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Another Try

So I'm going to try and recreate my wonderful post from yesterday that my computer ate. I doubt I shall succeed, but hey, I can try right?

So to start off, I would like to say that my previous post on Life, The Universe, And Everything, was actually not about anything, or a product of too much sugar, it was a product of a seminar I had to attend. Now thats settled..

Have you ever read Dougles Adams? You should. I think I read his entire Hitchhikers Trilogy, which of course expanded out of the standard label of three books in a trilogy to 7. (Correct me if I'm wrong) Unfortunately the story can't continue because Douglas Adams is dead. Blah. That was so rude of him...

Moving right along now, if you look out the left side of the vehicle you will see a bunch of guys talking in a circle instead of launching rockets. Now the next sight to be seen will be the Infamous Army Guy (or not so infamous).

Now as we wait to pass the location of the Army Guy let me give you some back round on him, first off let me state that I date him, and he isn't really Army, but hes in JROTC so I just go ahead and call him that. He lives too counties away and Dad loves him. *Rolls Eyes* As dad said,

Whats not to love! The only time they can see each other are when they are in a crowded mall with thousands of people looking!
*Grumbles* And here he is! Standing taller then me by a good 8 inches in his wonderfully awesome uniform-thingie, its Army Guy! (No I don't have a picture because I suck.)

On the subject of suck, I'm sure I mentioned this before, but I've gained the title of Princess of Suck when it comes to playing hacky sac. I think the suckage that I display there is starting to seep into other areas of my life. So that makes me question my parents. Think of the horrible possibilities! What if I was related to the King?! That would be horrible! Or the Queen?! Actually that one wouldn't be that bad... Mad Props to Jen for..... Something! He he. Oh and by the way Jen, am I ever getting interviewed? Just wondering.

And just cause I'm in a very linky/want hits mood I'm going to link.... silverblue... ozguru.... Susie... Pixy (He gave me new toys!)... Simon... Daniel...

Oh and if you haven't yet, go read the posts from Bill's Toga Party! I especially love this one!

Wow. Since I'm on a roll. This one post is now *POOF* Two posts!


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Oh, yeah...

Problem with the forums is that people can't see them. Oops!

I'll be unveiling the forums this coming weekend. There'll be a few new features added there as well.


Oh, and there are only five books in the trilogy, unless you count The Salmon of Doubt, which he was working on when he died. :(


Yes, you are getting interviewed...I guess you didn't get the questions. :-( Now I have to re-create them. Hopefully you'll have them tomorrow.