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Killer Wink

Such a wonderful game. Played it today in Drama class. Had fun. So heres what happened:

We were all standing around in the middle of the room playing “Get-To-Know-Random-People Games” when my teacher, Ms. Horn decides we will play Killer Wink. Now me being me, and a drama student from the Drama club, I had a feeling I would get picked. So we all closed our eyes. And for about a minute Ms. Horn walked around, until finally *dun-Dun-DUN* she pats my head-the signal that I had been chosen. We all open our eyes and walk around. Now as the “Killer” if I wink at someone they die. But heres the catch, when you encounter someone you have to shake hands and say “Hi, I’m blahblahblah” If I winked at them they had to shake hands with three more people before dropping dead. Now with me, I have the motor skills of a 3 year old and have yet to figure out how to wink or whistle, so I just would mouth the words “Your Dead”. It took 5 minutes and 3/4ths the class dead before anyone to figure out who the Killer was. It was so great.

Good thing I’m not a guy. With my lack of motor skills I wouldn’t be able to hit the side of a barn with my pee much less hit the urinal.


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