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New Years Adventures: Creepy Lady

So the New Years party I went to was a blast, and I'm finally recovered enough to discuss it. Heres how it started.

I showed up and was the first one there so i helped Michelle set up, we got out tons of food, set up the stereo/karaoke system, pushed the coffee table to the wall, etc. etc. etc.

Tegan and Liz showed up, and we started to go through Cd's, looked at what every one brought, that type of stuff. Tegan brought Orange Juice for Rebbecca (the chaperon) because Rebbecca was in her room sick-we left her alone all night, i don't think she much cared. And Liz brought a Party Pack with those annoying blower-thingies, confetti, hats, and Leis. So after we were all leid we started to listen to music and play a couple games. During a break from the games, I was sitting in a chair by the door when theres a knock, Tegan and Liz are busy singing Brittany Spears (Gag) and Michelle is in the kitchen putting a pizza in the oven so i just open the door. I'm about to ask who it is when this lady just barges in.

Tegan and Liz stop what their doing, and stared for a second before sitting down. And the lady moves into the room like she owns the house. I go to sit down when she pushes me and sits down instead, I start backing up as I catch a whiff of her, she smells like beer. I'm like dude, not cool.

So the creepy lady is sitting there staring at us when she stands up real quick and says "Do you girls want some food" (very slurred) and we all make polite noises in her direction declining. Michelle comes in and stands there wonder what to do and she goes gets Rebbecca, so while shes dragging Rebbecca out of her bed we're just standing there kinda creeped out. Tegan stands up to go into the kitchen, and i follow, grabbing an empty cup so i look like I'm doing something, and Tegan whispers to me "I want that lady out! Shes scary" to which i never replied because the lady asks Liz what we're doing. Liz can see us talking, and she covers and says were play fighting. The lady comes to the door way and stands there staring.

All of a sudden the lady goes "Stop p**** fighting and fight for real. I'd pay for it." We kinda freak out, but theres no where to go, even Liz starts creeping towards the back bedroom to find whats taking Rebbecca so long. The lady then looks at Tegan and says "you know your really pretty, how old are you?"

Tegan humbly replies "17" and moves so I'm in front of her (I was so mad). And then the lady says "Too bad, your really pretty for 17..." and she comes around to the other side, Tegans trying to turn me so I'm in front of her, but I'm just not going to stand there as a shield, i want that lady out! Finally the lady can see Tegan because i move and pretend to check on the Pizza, and the lady just STARES at Tegan.

FINALLY Rebbecca comes out, she looks like crap, and she talks to the lady for a few minutes before gently pushing her out the door and locking both the regular lock and the dead bolt. Rebbecca then said something unintelligible and dragged herself back to her bed.

So ends the Creepy Lady Story. Next up: Cider Shots.


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