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New Years Adventures: The Cute Friend

The first segment of the New Years adventure is here.

About an hour after the Creepy Lady left, Michelle's phone started ringing. She immediately found it, and answered it. And with in seconds threw it down the hall into the play room.

Blink. Blink. "What was that for!?"

"Oh that was just *Billy, He's an ass."


Ring Ring.

We start searching for the phone, luckily the caller was insistent-or they knew Michelle really well. I found the phone. :) and hand it to Michelle "What do you want?" No Hi, not Hey, must be billy. After a few minutes of listening to the one sided conversation she says "Okay" and hangs up. Me Liz and Tegan stare at her waiting for her to speak. She said something along the lines of "He wants to drop by for half an hour, and he's bringing a cute friend, I wouldn't trust his judgment though. It up to you guys." I shrug. Liz doesn't care. Tegan says "Why the hell not."

Half an hour later, the bell rings. Liz opens it, I'm the bathroom, and Tegan is doing her makeup despite us telling her it wasn't necessary. I came out of the bathroom as Liz was coming down the hall and she whispers urgently in my ear "The cute friend is a CHICK!" Liz runs off and leaves me the dreadful task of telling Michelle and Tegan, i slowly went to the bedroom that they're in, and i grab Tegan's eye liner right as she went to grab for it. And upon her quizzical look, i slowly state that the cute friend is a chick. Michelle storms out of the room, and soon drags the guy into another room and they start arguing.

Among the things we overheard clearly from across the hall was "But I thought she was cute" and "Your F***Buddy?!! Thats it, Get out! Get out of this house!"

They left. And we started playing games again. Part Three Tomorrow.

*Billy- I couldn't remember his name.


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