thirty students [has ADHD]".

Is a child who is not interested in TV and Video games that unusual now? Is it that scary of a concept? Is it a shame for a kid to want to (dare I say it? *Mocks serious thinking* Yes I'll say it) WANT SOME FRESH AIR??!!??

"Two to three times more boys than girls are affected" Cry me a river. Boys are more hyper then girls, well.. DUH! What do you expect? It’s a fact of life! Dogs are also more hyper than girls, but we don't put them on drugs because of it. But it gets better! From the same site I bring you this 'heart-wrenching' *gag* passage:

ADHD often continues into adolescence and adulthood, and can cause a lifetime of frustrated dreams and emotional pain.

But there is help...and hope. In the last decade, scientists have learned much about the course of the disorder and are now able to identify and treat children, adolescents, and adults who have it. A variety of medications, behavior-changing therapies, and educational options are already available to help people with ADHD focus their attention, build self-esteem, and function in new ways.

Okay and people say I over dramatize things.

Heres another bunch of idiotcy:

ADHD is 5 to 7 times more common in boys.

ADHD occurs in people of every level of intelligence.

ADHD tends to run in families, and there is an association with a family history of alcoholism and / or depression.

There is some suggestion clinically that asthma may be more prevalent in ADHD children.

ADHD children often show considerable ability with artistic endeavors, but may have difficulty forming symbols (writing) unless "drawing", going very slowly and precisely.

ADHD is much more commonly diagnosed in the United States than in Europe, and the stimulant medications are used vastly more in the United States as an intervention strategy.

Shall we tear this little passage apart? Yes, yes lets.
ADHD is 5 to 7 times more common in boys I’m not going to repeated myself on this one, I want to, but I wont. I'll spare you.
ADHD occurs in people of every level of intelligence. Yeah, uh-uh. Like I believe that. You know who is most likely to get stuck with the title of ADHD? Smart kids that are bored out of their skulls! I can't even count the number of times I’ve seen a really smart kid stuck in lower course because "They can't handle the higher levels". How do they know this? They don't, a higher course could be just the solution. The kids are BORED! Not dumb.
ADHD tends to run in families, and there is an association with a family history of alcoholism and / or depression. So basically, if you live in a crap family/world, and you don't like to be at home where you have to listen to the drunks and the moaning of the depressed, you get put on drugs? Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose? The kids are hyper because they want OUT! It’s like a little dog, if you don't let the dog out to pee, it will pee on the floor, and it’s not their fault, because it wasn't let out! Geeze.
There is some suggestion clinically that asthma may be more prevalent in ADHD children. Well if I ran around I’d be short of breath too. 'Nuff said.
ADHD children often show considerable ability with artistic endeavors, but may have difficulty forming symbols (writing) unless "drawing", going very slowly and precisely. Maybe, probably not. It’s just that in their intense boredom they teach themselves to draw.
ADHD is much more commonly diagnosed in the United States than in Europe, and the stimulant medications are used vastly more in the United States as an intervention strategy. I’m not even going to comment on this one.

Well that’s enough rant on this subject for today. I mainly decided to rant on it because I’m bored. (Quick dad! Haul me off to a doctor so I can get put on speed! I'm overly hyper!)

October 11, 2003


Dad is always saying he'd "Do Debbie", as in Thornberry from the nickalodian show, Wild Thornberrys.

Thats just sick. Really sick...

Personaly I think this guy is sexy-r. I mean you can't beat that gun.


I haven't been linking much, so I'm going to link a bunch now.

Lots of DC/Metro bloggers. We should all get together one day. If you know one, drop me the link.

Bill just hit one year. Go him! It was yesterday, but yesterday I was too busy to link him, so heres some link love for him now.

I like theater, and so does Tim!

Pixy is the best, so he gets a link just cuz.

More links later.

October 10, 2003


Okay, i'm here in the school library, so give me a break on the errors. Heres the deal though, me and my two partners need to do a project on "The Exchequer" We can't find anything on it, so if you could, please help! I'll take help from anyone on this point. And by the way, we want info on the OFFICE not the Software or Restaurant. You'll see, if you google it. Any help and info would be greatly appreciated!!!

PLEASE! *Begs like a poor dog for a bone*

October 09, 2003

Mookie Answers

As asked by Susie:

As you probably know, I have a number of high schoolers in my employ. The guys all get along; the girls' friendships seem to fluctuate on a daily basis. Since I make the schedule a week ahead of time, chances are that on any given day at least two of the girls aren't speaking to each other (or worse, are screaming at each other). So my question is, is there any way to predict who will be hating whom a week from Tuesday?

You have several choices:

A) Never schedule girls that are PMSing
B) Hire all boys
C) Get a punk and let them smack all the girls when they start being stupid.

Daniel Asks:
Okay, here's my question:
Is being Mookie-Riffic a new type of religion/belief system? Because I want to be Daniel-riffic, but I don't know if that meshes with Judaism...

Yes Riffic-ism is compatiable with all religions. Because you see a Riffic-ism is simply one persons beliefs wraped up in one word. What makes it an -Ism is when the Riffic is applyed to the end of someones name, symbolizing that that person is wonderful, lovely, and wise. So yes Mookie Riffic is a religion/belief system, and yes you cna be Daniel-riffic, but it just wouldn't be as good.

As for the others, I'll answer then later.

Keep the questions comming!

October 08, 2003

Mookie Answers

Everyone seems to have an Ask-blah, or Dear-blah, or something equally pointless but fun. So figured I'd start an Mookie Answers. A place where the poor confused adults can ask about Teenagers. Any questions welcome (but be nice-I don't want any trolls) Leave a question in the comments, or email it to mookie_riffic-at-yahoo-dot-com. I'll answer anything.

A Bloggers Titanic.

“All women and children on the life links! Move!”

Various wails and cries as server starts to tilt.

Rose “NO! I’ll never de-link you Jack”

Jack “Get on the new server! While you still have time!”

Rose “No, I’ll never de-link!”

Server tilts vertical, everyone gets rug burns from sliding down the server side. “HOLD ON” yells Jack, the server plunges down into the abyss of no-server-ness.

“Quick! Get on that Link! Quick!”

“What About You?” -Rose

”I’ll get another one like the moron I am.”-Jack

Jack sits in the pit like an asshat. And slowly turns a ghastly shade of orange.

Jack whispers “Never let de-link me!”

“No never!” Five seconds later Jack is dead, and Rose de-links him. And stays on the link until the new server rescues her.


Thanks for the concern! I was just having some bad days, and then I got super bizzy. But rest assured, I did not pull a Collins. =P

Hierarchy of The Theater (Direct from Notes)

This is directly from my notes, rather confusing, but it works. Have fun.
Its a big picture (put it in Jpeg, so either go to Extended Entry, or click Here (you will have to adjust the window)

Drama Hierarchy.jpg


I had this post in the works for a while, mainly because in Theater Production we have a girl who is obsessed with a stuffed Rabbit that looks kinda like a cat. Aka. Cabbit.

There is a myth of a sort, about a cross breed of rabbits and cats. The result being a ‘Cabbit’. In fact there are a few “breeders” that actually sell Cabbits. These breeders don’t sell Cabbits, because they don’t exist. What these Cabbit Breeders do sell are cats with genetic mutations that make the hind-legs look like a rabbits. Or on a few rare (rarer) occasions the front legs are significantly shorter.

But since there are no actual Cabbits let’s talk about something that does exist. Freaks and hybrids.

Snowflake. The only albino gorilla known to science.

And how about this one for you. The French actually did something cool. The created a glowing Rabbit! Granted it only glows under a black light, but it glows like a jellyfish. It was genetically engineered.

Various Hybrid Dogs/Dog like things.

I'll do more adventually

October 02, 2003

Bad days

are plaguing me. I've had 3 in a row, and tomorrow will be the fourth!!

I want need some chocolate.

October 01, 2003

One of those days....

Ever have one of those days, where it seems like the only time you open your mouth is to change feet?

Stage Kissing Sucks. And here's why.

Today was an interesting day. And since I don't feel like retyping it, you'll get to read part of a conversation where I talked about it.

Mookie Riffic: And then in Speech and Drama, we were learning about Stage Kissing. And she picked me to demonstrate where the arms go, and posture and such. So here I am standing in the front of the room, my arms around this guys neck, his hands on my waist, and I’m listening to Ms. Horn lecture, she moves away to talk to another student for a sec, and we're just standing there still and guess who walks in the room
Mookie Riffic: Security
George: lol
Mookie Riffic: I don't think I’ve ever been that red in the face before
George: What did they do?
Mookie Riffic: They just looked at us, looked at ms. horn, and I started laughing so I missed the rest. I think Ms. Horn told them that it was part of the lesson. Like I said, I missed it.