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March 31, 2004

Random Question of the day

If you were perfectly invisable for one day, what would you do?

March 30, 2004

Random Question of the day

Whats your favorite TV Sitcom/Series?

Mines M*A*S*H*

Class Rings

I finally ordered it. And its pretty standard, got my Zodiac on one side, Drama masks on the other, my name and grad year around the ruby stone. Basic.

But me being me, I had to do something kooky. On the inside where normal have their name engraved I have these four words:


March 29, 2004

Not Politically Safe

First I would like to mention that I do not have any grudges against the president, but this was to hilarious to pass up.

WARNING: Not-Work-Safe-ish. Not-for-faint-of-heart. Don't-Drink-Anything.

You have been warned.

Let the hilarity ensue.

Did you ever

Get really upset over nothing? Or over something really trivial? I always feel stupid when that happens. I think I figured it out though. Its not just one thing thats crappy, its the combination of a bunch of crappy things. Either that or I'm just a stupid-over-emotional-idiot-that-should-be-removed-from-the-gene-pool.

*sighs* Oh well... moving on!

Random Question of the day

Whats your favorite color and why?

Mines Red because I like how it looks on me. (See, you can have trivial answers)

March 27, 2004

Bad Freshie. I hate you.

It takes real talent for a freshie to blow the motor on a circular saw.

On stage crew we have two circular saw, and one had a dull blade that I hadn't gotten around to changing yet. So we were I was using the older one that didn't have a safety lock on it. Well this Freshie decided to ignore what I said about not using the dull one and did. He managed to cut about 3" into the plywood before the blade stopped moving. He just kept holding down the button. And he blew the motor.

I'm fine(ish) with the fact that he blew the motor, I can understand that mistakes happen. But what really ticks me off is that he disobeyed me when I said they were not to use the circular saws, and that the idiot didn't even have goggles on. That Freshie isn't going to be using power tools again.

Random Question of the day

Are you a cat, dog, or rodent person?

Scrambled Eggs

And the eggs make that kind of screaming sound when you squish them? I know why they do that....

Its the souls of the dead chickens.
*Evil Laugh*

March 25, 2004

Technical help needed pronto!

I got the AIM trojen Virus and don't know how to get rid of it. It think I need some spyware/adware removal software but I have none. Help please!

March 23, 2004

Did I ever mention...

That blogging is going to remain rather light for a while? Well now I am. Blog ya later.

March 21, 2004

Shmuck-i-fied welcomes!

I would like to extend my warmest welcome to the new Munuvians that I haven't welcomed yet because I'm a shmuck too Ilyka, Sarah , Debbye , and Tiger!


Heres how it works, go to this site and print out this page color it, any way you want (extra points if its in crayon), scan it, and post or email it. (If you post it do a tackback link to this post so I can find it). The prize? Something really cool. So start your coloring!

Another Try

So I'm going to try and recreate my wonderful post from yesterday that my computer ate. I doubt I shall succeed, but hey, I can try right?

So to start off, I would like to say that my previous post on Life, The Universe, And Everything, was actually not about anything, or a product of too much sugar, it was a product of a seminar I had to attend. Now thats settled..

Have you ever read Dougles Adams? You should. I think I read his entire Hitchhikers Trilogy, which of course expanded out of the standard label of three books in a trilogy to 7. (Correct me if I'm wrong) Unfortunately the story can't continue because Douglas Adams is dead. Blah. That was so rude of him...

Moving right along now, if you look out the left side of the vehicle you will see a bunch of guys talking in a circle instead of launching rockets. Now the next sight to be seen will be the Infamous Army Guy (or not so infamous).

Now as we wait to pass the location of the Army Guy let me give you some back round on him, first off let me state that I date him, and he isn't really Army, but hes in JROTC so I just go ahead and call him that. He lives too counties away and Dad loves him. *Rolls Eyes* As dad said,

Whats not to love! The only time they can see each other are when they are in a crowded mall with thousands of people looking!
*Grumbles* And here he is! Standing taller then me by a good 8 inches in his wonderfully awesome uniform-thingie, its Army Guy! (No I don't have a picture because I suck.)

On the subject of suck, I'm sure I mentioned this before, but I've gained the title of Princess of Suck when it comes to playing hacky sac. I think the suckage that I display there is starting to seep into other areas of my life. So that makes me question my parents. Think of the horrible possibilities! What if I was related to the King?! That would be horrible! Or the Queen?! Actually that one wouldn't be that bad... Mad Props to Jen for..... Something! He he. Oh and by the way Jen, am I ever getting interviewed? Just wondering.

And just cause I'm in a very linky/want hits mood I'm going to link.... silverblue... ozguru.... Susie... Pixy (He gave me new toys!)... Simon... Daniel...

Oh and if you haven't yet, go read the posts from Bill's Toga Party! I especially love this one!

Wow. Since I'm on a roll. This one post is now *POOF* Two posts!

March 20, 2004


I just typed up a wonderfully long and hilarious post. My computer ate it. *Kicks Computer*

March 12, 2004

Some serious questions

Where are we?

I know that I am in Dale City. And Dale City is in Prince William County. And Prince William County is in Virginia. Which is in the USA. Which is on the North American Continent. Which is in the Northern Hemisphere. And the western depending on how you draw it. And the hemispheres are on Earth which is in the Solar System, 3rd planet from the Sun. Which is part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Which is part of the Universe.

But where is the universe? The universe is by definition everything. But science says the universe is expanding. Where too? If the universe is expanding, that means it must expand into something. Its impossible to expand into nothingness. What is the universe a part of?

If the universe is nothing but another organelle of a yet larger, and unidentified system, how important is one girl in Dale City, Virginia to the future of everything.

Ah yes, but the future. What is that? Is that now? Or how about now? That was the near future. But actually it was the Present. And now the near past. Soon it will pass into the distant past. When did time begin? I know when we started recording it. I know that we’re two thousand and four years into the current era. But when did time begin? Is time actually a cycle. The universe condenses into a ball of matter the size of a pin head, explodes and expands, and then it condenses again. Where is the center of the universe, where is there such a place where the pull of gravity is so intense, that all matter is pulled into a small ball. Once again, where does the universe expand to? Why is it drifting?

In all the millions of years since the current expansion of the universe started stars have shone, planets formed, satellites formed around the planets, life has formed, life has died, planets have died, stars have died. Is earth the only planet that can support life? No. Pure statistics does not support it. Its incredibly arrogant to refuse to believe in other life forms. There is no way that there is only one small planet in the entire universe. What if on some other planet nature has adopted another path of evolution. What if nature has formed species with a diamond shape for the legs of the being, instead of the rectangle that Earth has adopted. What if there are intelligent trees. A species that is strikingly similar to humans, just different. What if?

Where does the universe expand into? When did time start? What effect does one girl Dale City, VA have to do with the future of the everything? What if?

March 09, 2004

Weird Google/Yahoo! Searches

Somehow, these are a couple of the "Odder" searches that have had Mookie Rifficc in the results (and yes I know that I linked myself. =P).

1) "Sex Doll Lynchburg VA"

2) "Fucking node girls" (What bothers me more then the fact that my site was some how accessed from that search, was that the person couldn't spell nude right)

3) "giant block of cheese andrew jackson" (Okay so this one does make sense because of my Block Of Cheese post)

4) "what clinical cream is best for my the black spot under mu eye"

5) "bandage wannabe"

6) And then there is this URL "http://porno-news.daehaktopia.co.kr/samback/index.html" according to the CPannel Tracker, I owe it for 124 hits. So at this moment I want to know why I'm linked (or someone comes to my site from a porn site) by a porn site.

Now for some search quires (sorry no links available, you can google it yourself)
1) why dog humps leg

2) female hands strangling

3) kelly siegler bondage

4) dale city castration

5) silhouette t-shirt as seen on gilmore girls

6) cholesterol brocher food

7) talking to teen boys who still gets smacked by their mother or dad

8) name email url post comment blog penis enlargement -spam -blacklist

9) queen mookie

I am very disturbed now. And to think I tried to keep this g-rated. I really need to censor my content more. Heh. The only search that I liked was the "Queen Mookie".

March 08, 2004

600 word reflective BS piece

Its exactly what it says. A 600 word BS reflective piece on my project on Arsenic. Almost got in trouble for it. Heh

As the 33rd element on the periodic table, arsenic has been used as a poison. Of the many ways to obtain arsenic, the most noted one was used in the 17th century when arsenic was obtained by dissolving flypaper in water and then letting the water evaporate so that it left behind a powder. Once this powder was collected by the soon to be assassin it could be used either all at once, or slowly over a period of time.

Due to the increase in technology the element has gained several problems that have made it impractical for causing someone’s death. First, it leaves traces of itself in a person’s body, so with the proper technology it could be proven. Another impracticality of arsenic is that it’s nearly impossible to measure it out properly so that the person doesn’t die to suddenly. If too much was dispensed the person could die suddenly and cause suspicion. If too little was dispensed the person’s body could just fight off the poison and eventually create a tolerance for it, for some the worst that would happen when given a dose that was to small would be for a clear complexion and a weight loss. When administered properly though arsenic can cause the victim to become ill and after a lingering illness which would steal the victims strength, the victim would become increasingly fatigued and fall asleep one night, never to wake up again.

Arsenic, unfortunately for assassins, is a metalloid and has a metallic-like taste that is objectionable to tastebuds. This then means that arsenic must be in a powder for so that it can be mixed into drinks or food. The art of dumping the poison on the food indeed became an art. Most people preferred to use poison rings, which featured a compartment that could be flipped open to dump out the arsenic. These rings were employed by the assassin rudely reaching across the table over someone’s food to get something else. The use of the poison rings created the idea, and social taboo, of not letting anyone reach over your food; the taboo is now a part of modern culture and mannerism.

The most famous and most documented instances of murder by arsenic occurred in the Victorian Era. The one woman who will live forever in infamy is Mary Ann Cotton. Marry Ann lived in Britain and earned the title of “Britain’s Mass Murderess” for she killed four husbands and twelve children. Another famous case occurred in Scotland where Dr. Pritchard murdered his wife, and mother-in-law; just so he could marry a servant-girl who he got pregnant. Dr. Pritchard was sentenced to death and he was the last man in Scotland to hanged in public.

Arsenic is also used in pressure treated wood. Though the use of arsenic in pressure treated wood was to end on January 1, 2004 it is still present in millions of homes and yards. With pressure treated wood as the most common deck material the arsenic, which is water soluble in most forms, can drip off of the wood onto anything stored underneath, such as bikes. And whenever a child touches an arsenic treated piece of wood they risk poison because a child’s body can’t tolerate as high of a level of arsenic as an adult. So when a child rides on the aforementioned bike, they can get arsenic on their hands, and as any parent or baby sitter knows, the hands are always put in the mouth. Thus a child is poisoned because of the wood. In Zoos pressure treated wood was banned. Well if monkeys can’t play on it, then neither should children.

For my project, in which I was required to present an element, I chose Arsenic. I chose Arsenic because it seemed to me to be the most sinister, and fun, of all 115 elements. Arsenic appealed to me because it was often used as poison through out history. To show case, and hence “sell” arsenic I decided to attempt to appeal to the meaner side of people, and show its wonderfully horrific uses. This attempt is shown quite clearly on my poster with the title of “Arsenic: The Best Way to Kill”. My idea was not to promote murder or poison, but to convey the information I had gathered in an interesting way which would appeal to today’s society. The society of modern America is obsessed with “evil” and “horrible” concepts, even though it is rarely admitted. The appeal to arsenic is created by the sinister nature the very word Arsenic has. Arsenic does have medicinal purposes when used properly, but like everything else, the good is ignored because it’s the bad we crave.

March 07, 2004

I knew it!

I'm an Atheist!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?

Take More of Robert & Tim's Quizzes
Watch Robert & Tim's Cartoons

The Wonderful "F' Word

The F word has many uses. And here are some. (I think I heard George Carlin once do this)

End Of The World

Is portrayed here (note the bad language).

March 03, 2004


G...LSD little bunnies chasing me, some are pink and some are black, some are crawling up my back. A B C G LSD

To Be Sung like the ABCs

Oil In Russia

Yes thats rights, Its that time of the month again. Time for my Government Project. And as is norm, any and all link would be mucho appreciated. The topic is Oil in Russia (hence the title).


(No I can't spell, in english or spanish-thats why I failed espanol)

March 02, 2004

Why I shouldn't be in the Military

I went to a Mil-Ball on saturday. And one of the student comanders tried ot make a toast. No one had drinks. So he had everyone go rush to the punch bowl to get drinks and he was rushing everyone along. He was saying stuff like "Come on, you only need a little, share with a neighbor if you have too, hurry up, hurry up."

I wasn't taking it very well. And me being me I didn't think. I looked at the guy and said, quote "Dude, hold your horses, its not a big deal" unquote.

My friend got in trouble because of me.

That wasn't my finnest hour, but at least I wasn't like my mom. She told an officer to "F*** off".

Red Markers

My math teacher is careless when he chooses his markers. At school we have dry erase boards instead of chalk boards now, so the teachers are taking full advantage of their new freedom in colors.

I Hate Red Markers.

Mainly because they hurt my eyes. And after I mention it to each teacher, they stop using them. Except for Mr. J. my math teacher. So I solved the problem myself.

One morning, about 3 weeks ago I snuck into my math class really early and took all the red and orange markers. I then took a roll of scotch tape and taped them into a bundle. I placed the bunndle on Mr. J's desk and signed it as "Rachael".

The bunndle sat on the desk for 2 weeks. And then Mr. J. got a new pack of markers. And he used the red. Needless to say the next day the bunndle grew by 3. He still hasn't moved the bunndle. Tomorow he's due for another pack of markers. Joy.