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6 months...

And I didn't even notice... Wow. So I hit the 6 month mark on the 1st of January, and forgot all about it due to the abnormal consumption of cider (more on that tomorrow) so I shall repost my first post ever, back when it was on blogspot. Here it goes:

So I got a new Blog. With advice from Annika and my dad. I thank them both a lot. My dad mostly because he told me to Email Annika and ask her what I should use to start with as a host, and he got me into Blogs. So I really owe him, and if you don’t like my blog, don’t go after me, go after him (just kidding).

So, I guess you want to know about me huh? Well the basics are I’m 14, female, and I’m alive and kickin'. Now I know you might be thinking something like “14-year-old? Ha! This should be funny but pointless.” That may be true most of the time, but I'm also hoping to make a couple good points, and say some intelligent stuff.

I like to read a lot (much to the horror of most kids my age); I read a lot of fantasy, and whatever dad says to (granted I haven’t gotten to that one he gave me yet... opps). And I'm currently reading several books at the same time, a lot of them on politics (and my mothers response? “don’t discuss politics around me”). So I'm trying to figure out what I believe in, and I doubt I’m ever going to pick either Republican or Democratic, Right or Left, or any other title you want to put on people. But I do want to understand, and comprehend what each side says so I can make a fully informed, intelligent decision. So its likely you're going to read a lot about how stupid I think politics are, or what a moron so-and-so is, and all that happy stuff. And I might use a bit of language that would be considered ‘inappropriate’ for my age (sorry dad), and I apologize here and now, because I'm not going to apologize again. Granted after posting a particularly bad post I may go back after a while and edit the words, but not often.

This blog will probably change frequently, of that have no doubt. But I reckon that after a while I'll get into a pattern, and stop messing with the look of things. But I'll probably still mess with it, because that's what I do (hence the constantly changing floor plan in my room).

Well I'm off to do other stuff, among the things to do is to sleep, after I clear the books off the bed (what to do with them I don’t know! I'll figure it out and tell you tomorrow).

And on one side note, the song “We didn’t start the fire”? I like and find it a bit of a controversy, and I think some one should update it to fit today's political/social structures.

So ‘Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to do stuff I go!’

Those were the good ol' days.


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Those were the good old days... It's a Weird Al song :)

We never did load your Blogspot archives, did we? I think I managed to sort out your file just before my computer exploded. Maybe we'll try again.