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You Mean You Have A Journal?

Another question that haunts me during the day light answers, with no real answer. But once again, I shall give it my best shot.

What Is The Difference Between A Blog And A Journal??

The feel of it. The flexibility of it. The mood of it. The sense of personality. The difference is often hard to put into words, but its something that you can immediately tell.

A journal is a place where a person can rant, whine, talk about their weekend, complain about a teacher, gossip about a friend. A journal can be on paper or the net. It can be in a variety of colors, on various servers. Anything from Dead-Journal to Blurty to Live-Journal. There is always a Journal site out there, one that seems made just for you.

A blog is all that a journal is; and so much more. Yes you can rant, whine, complain, gossip, talk, and any other numerous things on a blog, but a blog is just more. A blog can have different moods, different personas. A blog is more of a community thing, everyone forms their own communities on the blogs, whether by accident, or on purpose-as with the Munuvians.

Blogs have a flexibly that you just can't get with a journal. You can find everything from News Sites, to Slice-Of-Life. You find your whiners, and you find the guy that is naturally popular. You have the aspiring writers, and the aspiring web designers. You have real writers and real web designers! You can have ordinary people, and extraordinary people. And all these people can be wrapped up in the same person. All expressed on a blog.

A blog is competitive. Your constantly checking your email, just waiting for that special email from a reader. Your constantly checking your Tracker, to find out if you beat your record of 30 readers a day. You sometimes work hours upon hours on writing the Perfect Post, just to toss it into the Bonfire.

A blog, once again is about the people. A blog is updated constantly, for the positive, and the negative. A journal, for the most part, only highlights the negative. Where a journal is a place to whine and be miserable, a blog is a place to be comforted and supported. A journal is a place for sympathy. A blog is a place for encouragement. A journal is a place to think back in retrospect. A blog is a place for growth and to think forward.

Theres no solid line differentiating between a blog and a journal. But when you go to site, you just Know.


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The differnce is: People read blogs.


Damn Mookie, that was a pretty good description of a blog. Great post. And great BLOG!!!