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*Dramatic Sigh* Oh why oh why must they torture us so...

Why must every teacher give out exam review packets on the same day, AND insist that their exam should take precedence over all others? Is it all a conspiracy? Because it sure seems that way.

Also, today in English I was so pissed. Me and another kid, Jason, always play cards after we finish our work, the teacher doesn't mind, she'd rather us do that then be a nuisance. So it got to be a habit. Today we had a substitute, so when we finished our work, I pulled out the cards because it was my week to supply them, and I started dealing for Rummy. The Sub Went OFF! She yelled at us non-stop for 5 minutes about why we weren't allowed. We couldn't even get a work in edge wise. Oh I was seething, but I bit my tongue. You should be proud of me.


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