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Think Of Me

So I've read the Phantom of the Opera- the origional novel (1800s), Phantom-the story of his life (1980s) and I've been listening to the movie soundtrack. at some point I'm going to write a huge post comparing it all, but for now this is the thought that just struck me:

In the Phantom Of The Opera (movie or play) Christine Daae sings "Think of Me". Could it be that the song forshaddows the ending? So that its almost like she's asking the Phantom to "think of me kindly"?

Just a thought, but what do you think?


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I'd think more that it's the Phantom wanting Christine to think of him fondly. I mean, you'd think the Phantom wouldn't think wrong of her, he loves her, even beyond the end (in the movie, not read the book, that is). Either way, though, you've a point.