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Days of Peril

So after many days wading through the thick muck that is my template, I have recreated and redesigned it. It will have a vast difference in appearance. Now as that I have worked so hard to redo it, I decided that it will be transphered on Friday (I'm building suspense here).

Here's my final checklist before Friday:

1. Save old template.
2. Finish updating blogroll on new template.
3. Finish tweaking it.
4. Come up with snazzy tagline.
5. Actually become motivated and stick to time schedual.
Thats the plan. Thats what I have left. Will it happen? I know not. But I hope.


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Who would have thought a change in templates could be so exciting?


"Schedual" is actually spelled "schedule." Just thought you should know.

(Hey, your father asked us to. Blame him.)


Don't forget "transphered".

I'm all akwivver.