March 30, 2005

Gettin' In Trouble

I still remember the first, and really only time, I got in trouble at school. I was thinking about it because of Paul's post about when he was a Patrol for I was a patrol too (you can read about that in his comments). But thinking about the patrolling made me think back to 5th grade when the one time I got in real trouble.

Back then there was a disciplinary program called "checks" where every time you screwed up, you got a check. If you got 4 checks your ass was down in the office in a little claustrophobia-inducing room for a whole day by yourself and your parents were called. You could get checks for either homework or behavior. But fortunately for us all, the homework checks were kept separate from behavior (I'd have been truly screwed if it were otherwise).

Now it was possible to get all 4 checks for the same thing, but it had to be something really bad like cussin' or fighting. Now back in 5th grade everyone was in the whole "Oh I'm an adult now. I can cuss all I want" while we meanwhile played jump rope or generic stupid little kid stuff like "gettin' married". Now there was this one girl named Sasha* and I hated this girl with a passion. She was one of those prepy "I'm better then you, and you are the dirt beneath my shoe" type people... she was also a tattletale. So one day, on the play ground I was sitting on the steps gossiping with a couple of my other friends and Sasha came up to me and did her generic hair-pull and push and sent me tumbling down the steps. I didn't do anything like normal, just brushed myself off and sat back down a couple steps lower (since she of course sat in my spot). And she started bad mouthing my best friend who had a different recess. Now I mean seriously, the girl she was badmouthing was closer then my sister (actually remained so until she moved in 8th grade), and I was getting pissed. Finally when Sasha started bad mouthing me in front of my face I got pissed and just yelled at her "Sasha, why don't you go shut the f*** up and stick your face in horse dung! It might improve things!"

Sasha went and told the teacher, and I got hauled down to the assistant principal’s office. And oh let me tell you, they were pissed, cause incidentally enough... I was the Patrol Captain. But I guess either they all agreed with me when I said Sasha started it, and they shared my dislike of her (she was one of those annoying people that you just want to slap every time they open their mouths) because they went easy on me. Unlike most kids who were in "check-duty" from 9am-3:55pm, I had mine on a Thursday... a half day. It sucked, but not as bad as I expected.

The funniest thing is that the referral actually had it written out. They didn't put something cutesy on the "reason for disciplinary action" line, no, the teacher put "Rachael told Sasha to "shut the f*** up." I used to have it still... I wonder where it got to.. I need to get that framed.

*named changed not because I care, but because I can't spell the real name

February 25, 2005

Want to Beat the Crap out of Michael Moore?

Or how about Kerry?

Or if you like Kerry, how about Bush?

Or the gay Teletuby?

Or how about Gates?

Or even Napoleon Dynamite?

Personally I like beating Michael Moore the best.

So, if you would like to share in the sadistic beating of the most hated people (1 downfall, no Martha Stewart- damn.) then this is the game for you.

Interactive Buddy. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face as you burn them.

And since I'm such a kind soul, I'll share some of my favorite tips and tricks:

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February 09, 2005

Protective Calico

Enchanted Hawaii had early attracted the attention of Americans. In the morning years of the nineteenth century, the breeze-brushed islands were a way station provisioning point for Yankee shippers, sailors, and whalers. In 1820 came the first New England missionaries, who preached the twin blessings of Protestant Christianity and protective calico.
Now that’s all well and good, woot for the good guys... but there’s one thing my text book forgot to explain. What the hell is "protective calico"??

When I came across this phrase last night I had dad look up protective calico on google, and know what he found? 3 sites, all which quoted my text book. I even asked my teacher what it meant, and he has no earthly idea.

So when it came time to take a quiz, and I had a question to answer on Hawaii missionaries, I quoted the text book word for word. That was one of the only short answer questions I got right. And from now on I think "Protective Calico" is going to be the little keyword that my mind will use to recall the Hawaii annexation crap.

So If you know what protective calico is, please share the wealth of knowledge.

May 26, 2004


Yes I've jumped the bandwagon. For the main reason is through a scientific study (coughyeahrightcough) I have found that the more links a blog hands out, the more traffic they are likely to get. So yes I will start doing a blog maze. (Found from Cheesemistress of Chaos)

So here we go. First stop is So Very Posh, its a lovely looking blog, with a very sleek and stylish design that I would want to steal in a heartbeat if I wasn't such a nice person (and if I knew how).

Next stop in the blog maze is Jaded and the first thing I noticed about her was the little desktop pictures in the upper right hand corner... Those I did steal. Hehe

Moving on to... No where. Because I can't find the blogroll on her blog. Maybe she just put it in another format, but I'm too lazy to try and find it or figure out what it is.. so I wont. =D

May 15, 2004

Networking Help Needed

I have a slight problem. When we got new windows in my house we had to rerun my internet cable.

Well, we ran it. And put the little end thingies on it. And we pluged it into my computer and the router. And got nothing.

So I fiddled with it. And managed to get the lights blinking. Aparently when the lights on the router blink that means they can recognize each other but can't communicating with each other. Theres even a little blinking light on my network card.

I can't get it to work. Me and dad are going to try putting a new network card in my machine. If anyone knows how to fix it, please tell me. My computer is running on XP, and the other two computers in the network are both ME.


May 12, 2004

Things I Did Not Want To Know:

About Dad.

1) He is an Anarchist (proven by his possession of the Anarchist Cookbook).

2) He is an expert on BDSM (Found that out here).

3) The color of his underwear.

4) Even though he is terrified of spiders, he enjoys watching them attack things.

5) He was a Tupperware salesman-of-the-month once. I'm not sexist, but thats a bit odd to my mind... Then again, it is Dad..

6) Apparently I have relatives from 12 states... Most from Dad's side... Who knew? Not me.

7) He can write "Decent Erotica" (see number 85).

8) One of his best friends in the military went home and became a tribal shaman (and this is the man thats my god-father... Woot!).

I can't/don't want to think of anything else at the moment.

April 18, 2004

Google Bombings*

Waffles are yummy. Do you like waffles? I like waffles. Especially with real maple syrup. You can't eat waffles with that crap King Syrup. King Syrup doesn't even have maple in it. But anyway. Waffles waffles waffles waffles waffles waffles waffle waffles ... I'm done with the waffles now.

Now on to the other Google Bomb I wanted to participate in. Its the Jew one. (From Simon) Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew.

*The Waffles were found via Annika and some people are trying to make the number one search result for waffles

January 16, 2004


Done. On time too. Woot. So tell me what you think of the changes. I'm curious.

January 15, 2004

1 more day

Until the new template is installed. How much of my To-Do list do I have done? All of it.

But I have excuses! And they include: Homework, Exam Review, Drama, and mucho other things. But Ready or not, tomorrow is the day of reckoning.

January 13, 2004

Days of Peril

So after many days wading through the thick muck that is my template, I have recreated and redesigned it. It will have a vast difference in appearance. Now as that I have worked so hard to redo it, I decided that it will be transphered on Friday (I'm building suspense here).

Here's my final checklist before Friday:

1. Save old template.
2. Finish updating blogroll on new template.
3. Finish tweaking it.
4. Come up with snazzy tagline.
5. Actually become motivated and stick to time schedual.
Thats the plan. Thats what I have left. Will it happen? I know not. But I hope.

January 05, 2004

6 months...

And I didn't even notice... Wow. So I hit the 6 month mark on the 1st of January, and forgot all about it due to the abnormal consumption of cider (more on that tomorrow) so I shall repost my first post ever, back when it was on blogspot. Here it goes:

So I got a new Blog. With advice from Annika and my dad. I thank them both a lot. My dad mostly because he told me to Email Annika and ask her what I should use to start with as a host, and he got me into Blogs. So I really owe him, and if you don’t like my blog, don’t go after me, go after him (just kidding).

So, I guess you want to know about me huh? Well the basics are I’m 14, female, and I’m alive and kickin'. Now I know you might be thinking something like “14-year-old? Ha! This should be funny but pointless.” That may be true most of the time, but I'm also hoping to make a couple good points, and say some intelligent stuff.

I like to read a lot (much to the horror of most kids my age); I read a lot of fantasy, and whatever dad says to (granted I haven’t gotten to that one he gave me yet... opps). And I'm currently reading several books at the same time, a lot of them on politics (and my mothers response? “don’t discuss politics around me”). So I'm trying to figure out what I believe in, and I doubt I’m ever going to pick either Republican or Democratic, Right or Left, or any other title you want to put on people. But I do want to understand, and comprehend what each side says so I can make a fully informed, intelligent decision. So its likely you're going to read a lot about how stupid I think politics are, or what a moron so-and-so is, and all that happy stuff. And I might use a bit of language that would be considered ‘inappropriate’ for my age (sorry dad), and I apologize here and now, because I'm not going to apologize again. Granted after posting a particularly bad post I may go back after a while and edit the words, but not often.

This blog will probably change frequently, of that have no doubt. But I reckon that after a while I'll get into a pattern, and stop messing with the look of things. But I'll probably still mess with it, because that's what I do (hence the constantly changing floor plan in my room).

Well I'm off to do other stuff, among the things to do is to sleep, after I clear the books off the bed (what to do with them I don’t know! I'll figure it out and tell you tomorrow).

And on one side note, the song “We didn’t start the fire”? I like and find it a bit of a controversy, and I think some one should update it to fit today's political/social structures.

So ‘Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to do stuff I go!’

Those were the good ol' days.

December 15, 2003


What in the world is a Crap-Wiesel? Dad just suddenly started saying it every five mintues, I don't know what it is.

December 13, 2003

You go girl!

Tell that male whose boss

Pranks on the Radio

Go here, and listen to this hilarious audio clip. Make sure you read the passage first.

Boredom is a very powerful thing..

December 12, 2003

Religion and school


No not really. I was in Government class today, bored out of my skull, talking with a couple friends, Thom, Jane, Bobby, and Wally (all names changed), working on my worksheet. Well some how the guys and Jane started discussing religion. Thats when I zoned out for a good long time, and just worked on my worksheet for a good 15 minutes. Until suddenly the phrase "Jesus was a bastard" sunk through my fog. Needless to say my head snapped up and I was like "What in the world are you talking about?!?!" Meanwhile, no one listened to me. Thom was getting very agitated, because they we're pretty much attacking his beliefs. I think it started friendly, but don't quote me on that. So Thom was trying to get his voice hear, and it wasn't working. I was just in a group of my own trying to shut them up. I failed. Finialy, after 15 more minutes Thom had enough. He got up and talked to the teacher, and went into the hall till the end of class. I was ready to go join him when the bell rang.

I'm sure you know that I'm not religious, but I do know that you don't go blantly insulting a religions holy figure. No matter what religion. Wether your insulting Budda, Mohamad, Jesus, or any other such guy, You Just Don't Do It. Period.

As for religion in school, no way, no way at all should they mix. Unless your learning how they started, and how they affected the world, it should not come up. Catch me any time out of school, and I'll gladly sit and discuss religion with you, but bring it up in school, and you will have a VERY irate Mookie.

December 09, 2003

I WONT NEED THERAPY! hehe. or at least not yet.

On a brief note, before I start the actuall post. I can't get therapy until I can spell it. Oh boy.

H wrote an interesting post. It was about a confused little girl. Who grew up into a confused woman. My response: Crap-o-la! I'm doooooomed!!!! *starts humming* doom doom doom, DOOM d00m doom d00m DOOM dOOm... (ect). If you don't understand the Doom reference (Invader Zim) forget it. Anyway. What H wrote made a lot of sense to me. At one point she mentioned that the confused little girl talked about everything under the sun-but none of it actually mattered.

Can I say, once again, THANK GOD/GODDESS (gotta be politically correct and represent both genders equally) ! I THOUGHT I NEEDED THERAPY! I'M NOT ALONE!

Yes dad, you heard me right, the crap-o-la that I tell you, is just that. Hehe. Sorry. Yeah. So anyway. Calming down. I just wanted to say, that if you haven't read H, or that post, go do it now or I will Remove Your Reason For Wearing Pants. Or Shirt if your female. (Got that little line from George Of The Jungle.)

Can you tell I'm just a tiny bit hyper? Maybe its the concept that I'm not a complete tard. Just a semi one.

Oh and H, Thanks.

Randomness and Tidbits

I'm still alive. Just wanted to make that clear. And I still want to do the Dead Guy Of The Day, I just have't had the proper... whats a good word? Will? Motivation? Eh. Lets face it, I'm lazy. Anyway..

I was going to post my essay comparing Night by Elie Wiesel, and All Quiet on the Western Front, but I'm faced by a couple problems. First and foremost, the teacher has a program called "Turn It In-dot-com". Where it checks all papers for how close they match the internet. Can you say "crappers"? Cause I sure can- not because I was going to cheat- but because I can't post it. *sighs* The second issue is that I haven't writen it yet. Hehe. Actuall I have some of it done, 2 and a half paragraphs out of 5. And the rough draft isn't due till friday. I'm pacing my self (as the little voice in my mind goes "Yeah Right"

Speaking of Yeah Right I once read an article where a college profesor was talking to his students about language. And the professor says "In most languages a double negative is still a negative. Except for English in which a double negative is a positive. But in NO language does a double positive equate to a negaitve." At this point all the student consider this amazing fact for a few seconds as the professor feels superior. A few seconds pass before a student in the back of the room pipes up and says "Yeah, right"

Hehe. That tickles my thoughts. hehe

So I've been going through old CDs I've managed to scrounge up (aka. out of Robyn's case) and I found the old Matchbox20 CD. Can you say YIPPEEE!! I didn't even realize I missed it. Hehe. I've been listening to it going, "damn-why did I ever give her that..."

December 05, 2003

Now I'm Mad!

I just checked my email, and guess what I found. An email, big suprise, but an email of the worst sort. An asswipe (lets refer to him as Asswipe) decided that I needed a lecture on Family Values and carring. Asswipe didn't think I cared that my mom is in the hospital have surgery, he lectured me because Im going to a party. Well woopie-****ing-doo. Let me put it this way Asswipe, EVERYONE DEALS WITH EVERYTHING DIFFERENT. Dad's is to cook, and mine is to be with friends. I would be with a friend no matter what today, It just so happens that theres a party so that I can be with numerous friends. So to spite Asswipe, I'm going to go to the party, and have fun.

And anyone who thinks I don't care about my mom, can just go to hell.

Update Mom's out of surgery and in recovery. Dad will have more details. And one more thing, Victor and Nic, and anyone else, mucho thanks.

November 28, 2003

*Twitch Twitch* must resist!

I So Want This T-shirt.

Fun With Google

Now as everyone knows, I'm a bit slow on the uptake, so if you've already seen or heard of these neat things I've uncovered, too bad. *Grins*

Now I was watching this really stupid show the other day, waiting for a show to come on about corpses. The show was called Screen Savers on DiscoveryTech, and this lady mentioned a place called G o o g l e Labs. I went and checked it out. Let me tell you, its a good place. Yes it is. So let me give you a run down of the features, the ones I've tried, and the ones I would like to try.

Google Deskbar.

I have this now, it sits right on your startbar, by your date, and it is awesome! You see, it doesn't open a new browser automatically, just a little popup thingie directly from the startbar. And then you can open a browser from there. The fact is, for an avid googler, this is goodness because it makes life mucho easier.

Keyboard Shortcuts

With a tap of the letter K you need not use your mouse again while googleing. Its great, honest, I've tried it, and anyone with a wireless keyboard and mouse will agree, its best when you don't have to use your mouse. (especially when the batteries in the mouse suck, so its all jumpy and wont go where you want). Try it.

Google Viewer

Seems to me they just wanted to animate your search, its okay, but I personaly don't like it. But you might.

Google Voice Search

I have not tried this, and probably wont. I don't really see the point to it, but thats okay. The concept is simple, you call a number say what you want to search, and then it send you a link on your computer. *shrugs* Who knows.

If you want more of these little neat things, go to Labs.Google.Com.

November 20, 2003

Truly insperational.

A wise man once told me and a friend: "No matter how much you scrub your ass, you will always have butt pimples."

I think he was drunk.

November 15, 2003


I'm definatly leaning towards shoe maker at this point....

*** *hums "Hi-ho, hi-ho its off to china I go, to work in a sweat shop, and make plenty of shoes. To paste on Nike simbols, and to get the crap beat out of me. Hi-ho, hi-ho its off to china I go." Stops humming*

***No offense ment to anyone who works in a shoe factory or lives in China.

Pixy sticks.....

Pixy sticks are a gate way drug. Yes they are a drug when snorted. The side affects of using pixy sticks is multicolored snot, and if you cry- colored tears. Very entertaining. (No dad, I have never snorted pixy sticks. It looks too painful.)

But back to the origional topic. Pixy Sticks have led the wonderful Lighting Crew (minus me) to Pop Rocks. So now, a nice informational post on Pop Rocks and Pixy sticks. I'm leaving because googles not telling me anything interesting on PopRocks and Pixy Sticks.

3 Goals in life.

So I was sitting backstage on Thursday, Clearly breaking numerous rules about talking when who should walk up to me and as me a question? The really, really hot guy who plays David Larabee. I mean this guy is Hott with Two T's. *Laughs* So He asks me to help him fix his shoes. The sole is coming off. So I sprint to the Tool Cabinet and grab Gluey (the favorite glue gun) and some Glue Sticks. And we go out in the hall and I fix his shoe while he changes and gets his makeup done-in the hallway. *Sighs* that guy, has a nice body.

That little story leads us into The First Goal that I have made.

To Go to China and Become a Shoemaker.
The second goal I created mainly because Ms. Surrena would love me forever, that and I have fallen deeply in love with theater.
I'm going to get a degree in Technical Theater, and I’m going to become a techi on Broadway.
And the last Goal is very simple. If I fail to become a shoemaker, and fail to be a Broadway techi:
I'll come back to Virginia and teach at my high school.
So anytime I get mad, or I start getting obsessive about something stupid *coughcoughguyscoughcough* I will remember my goals and shut up. *Grins* Today is a good day. For I have goals, and I hate to say it, but the asshats in Guidance were right. Goals are important.

October 29, 2003


Before I leave for the Hell-Hole, commonly called School, I just wanted to mention that I'm in the Carnival of Vanities.

October 23, 2003

I'm Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant.

If the Great Blog War ever resumes and breaks the unspoken truce, heres who the Axis should start. The insperation was provided by BNL's song Another Postcard (you can listen to the song). But back to the point, heres the lyrics to the song, and if you follow my mind set, you'll know what the next attack by the axis should be...

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October 21, 2003


Look what I found! I got it on the Truthlaidbear.

October 20, 2003


Does anyone ever actually look at the block of links labeled songs? I'm just wondering wether or not to trash it. Tell me in the comments.

October 18, 2003

Another MOOKIE!

Oh My!! Theres another Mookie! Such a scary concept!

October 17, 2003


I've been doing some redecorating. Tell me what you think.


Okay, so I'm sure everyone remembers my ADHD post, considering it was just the other day. Hehe. Well I want to thank all the people who left me comments, they include: Hln, Tim-the fellow drama guy, Serenity, Tim again, MJXM, and CGHill.

Thanks guys! I loved the comments!

But in all fairness there was a 7th commenter. To put it bluntly I hate this guy. I have met him in person, and my hate I believe is justified. But to get to the point, he commented, and he doesn't have a website, so I'm going to just post his comment for all to see. Here it goes:

So you're saying these people who have a hard time paying attention DON'T? I mean.. come on now... What the hell do you think Attention DEFICIT means??? You say your little brother is one... does him BEING YOUR little brother qualify him as an exceptoin to being (in your own words) "biggest-pardon my language- bullshit ever?"
Look Mookie... You either accept it or you don't. PAY ATTENTION! I geuss YOU'RE the one who's ADD since you can't seem to focus on a simple logistics crash course like this one.
#1.) BEing ADD means you're GONNA be lazy, but it's not the REASON you're lazy. If you ARE a lazy person, having ADD is just gonna make you lazier.
#2.) YES, people DO take advantage of their disadvantage... AS OFTEN AS a guy with 2 arm-casts asks the nurse to help him in the restroom. (A) takes advantage of the oportunity. (B) BUT, when it's needed... HE HAS NO OTHER CHOICE.
#3.) Ok, you stubern little 16yo bookworm... If YOU have no problem concentrating on things, then stay up for 24 HOURS and then try to study (just to see how hard they have it. They WANT to concentrate... they just can't!!! and alot of them give up. THAT'S why you don't understand. Because YOU don't want to. Because if you DID... you might not feel higher then them. Trying to feel higher then somene and using their dissorder as an excuse makes YOU a descriminating victimizer.

"The truth can hurt, but honesty is ALWAYS on your side." (me)

Do you tell someone without legs that having no legs is no excuse to not run?
Just because it's a handicap you can't SEE, doesn't mean it's not a handicap you can't pay attention. After all... it seems YOU've been busy paying attention to it alot lately.

P.S.: As far as the pharmacudicals ("drugs"), if ANY of you knew ANY thing about biological chemistry, you MIGHT understand HOW these drugs work and that they DO work.

ADD sufferers include...
Harriet Tubman, Roosevelt, Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), Thomas A. Edison, J.F.K., Benjamin Franklin, George Washington Carver, Eddie Van Halen, Albert Einstien (did you know he flunked alot in public-school math as a child??), AND MORE. (these statistics taken through years of research by reputed sphychologists and archiologists combined efforts of obtaining info on various people in history to obtain a better idea of what their personality were like charactoristicly more acurate for historical knowledge. To obtain URLs about this research, feel free to e-mail me).

Posted by yoda at October 17, 2003 06:17 AM

October 11, 2003


I haven't been linking much, so I'm going to link a bunch now.

Lots of DC/Metro bloggers. We should all get together one day. If you know one, drop me the link.

Bill just hit one year. Go him! It was yesterday, but yesterday I was too busy to link him, so heres some link love for him now.

I like theater, and so does Tim!

Pixy is the best, so he gets a link just cuz.

More links later.

October 10, 2003


Okay, i'm here in the school library, so give me a break on the errors. Heres the deal though, me and my two partners need to do a project on "The Exchequer" We can't find anything on it, so if you could, please help! I'll take help from anyone on this point. And by the way, we want info on the OFFICE not the Software or Restaurant. You'll see, if you google it. Any help and info would be greatly appreciated!!!

PLEASE! *Begs like a poor dog for a bone*

October 08, 2003


I had this post in the works for a while, mainly because in Theater Production we have a girl who is obsessed with a stuffed Rabbit that looks kinda like a cat. Aka. Cabbit.

There is a myth of a sort, about a cross breed of rabbits and cats. The result being a ‘Cabbit’. In fact there are a few “breeders” that actually sell Cabbits. These breeders don’t sell Cabbits, because they don’t exist. What these Cabbit Breeders do sell are cats with genetic mutations that make the hind-legs look like a rabbits. Or on a few rare (rarer) occasions the front legs are significantly shorter.

But since there are no actual Cabbits let’s talk about something that does exist. Freaks and hybrids.

Snowflake. The only albino gorilla known to science.

And how about this one for you. The French actually did something cool. The created a glowing Rabbit! Granted it only glows under a black light, but it glows like a jellyfish. It was genetically engineered.

Various Hybrid Dogs/Dog like things.

I'll do more adventually

September 22, 2003


Let this be a warning that if anyone harms, or even thinks about harming my poor sweet adorable puppy I will (pardon my language) go Psycho on their ass. And I might be persuaded to change sides on the Great Blog War. Take that as a warning!!

I’m going to go hide my dogs now.

September 21, 2003


Kin has turned up in some comments, and is trying to free me from groundation. *Grins*. Keep meaning to talk to him on AIM, but can't manage to get on line when he is. So I'll just say it here. WE MISS YOU! Come back when your ready. We all miss you.


I got grounded yesterday. Mostly from my own stupidity. So I'm not going into the details.

Oh by the way! Kin is trying to free me!!

September 14, 2003

Vote Now

Vote in the comments on which one of these is the best:

Update: Added a third option!

By the way- all options can be intertwined. So a gecko could go on the fire or what not.

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August 30, 2003


With all the awesome posts going around about Pets (particularly cats and dogs) I decided to post some of my favorite "Pet Pictures". AKA, all the cute and funny ones I dug up on my PC. (First attempt at extended entry, woot!)

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