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Another MOOKIE!

Oh My!! Theres another Mookie! Such a scary concept!


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But you, my dear, are Mookie-riffic!!!


Hey Mookie,

Nice to meet you. My site has been on-line since June of 2000. It was originally Radio Mookie on Live365.com but I gave up shoutcasting and it became a blog.

I linked to you recently.

I was googling for the word mookie and I found you.

I put you in my blogroll so don't forget to add me to you list of "Others"

There's also Ultramookie

Keep on bloggin'


Hey girl...here's the code you'll need for the music box. Of course you'll have to make a music folder on your site and then put the music in your folder and all first...but that's the code that makes it play.


The code disappeared. What the heck? Let's try this again.

embed src="http://www.YOURSITE.com/music/YOUR SONGE.mp3" WIDTH="190" HEIGHT="55" Autostart="true" Loop="true"

You'll have to put opening and closing tags on it. I took them out because I think that's what made the code disappear