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One Act Play Competiton

Its on Febuary 3rd, and yes, yours truely will be in it. So should you come? Absolutly! Its going to be fun, its free, and its at 7:00. There will be not 1, not 2, BUT THREE FOUR Schools competing. My school, and our three biggest rivals- Hilton, Woodbridge, and Forest Park.

If your interested in coming, email me at mookie_riffic -at- yahoo-dot-com for directions (Put '1act' in the subject please). And once again, and I must say that our show is called the "Complete History Of America, Abridged, Part One", and if you don't mind my boasting, we kick major ass.

I'm done bragging now. But seriously, you should come to the show, and pass the word around to bloggers.

UPDATE: Yes there are Four. Not three. And people wonder why I have a C+ in math.


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Um... Useing my relitively reliable counting method of fingers, I'm confused about how many schools are competeing... you said three, and then you list your three biggest rivals, plus your school... Isn't that four schools?... Perhaps I'm just tired though...


I like the blog it rox