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Why Do I Blog? Part 1.

I have been asked this questions many times in class, and most times I don't know what to say. So here goes the best answer I can come up with.

I Blog Because I Can.

No, not really. Actually I have found blogging to be a very useful place where I can rant. I know I don't really rant that often, that’s because I delete the posts because they are too horrid to post and dad would kill me, lol.

I also blog because I can express my thoughts and ideas with helpful criticism from a variety of people. Just look at the MuNuvians for instance, there’s Jen-she’s a history major. And there’s Pixy, who is just wow! A major Computer Geek, meant in the nicest way possible, and one of the kindest people I've ever had the privilege of associating with. There’s Daniel, and Tim, two students in college. Half the time I don't understand Daniel, but I try. And I actually went back and reread his post on Quarks in order to study for a test.

Then there is the lovable Susie, who is just a very sweet person. And Victor, whose girlfriend Nic deserves an Honorable mention. They were so awesome when my mom was in the hospital. And Victor taught me the value of springs. *Grins* Then you have LeeAnn, she always brings a smile to my face and is hilarious.

And there’s a spark of internationalism that I wouldn't get in normal life. From Simon, Helen, and once again-Tim.

And outside of the Munu Crew, you get great people like Tim (Backstage), SilverBlue, Starhawk and Kin.

When it comes to people like this, how can you NOT blog and hope to join the group. All these people are the kindest, and most thoughtful people I know. Now as with any group of humans, there will always be a couple bad apples (Notice my tack in not linking the "Bad Apples" =D), but for the most part, these people are awesome.

Another reason why I love these people, and I blog and read their blogs, is because they accepted me. When you think about it, not many people in the world would let a 15-year-old get away with some of the stuff I say, like my ADHD post, I was sure someone would try to censor me... Oh wait they did, and they looked like a nit wit. These people, accepted me, despite my age. And that means a lot.

When a person finds acceptance like I have, weather on line, or in person, they would be a fool not to rejoice and join in. Hopefully I haven't been too foolish.

So in short. I blog for the people.


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That is a great post. And another good example of why you're a great blogger. Munu loves you baby (not that kind of love, oh, you know what I mean).


Woohoo!!! I'm great people! Thanks Mookie, y'ain't too bad yerself.


Thanks :)


Actually I am an evil cranky old man who makes life miserable for a young girl about your age.
However this was a good post and thanks for the good thoughts.


Thank you for the kind words! How is your mother these days?

Hey, you left that Rocket Jones dude off your list! Didn't he have anything to do with you being here? :)


Yeah Rocket Jones is partly responsible, but he already knew that. This was a post for everyone else.


Oh. He was there, eh?