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The Dead Guys Are Back!

And here you thought it was over. Anyway, onward. Todays guy is named Ynobe Matthews.

21-year-old Carolyn Casey attended a party at her College Station apartment complex. Matthews, who lived in the same complex, also attended the party. Casey and Matthews were acquainted and during the party she gave him a ride to the grocery store to purchase alcohol. After returning to the party Casey became ill and left alone. A few hours later, the fire department responded to a fire call at Casey's apartment. Casey's body was found partially nude and propped against her bed, dead as a result of manual strangulation and a broken a bone in her neck. The apartment had been ransacked and appeared to be a burglary. Forensic testing revealed that fibers similar to the fibers of Matthews clothing were found on Casey's clothing and body. Fibers from Casey's panties were found on Matthew's shirt. Matthews DNA matched fingernail scrapings taken from Casey. Matthews at first denied any involvement, but after being confronted with this evidence, Matthews admitted that he had gotten into a fight with Casey, during which he threw her on the bed and choked her to death. Matthews also admitted starting the fire and ransacking the apartment to make it look like a burglary. All witnesses denied any romantic relationship between Matthews and Casey. DNA evidence obtained after Matthews was arrested for Carolyn's murder connected him to the kidnapping, rape and murder of 21-year-old Jamie Hart, 14 months after her unclothed body was found on a rural road. Matthews pleaded guilty to the 1999 kidnap, rape and murder of Jamie Hart. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for that conviction. He was also linked to at least five other sexual assaults and is considered as a possible serial killer. Matthews waived further appeals.

Final Meal:
Three pieces of fried chicken, one pork chop, two pieces of fried fish, strawberry ice cream, a six-pack of Coke and a pack of Newport cigarettes. Authorities refused the cigarettes because of a "no tobacco policy."


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