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Things I Did Not Want To Know:

About Dad.

1) He is an Anarchist (proven by his possession of the Anarchist Cookbook).

2) He is an expert on BDSM (Found that out here).

3) The color of his underwear.

4) Even though he is terrified of spiders, he enjoys watching them attack things.

5) He was a Tupperware salesman-of-the-month once. I'm not sexist, but thats a bit odd to my mind... Then again, it is Dad..

6) Apparently I have relatives from 12 states... Most from Dad's side... Who knew? Not me.

7) He can write "Decent Erotica" (see number 85).

8) One of his best friends in the military went home and became a tribal shaman (and this is the man thats my god-father... Woot!).

I can't/don't want to think of anything else at the moment.


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Is this the start of a new meme? Things I didn't know about X?


I dread the day my kids start keeping their own weblogs ;-)