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September 30, 2003

Tell me why

after the dogs get hair cuts they always decide to go into super-horny-overdrive? And considering both are male, and one doesn't have its 'parts' its really... whats the word?... gross.

And cold showers does not calm them down.

September 29, 2003

Personal Space

Every one has their own little ďbubbleĒ that they donít like people to be in. This bubble varies in size with every person, often depending on who the intruder is, the culture they were raised in, and how comfortable they are with the intruder. Introverts generally keep to themselves and have a larger personal space then Extraverts.

There are four categories of Personal space. 8 feet or more is considered Public space, 4-8 feet is Social space, Ĺ-3 feet is personal space, and less then one foot is Intimate space.

In class we played a game on personal space. What happened was we would pair up, and one person would stand with the back to the other, and when they felt the other person get to near they would turn around. I had a real asshat as a partner, I didnít like him, so I didnít let him get within 4 feet of me. But later on that day I was hanging out with one of my friends and we were sitting less then a foot a part. Its all about who it is.

This was included in my Theater notes, so thats why its under the Theatre label.

Non-Verbal communication in Drama and every day life.

Non-verbal communication is an essential part of every day life, 2/3s of all communication is non-verbal. Non verbal communication includes, but is not limited too: tone, mood, posture, facial expressions, gestures, movement, clothing, colors, distance, touch, avoidance of touch, eye contact, pitch, rate, and volume. Non-verbal communication can be used in addition to verbal communication, because the definition of non-verbal communication is ďAnything communicated that is NOT the intellectual content of your wordsĒ.

There are four main types of gestures. The first one is Defining, it conveys a location. An example would be pointing. The second is Describing, such as texture, shape, or size. Then there is Whole idea, this conveys an entire concept, such as twirling your finger by your ear means crazy. The last type of gesture is Emotional Tone, these display mood and are illustrated with the Entire body.

Generally when on stage, you always want to start your gestures or movement with the UPSTAGE hand. This is too keep your face Open. Also you need to be constantly aware of where the audience is, for you never want to turn your back on them. Also when making movements with your arms and hands, your wrist leads. And when moving and walking, your torso leads all movement.

September 28, 2003


We have a counter in between the dinning room and the kitchen, and there is a folding table next to the counter, with a wooden chair placed backwards up against (much to my mother's dismay). I like to sit on this chair while mom and dad are in the kitchen, and watch them. Now you may say "Why don't you help?" Simple, our kitchen is way too small. So I was watching them make dinner when I saw something crawl across the counter, I levered myself up to get a good look at it and what would it happen to be? But a Paook. I started freaking, for that thing was getting near my food, and that would have been a catastrophe in my eyes. I started squeaking and pointing "PAOOKI! PAOOKI!! MOM!! PAOOKIE!!!!!" My dad sees it and steps back to let mom handle it and mom has no idea whatís going on, while I'm watching this thing get nearer the food. My mom gets mad, and yelled at me "I DON'T SPEAK MOOKIE!!" Dad starts laughing, I laugh, and the spider goes down the side of the counter, where I can't see it, but I donít care because the Food is safe.

To be quite frank, even though I don't want to be Frank, I didn't know I had my own language. Oh wait, maybe I did. I think I failed that class.

Colors in Theatre.

Before I get to the main topic of my post I should mention that Iím taking not one, but two drama courses. Speech and Drama, and Theater Production. Can you say Yikes! But Iím learning a lot, and Iím enjoying it. So as I learn it, Iím going to post it.

Now on to the topic, Colors In Theater.

All colors generally stand for a particular emotion, and are used to set people apart, distinguish groups, create moods, and foreshadowing.

The term colors also includes Wood tones, certain wood tones mean different thing. For example, a dark mahogany or oak generally is used in a tragedy. And Pine, or to be really picky, White Pine is used for upbeat things, like comedies and musicals. Its all about the mood.

When designing a set for a play there is generally two neutral colors that everything is based on. Either Black and White, or Brown and Ivory. If its going to be a black and white, you donít want ivory in it because the ivory will just look dingy. And that of course is not good. Once you pick out your two base colors you work from there, generally with a color pallet, or if your thrifty/poor, you use paint chips.

For our fall show this year, we are doing Sabrina. Weíre taking the best scenes from the original 1930ís play Sabrina Fair, the best from the Humphrey Bogart version and the best of the Harrison Ford version. It should be awesome. We have color coordinated each person and group with a very particular color. For example (Iím going to assume you know the basic plot and characters) the Larrabees are going to be in Blue. The matriarch of the family, Maude, in a almost purple blue. Why? Because-Ta Da!- purple means Royal. The blue is calm, and since weíre talking about a supper rich family, weíre assuming they have no real worries.

I donít remember the colorís for a lot of the other characters, so hereís what each color means anyway. Green means Envy, Money, or Sickly. Red means Heat, Passion, Rage, Anger, Trouble, or Sex. Yellow is happiness, and surprise (all those emotions that generally make you want to barf when there in excess). Orange, this one is rarely used, but when it is its for people you want to stand out, and for seasonal. And if your really pushing it to the limit, food. Black generally means Dark, Evil (expected), mystery, and power. Notice the lack of Death on that list. That is because none other then the color of Innocence, White, symbolizes Death.

To give you an example of when White symbolizes Death, the 1960ís version of Romeo and Juliet (Zimmerman?). At the party scene she was in white, partly to stand out, and partly because it was foreshadowing. Also in the Leonardo Dicaprio version of it, when Juliet is on the bier she is in a white gown.

Well thatís enough on colors for now. Mainly because thatís the extent of my notes.

September 22, 2003


Let this be a warning that if anyone harms, or even thinks about harming my poor sweet adorable puppy I will (pardon my language) go Psycho on their ass. And I might be persuaded to change sides on the Great Blog War. Take that as a warning!!

Iím going to go hide my dogs now.


Theres nothing worse then having a song stuck in your head that is Sung in another language. Its very agravating.

September 21, 2003


I decided I wanted to write about something. Something half way decent, and that could actually be considered intelligent. You know what happened. I couldnít think of a topic. Murphyís law in action.


Kin has turned up in some comments, and is trying to free me from groundation. *Grins*. Keep meaning to talk to him on AIM, but can't manage to get on line when he is. So I'll just say it here. WE MISS YOU! Come back when your ready. We all miss you.


I got grounded yesterday. Mostly from my own stupidity. So I'm not going into the details.

Oh by the way! Kin is trying to free me!!

Not quite the same...

Now this is a good song, the actual video is so much better, but not suprising Launch.com doesn't have it in its archives. But just for you, I found an alternative.

I want to take you to a gay bar.

September 20, 2003

Pirate Names

I went to this site, (link from the Flea) and wanted my Personalized Pirate name. Here it is:

Mad Ethel Kidd

Needless to say I went back and redid the quiz and used my nickname Mookie instead. Here's those results:

Mad Morgan Kidd

September 19, 2003


Its pretty pathetic when your dog has better table manners then your friends.

Talk like a Pirate day

Guess its fitting considering that a major percentage of the eastern shore inbetween Maryland and North Carolina is in water. Might as well talk like a Pirate while you float around.

Roll Call





"Here on battery power"

"Silverblue? ...




Wind rider?..."

Well from what I can tell, weíre all alive. No damage in my neighborhood beyond that one tree. Still waiting for mom to get me the pictures. *grumbles* oh well.

Don't know what's up with the missing ones, they're probably just with out power.

September 18, 2003


flicker flicker go the lights...

And Izzy Hates Us all...

As she makes the lights flicker, once, twice, three times.

I feel like I'm in a disco.

But the power hasn't flickered enough to shut down my PC or reset my clock, so I'm not too worried, just annoyed.

First Tree Down.

My court is the shape of an oblong tear drop. And at one point it narrows so that only one row of cars can get through at a time. From my front door I can see the narrow section, and of course, with accordance to Murphy's laws, a tree is down. There's about 4 guys working to clear it, but its obvious it will take some time. Fun!

I have some pictures, post them when mom uploads them

Gym teachers suck. And so do Paooki

Picture it! 2003 Tennis Courts at High school. (Tell me why i feel like Sophia)

Anyway. My 'friend' (mostly we just trade insults) hit my brand-new, bright green tennis ball into the corner where the fences meet. I of course grumbled and walked over to get it, where I saw the biggest PAOOKI EVER! It was the size of my fist in all, the body it self was the size of my finger. Needless to say, I screamed!

My gym teacher who was 4 courts over (length wise) heard me, and came over. Me who was freaking out and deathly afraid of Paookis (Iíll explain why in a minute) pointed and said KILL IT! PLEASE! Mr. Denard refused *sniff* Oh I was so mad! The rest of the day I refused to go to the corner (left about 3 tennis balls over there) and any time the teacher came near I grumbled about it. I hate Paookies, and now I know what Serenity was feeling when she had to face the Paookies (am I spelling that right?).

Why am I so afraid of Paooki? Blame Dad (dude Iím linking a lot today, GO ME). A year or two ago, there was a Paooki. Innocent enough, dad had me step on it. The thing exploded! There were hundreds, no thousands! Of Paooki EGGS! Me being me, I ran and got hair spray where I promptly froze them in their tracks and joyful stomped on them, and then vacuumed them up. Bad day. Bad day.

Isabel is a-coming.

So you know what my mom said?

"Clean the house."

Great mom. Love you too. We're about to get our butts kicked in a hurricane and you want the house dusted. And no I'm not being sarcastic. Never.


Wonderful... Just Plain Wonderful

Nothing like going to the school clinic and finding these above the sick beds.

September 17, 2003


You know what I hate? When I come up with a great idea for a post. And then I forget it. Gah!

Any way, I think it is time for me to write another History. If you recall my previous one was on the Gecko. This time its on my nuts. Each nut has a separate but definitely unique history, so they will be referred to as Nut1 and Nut2 from here on out.

Nut1 was first obtained on my 14th birthday, much to my parents dismay. My friend Jesse gave him to me upon Jesseís arrival to my party, mostly because the only thing he gave me was a box of chocolate. Now Jesse upon our farewell (after he made out with my friend Jen), slipped Nut1 upon my chain of ĎBallsí (to be referred to as Balls). It was my first successful Ďcastrationí as Jesse stated. After Jesse left I was looking at Nut1 with my friend Sam who was spending the night. Well Sam noticed something odd about Nut1Ö it smelled like weed. Personally, I didnít know the smell until she told me, I just thought it smelled a lot like the school bathrooms in G hall. Upon this discovery me and Sam had no idea how to get the smell out! I knew mom and dad would freak if they noticed the smell, so we promptly got online, and after yelling at Jesse we found out that we could burn the smell out. So we did. We took a candle with a long wick and little wax, slipped the nut on the wick, and lit the wick on fire. I must say it was rather fun. After about an hour, the nut was thoroughly coated in Vanilla scented wax so we blew out the candle and went to bed. When we woke we dug it out, and ran it under hot water to remove the wax. It hasnít smelt like weed since.

Now Nut2 has a simpler history (with out the weed). I wore Nut1 constantly-mostly because I was too lazy to do other wise- and a plumber at my friendís house (we were building it) noticed it. He then decided that if I was going to wear a nut, I need a second one.

Since I got Nut1 and Nut2 over 5 hundred people have touched them (I lost count at some point). But do not worry, they have both been soaked in lysole/ oxi-clean/ other cleaning fluids numerous times.

And that is the history of my nuts.

September 14, 2003

Vote Now

Vote in the comments on which one of these is the best:

Update: Added a third option!

By the way- all options can be intertwined. So a gecko could go on the fire or what not.






If u can't tell-its for the Boarder. I want something Snazzier then just Fire Letters.

Silly Rabbit- Trixs for kids!

Ain't He Cute?

Ah yes, who does not love a poodle? I mean they are so cute, adorable, and quite smart. I mean what other brand of dog can be trained to say ďOu(t)Ē (poor dog canít pronounce the T). Once in a super market some kid was sitting in a cart demanding to be let ďOuĒ. And of course my mother turned to me and said ďSee Rachael! He sounds just like Trix! I told you poodles were smart!Ē I was so horrified that she did that.

Trix also has the remarkable ability make his toy squeak. Much to my personal dismay. I swear that dog must practice squeaking that thing, He can do it for hours. *Sighs* Well at least he doesnít eat his own poo anymore (we feed him tenderizer).

September 13, 2003

The Gecko that I Love.

In response to Susieís wonderment at why i chose the Geico Gecko for my MU.NU button, I have composed a short biography on the Gecko.

1) The Gecko is actually a child star. He aspires to be like his mother. Most people think he is an adult because he can drive, but what they donít realize is that the Gecko is actually quite young. And that hot little red car he drives is remote controlled by his agent/director.

2)The Gecko had a disturbed childhood. His family home was very disturbed. His parents fought constantly, often with his mother winning. And his father, to say the least, was a wimp.

3)The Gecko is a puppet created by his corporate employers and has absolutely no say in what he does. In fact, he could be considered a whore. He gets paid to do as heís told.

4)The Gecko also had to deal with sibling rivalry as his brothers and sisters were very cruel people that took pleasure in teasing him. And they often rubbed ďthe salt in the woundsĒ by bragging that they got a contract with a cooler company.

So as you can see, the Gecko is a very famous child star with many rivals. He should be celebrated because of his great courage.

I would like to state that I do not approve of teenage smoking and peer pressure. (there-I did my good deed/message for the week)

September 10, 2003

La La La

I'm sick. Iím upset, and Iím unmotivated. This sucks. But to be truthful with out the sickness life is no different.

At school I know of at least 6 kids that have Mono. Theyíre all preps. So Iím not to terribly worried about it, considering the preps and me have a nice little ďArmisticeĒ going: they donít bother me any more then necessary, and I donít make snide comments and insult their intelligence- in such a way that they donít understand it Ėconstantly.

Some of my friends have ditched me. I donít know why. I donít care at this point, because Iím sick. And when Iím sick I donít care. I know Iím being repetitive. But I donít care.

Some asshats on my bus today were being generic tards. They kept sticking their heads out the windows, hitting one another, and pretty much being stupid babies. Normally I would have told them to grow up, or ignore them. Today I did neither, but I didnít have the nerve to tell them off. You see at one point they popped one of the emergency exits and the bus driver had to pull over, turn off the bus, walk to the back, yell at the kids (who did nothing but try to argue with her) and close the exit, and then walk all the way back up to the front. Ext. Once again normally it would have been that bad. Except my bus driver is supper nice, and very pregnant. I was so mad at those kids. But I could do anything because they are really big. And 90% of the time I wouldnít be surprised if they have a knife somewhere on their persons.

In Theatre Production we cleaned out the Prop Room. Talk about a nightmare. We had two hours to sort through the nightmare; we did it in an hour and a half, Go Us. Funny thing though, the prop room has one of those pop ceilings where itís the panels. Well on some of the panels that are actually still there, we put some suitcases. I can see it now, in a year or two someone will need to do some electrical work and about 15 suitcases will fall on them. Heh. Guess I should make a sign huh?

What else can I ramble about? Iíve been making a short story up. Its almost 6 pages now. Maybe a little over, I donít remember, but its all typed. It made one of my friends mad, I let him read it. I left it at a cliff hanger, two of the characters were fighting, and one was just about to slash the others throat when I stopped for the night. I donít think Iíll send him the next section. Just to annoy him. Heh. I probably will. But not for a day or two.

Okay Iím running out of O.J. Iíll post when I get a chance.

I think my dog is going insane. Its under my bed sneezing.

Oh by the way, The new Graphic/link to MU.NU is my own creation.

My dog has been sneezing for almost 3 minuites now.

September 06, 2003

Weekly Idiocy

In my infinite wisdom and boredom, I have decided that once a week I will post music video. Now obviously it will just be a link, but click on it and youíll hear a song. Will this actually be weekly? Doubtful. Will I actually stick with it? Even less likely. Will I do it when Iím bored even if its not the right day of the week? A high probability.

So todayís song will be: Too Little, Too Late by the BareNaked Ladies.


Yes you heard me right, thatís the name of this post. And itís a funny story. You should read it. Better yet I should type it! Okay Iíll stop being stupid and just type the stupid thing.

I was walking to my bus, and I ran into one of my old friends for the first time this year. And they didnít recognize me until I said ďHeyĒ. When he realized who I was he started babbling like so ďWow. Hi Rachael you look goodÖ. No black t-shirtÖ short hairÖ whatís the word Iím trying to think ofÖĒ Finally he stops that-he went on for about 2 minutes- and we talk about other stuff. But right before I leave he figures out the word he wanted. ďLesbian. Rachael you look very Lesbian.Ē I wasnít sure if that was good or bad. But then I realized I donít care so it doesnít matter. Hehe.


A most amusing thing happened today. We were in Gym and I decided to randomly sit next to this guy (I don't know his name) and start talking to him. He looked lonely and I kinda knew him from last year. So I sit down and we talk, and apparently I looked like an Ex-girlfriend of his, except my hairs not longer anymore and Iím not Porto Rican. But back to the funny thing, so we were talking, and talking. And for some unknown reason he asked me if I had dated a really tall thin-ish guy, with glasses. And I was like ďWhoa! Be more specificĒ (not that I dated anyone last year so it didnít really matter). As it turns out, he was talking about George. I laughed when I figured it out, and I told him ďWha! Oh no. I never dated him, to many differences between us, not to mention he can be a total jerk*, but now JaneĒ *pointed to Jane* ďdid date him.Ē As for the jerk* comment, its true, heís a good friend, but he can be a jerk* at times. But then again whose not a jerk* at some point.

Iím going to catch hell from George for that comment. Too bad I donít care.

* Changed words

Killer Wink

Such a wonderful game. Played it today in Drama class. Had fun. So heres what happened:

We were all standing around in the middle of the room playing ďGet-To-Know-Random-People GamesĒ when my teacher, Ms. Horn decides we will play Killer Wink. Now me being me, and a drama student from the Drama club, I had a feeling I would get picked. So we all closed our eyes. And for about a minute Ms. Horn walked around, until finally *dun-Dun-DUN* she pats my head-the signal that I had been chosen. We all open our eyes and walk around. Now as the ďKillerĒ if I wink at someone they die. But heres the catch, when you encounter someone you have to shake hands and say ďHi, Iím blahblahblahĒ If I winked at them they had to shake hands with three more people before dropping dead. Now with me, I have the motor skills of a 3 year old and have yet to figure out how to wink or whistle, so I just would mouth the words ďYour DeadĒ. It took 5 minutes and 3/4ths the class dead before anyone to figure out who the Killer was. It was so great.

Good thing Iím not a guy. With my lack of motor skills I wouldnít be able to hit the side of a barn with my pee much less hit the urinal.

*Wink Wink* Your Dead


After 4 days of braving the vast jungle I have come to a conclusionÖ

School sucks.

No seriously. Or not. Itís not that bad. I mean I did manage to survive. But let me tell you, it was not easy! (Haha yeah right), I braved many atrocities (okay so Iím going overboard-sue me) including *creepy dun-dun-dun music* a English Paper, an Immigration test (which I failed and if I wasnít born in the US Iíd be screwed), a Chemistry exam, 2 giant packets of Factoring worksheets, and a ďSpeechĒ for my Speech and Drama class (wow, what a coincidence!).

But I have come back with many stories. *Deep voice-like God's is always portrayed* Read and you shall laugh!

September 04, 2003

Sorry haven't posted. Been busy. Post tomarow. Promise.

September 01, 2003


Well dad was remined of a very important fact today. Iím a girl. And I donít like bugs/various other crawly things. So when we first incounterd a number of various crawly things he didnít understand my reaction. Lets see, what did I/we encounter:

1. Worms
2. Locusts
3. Worms
4. Worms
5. Worms
6. Pink baby somethings (possibly mouse)
7. Spiders
8. Pink baby somethings
9. Pink baby somethings
10. Pink Baby somethings
11. General things that involve live in the back yard

And how many of these did I like?

I think you get the picture.