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April 30, 2004

Random Questions Galore

My answers are in Italics, either leave your answers in the comments or link back to this post.

1. Middle Name?
Tamara (Pronounced Tam-A-Ra)
2. Favorite Animal?
Gecko's (the only thing I don't like about them is that they eat worms *Shudders*)
3. If you were to go on a deserted island for 10 years, and you could take 1 person and 3 items, what would you take?
Person: My best friend
Items: 10 year supply of T.P.; 10 year supply of Deodorant; a good pocket knife with a built-in lighter (Do they make those?)

4. What’s your favorite food?
Fruity Pebbles
5. Who’s your favorite band?
BareNaked Ladies
6. Who’s your favorite person?
Don't know this one.
7. How old are you?
15 1/2
8. Where do you live?
Northern Virginia
9. What’s your favorite type of Ice Cream?
10. What’s your favorite family tradition?
Opening Christmas presents on Christmas Eve
11. Do you have a job? If so where?
Yes, at an Eye Doctors
12. What’s your dream car?
One that runs.

Okay... So I Suck as a Human Being... Got a problem with that?

So I've been gone for about... 12 days. But it doesn't mean I've abandoned you! It just means I've been... Well.... So I did abandon you. What ya gonna do about it? *Giggles*

So why have I been gone so long? Lots of homework, relationship problems, and a lack of Internet connection.

April 18, 2004

Google Bombings*

Waffles are yummy. Do you like waffles? I like waffles. Especially with real maple syrup. You can't eat waffles with that crap King Syrup. King Syrup doesn't even have maple in it. But anyway. Waffles waffles waffles waffles waffles waffles waffle waffles ... I'm done with the waffles now.

Now on to the other Google Bomb I wanted to participate in. Its the Jew one. (From Simon) Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew.

*The Waffles were found via Annika and some people are trying to make Johnkerry.com the number one search result for waffles


Its a series of reflex games. Its pretty cool.

Random Question of the day

What is the meaning of life?

A Call To Arms

Robert has asked for help with a PR person, so I'm gonna help out a bit.

1. How do you typically source material/stories for your blog/site?

Okay mister lazy-PR-dude-who-should-just-figure-this-stuff-out-for-him-self, the way I get all my foder for my blog is simple. I lie. Either lie, embellish, or threaten. Threatening is fun. I also go for the little gimicks that people use to get more hits... yeah I'm a huge hit-whore. Not a very good one mind you, but I try. So what was the question again?

2. Have you any examples of a story that you have broken on your blog, being second sourced up other blogs or the mainstream media?
Well I am currently studding why some people (notice I said people, not men/boys) like boxers over briefs... or for some of the more liberal people *coughcough* why they like Camando. I think I'm the only one doing it scientifically.

3. Do you believe people use or will in the future use blogs as a news source over the traditional medium of newspapers, tv and radio? And have you any evidence to support this?

Of course! But not for news... For entertainment. The quality of life should be judged by the quality of the entertainment. So obviously my readers have a poor life if they read my crap, but thats another story...

4. What are your views of the commercial sector adopting blogs to communication with customers, and other target audiences?

Suckage. 'Nuff said.... Actually not. Its okay, but they arn't "real" blogs. Their more of a "go-here-and-get-(millions-of-pop-ups-and-)ads-while-we-try-to-sell-crappy-stuff"

Okay I'm done.

April 17, 2004

Random Question of the day

Do you love me now that I can dance?

April 13, 2004

Random Question of the day

(Yeah I don't really have time to blog so I'm just going to think of really good questions)

What is your favorite song? The song that can bring tears to your eyes? The song that really grates on your nerves?

April 12, 2004

Random Question of the day

I've asked this question of several guy friends before, but I never really got a good explanation. So heres the question:

Boxers or briefs? And why?

April 11, 2004

Random Question of the day

Whats the longest you've ever known someone and still managed to remain friends?

My answer: 11 years knowing and tolerating MV

You Know Them, You Love Them, And You've always wanted to kill them.... PEEPS

Shoot them so they explode.... Found via Fark.com

Just for MV

Just for MV (short for Best Friend Male Version if you had forgot) I shall provide you with this fine piece of entertainment.

Long live Amburgers and Woot Beer.

Funny.. Thats what my mom said to me...


April 10, 2004

FYF is open

Yes my hand still hurts, No I'm not posting again yet, but yes FYF is now open to everyone. So after slaving away for hours on the template, I now have it working with 3 coloms... Now all I have to do is to get the authors (theres still a few kinks in the sub-templates.. heh) on the site to use a spell checker... Maybe I'll make them all get this... its what I use...

Update Not really, I'm just testing something.. hehe

April 08, 2004

Some how..

Some where, I don't know when, I managed to mess up my hand kinda bad. Aka. It hurts to move it around too much, and it hurts like the devil to type with it. So instead of trying to chicken peck posts, blogging is going to be suspended for a while... which also means I have to delay the opening of FYF a bit longer.

I'll try to resume normal blogging habits (the good ones at least) in a few days....

April 07, 2004


Well, actually only one, but its still a good one.

Its called Penguin Swing.

My high is 533.4 and since theres not instructions on the site-heres how you play.

Click once with your mouse and the penguin starts falling. Click and hold down the mouse as the penguin descends. Let go of the mouse button to hit the penguin. It takes some getting used to.

Random Question of the day

Whats your favorite place in the world?

April 06, 2004

A little something

for those who have bad eye-mouse cordination or like to shoot targets.

Therapy is needed if...

You get all 10 of these right on the first try.

Amusing games..

A bit chistmas-y but this game-Sober Santa- is classic.

Random Question of the day

Do you like the circus? Whats your favorite/least favorite part?

(I'm going to the circus tonight and it inspired the question)

April 05, 2004

Random Question of the day

Since I didn't post one on the 4th, you get two today!

You know the deal, either answer in the comments or answer on your blog with a link back here.

1) Did you have a imagenary friend as a child? If so what was it/what was its name?

2) What is your favorite superhero? Your least favorite?

My answers in the extended

1) No imagenary friend for me, I could never pick a name I liked that stuck.

2) *thinks real hard* I'd have to say... Penny from the show Inspector Gaget. I know shes not really a super hero, but hey, I don't really have a favorite.

Maybe Dad was right...

You are a complete and utter BASTARDIZATION
of the English tongue!

Unless this is your third language, there is absolutely no excuse for your ignorance. You shame us with your speech. Go back and finish your schooling, bastard.

Its my first!

Found Via Xset < Jim < Michele

I blame the school system.

Oh and when I went back, I randomly chose answers, and I got a better score!


Is esential for a healthy and happy life (okay so I just wanted an intro that made me look smart). So in order to keep all (9 of) my dedicated readers healthy and happy I have decided to provide you with some wonderful game links.

First is Insaniquarium.

Second is Make a Flake



Is a new group blog I'm creating. At the moment the template is so many kinds of screwed up that I'm not even going to send out passwords for a while. But when it is up and running it should be awesome! Assuming I can poke and prod my friends enough to post. Its going to be authored exclusively by people under 18. With the exception of Ted whose the moderator.

And one last comment on FYF. I LOVE YOU PIXY!

April 03, 2004

Random Question of the day

Whats the crappiest job you've ever had?

April 01, 2004

Random Question of the day

What was the worst prank you ever pulled? (Doesn't have to be on April Fools)