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Want to Beat the Crap out of Michael Moore?

Or how about Kerry?

Or if you like Kerry, how about Bush?

Or the gay Teletuby?

Or how about Gates?

Or even Napoleon Dynamite?

Personally I like beating Michael Moore the best.

So, if you would like to share in the sadistic beating of the most hated people (1 downfall, no Martha Stewart- damn.) then this is the game for you.

Interactive Buddy. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face as you burn them.

And since I'm such a kind soul, I'll share some of my favorite tips and tricks:

The basis of the game is to earn money the more you interact with the buddy. The quickest way to get money (you need money to buy new things) is to tickle the buddy [go items -> hand -> tickle] or to use the fist to either whack the buddy against the walls or punch him [ items -> hand -> fist].

After you gain some cash (cash totals shown in bottom left corner) I suggest going to Modes and buying Realistic Pyrotechnics and Blood and Gore. As for Items to buy? Defiantly buy Rubber balls, fire hose, and flame thrower/fireballs as soon as possible in a set. What you can do is release the Rubber balls (the buddy tries to catch them) and light them on fire. The buddy will then go up in an awesome display of flames, and then use the fire hose (it gets you yet more money the more you spray him) the rubber balls will keep lighting him (yet more money). Now when that entertainment palls you might want to get rid of the rubber balls and put the fire out so that you can move on to more tortures, simply go to Items -> Explosives -> Grenades and release a bunch of Grenades (there is a limit on how much you can have in the little 'room' at anyone time so the Grenades make the rubber balls disappear easier then trying to hold the mouse over them). And once the grenades are there, wait a few seconds and BOOOMMMM! Yet more money.

The next thing I suggest purchasing would be a skin (Assuming you don't want to keep torturing the cute little default buddy).

Theres plenty of things to buy, plenty of ways to interact with the buddy, and plenty of special effects you can buy. This is a game made for everyone.


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